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Yultron (EUNE)
: Honor level 3
I got it today as well. Seems like it's not about how much you get honored, it's something like "honored a bit, honored often, honored a lot" categories and the ones honored a lot got lvl 3 first.
: > is my previous honor level included with those "rewards"? No. Your honor is gone for good. However it doesn't really matter since the new honor system will be launched pretty soon anyway, so everyone will get a reset. > How long till I drop a punishment tier (or how long approximately)? That's hard to say, since almost all people either reform permanently after a 14 day ban or they don't reform at all and get permabanned. People who reform for a long while and then become toxic again seem to be very rare. Personally I have never seen a player who has gotten a 14 day ban twice. I have seen people who got a permaban roughly a year after their 14 day ban. This could mean that the reform time is at least one year long, but it's hard to say since we don't know how the behavior of those players looked like in that year. When I asked a Rioter about the length of the reform period after a 14 day ban, I was told that it is "very long" and that it barely ever happens. So pretty much the same as I said before: Either you reform right now and permanently, or you don't at all. > Once I "get a notification unlocking my rewards again" does that mean I dropped a punishment tier as well, or is that a different thing? Nope. Completely different thing.
That permaban after a year sounds scary, maybe the player was inactive? Or it doesn't make a difference if I'm very active or inactive?
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