Shukr4n (EUW)
: This is a private gamegouse s game. U dont like its rules? U are free to leave. Hf with fortnite
i never said i dont like or i want to leave all im saying is riot is a sensetive and soft company that its workers prolly got bullied in school which im not insulting but i believe that due to this and their sad life they decide to get rid of freedom of speech
Solash (EUW)
: > fortnite or csgo you can be as toxic as you want yet you wont get banned Yeah and that's not a good thing. >not toxic players as long as theyre not doing anything to affect other peoples games. Actually they are. Flaming can easily lower your team's morale as well as cause it to revert into an absolute sh*tfest
it doesnt matter if its a good thing or not its freedom of speech and a game doesnt have the right to take that away does it, also if theyre getting flamed you can easily mute them cant you? getting flamed isnt bad, how soft can someone be to become insulted by words over a game by someone you have never met in your life its stupid dont you think
abixbg (EUNE)
: Should we report players for "gg ez" spam?
No this is a stupid thread, its their freedom of speach and if you dont like it mute them and suck it up that you lost, people nowadays are so soft and believe every little insult is toxic grow a pair and stop crying cause your losing
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: It sometimes happens to me that my pc crashes and Im afk for around 5-10 mins and I come back to game. It never happens twice in the same month (as an eg). I never got a low priority queue, not even 5 minutes one. You must be going afk quite often.
yes but it is not my fault and i am not intentially leaving, this happens to be the fact my wifi being terrible and my lsptop of a low standard, i cant just no play the game as i generally like it but also the whole riot ban and leaverbuster systen is dumb
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