Ðiabeł (EUW)
: Shaco clone kills 4th drake no soul gained
Happened to me aswell probably lost a game cause of this bug.
: Horrible Framedrops
Riot just made cryptocurrency mining stations out of our PCs cuz they are closing the game.
Dσn (EUW)
: Punish Afk Rage Quitters harder please!!!!!!!!!!
Riot should just do special queue where those afk/inting people will be matched against each others - system that dota2 have and it works perfectly.
: Matchmaking Question
Lol I never realized it but it is true.
cvlan (EUNE)
: Help 12 games lost in a row (ranked)
Thats just league things. You do a win streak of 10-20 matches sometimes having rly good games then game will make you lose another 10-20 to bring you to 50% winratio. It is a system intentional feature and it is how it is. I am performing sometimes so good and get 10 or even 20 kills in a game taking all objectives, then I get these games where 20 games in a row I got ppl who are loosing their lanes in first 7-10 minutes of game before game really starts and I can do nothing about it. Game system is not that easy as many of you think. It is choosing your allies and enemies logically to make you get this 50% based of a lot of informations. Just check any smurf/pro players accounts that are somewhere higher challenger/grandmaster. If these people have more than certain number of games their winratio is also close to 50%. ALWAYS.
: Terrible Shaco clone AI
First one I guess is normal because he lost his target in fog of war and you have to move in the bush (cuz you have no vision) with clone. Second (AND IT IS JUST MY IDEA BECAUSE WHAT IT IS NOW ITS POINTLESS AND CLONE SOMETIMES JUST STAND AND DO NOTHING XD) after your die clone should work like annie tibbers and it should run for a kill to nearest enemy champion / enemy champion that killed you. And the third yes its a movement bug and it should get a fix but be real its rito.
: Shaco Clone cannot attack Teemo shrooms
Yea also you cant pick thresh lantern with clone and you get no gold for destroying a ward with a clone.
: I don't understand how my MMR is compared to others. I rarely lose my lane and I roam if I can. Like I am not someone that gets fed and just runs 1v9. I help, i pressure and etc. For like 4 games I see people that feed. I check their match history and it's 1/6/10 3/12/5 2/12/4 for example. Doesn't matter win or lose. Scores stay similar. I get a couple kills and then I just get collapsed by fed jungle, top, bot or even all of them at the same time. How can I express my skill and show that I am worthy to be higher when I just can't keep up with people feeding so much. Just had rengar jungle going 2/10/2 I think. Later then he told me how I killed him and it was my fault bla bla bla. How bad I am at the game and etc. I finished the game with 4/4/2... You have to be joking to tell me these are players that belong in my team.
Stats doesn't matter only win or lose.
: rank score bug
I totally agree with you man. I started a game when there was no announcement in client that there are server problems. No one had any kind of problems but I got 10 LP for a hard 40minute match that I tryharded for whole time and I got nothing. Nothing because I still need 5 wins to get rank up as when I started. So I just threw away 40 minutes of life. Whats more? The announcement came in client, rankeds was disabled so I waited until it ends. It ended and I started next game. You may ask what happened? The same fu***** story. And there is not even any info about the problems with rankeds they just turned it on and you can play for 10 LPs. I am so pissed. Its their fault so they should give us something even more not taking our time away.


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