sooni (EUW)
: Starting the client into reconnect
Andastra (EUW)
: Game trys to reconnect us to an unavailable game after emergency Maintance
: What does this mean? "Double-check that you've set up rewards for your account" Edit: did other tries, full match, got nothing.
On, in the top menu, there's a REWARDS section. Check that. You don't have to watch a VOD for 15 mins to check if you're set up correctly; now that it works for me, I get a tiny pop-up when I start watching a VOD that tells me that all the Rewards are set up correctly.
: When is the mission "All-Star Viewer" supposed to resolve?
Alright, I got it to work. (From the FAQ) > **Troubleshooting** > > If you're not making progress, walk through this checklist: > > Check that you're logged in > Make sure you're watching a live game or VoD > Double-check that you've set up rewards for your account > Watch a stream for at least 15 minutes before navigating away > Try disabling your ad-blocker and watching for 15 minutes For me, it was the ad-blocker which probably stopped me from collecting the rewards.
EnderKaos (EUW)
: I've the icon and the emote, got them yesterday. Are you sure you've linked your accs correctly?
I did the same. Can you go through the steps, so I can complete this event tonight?
: I watched a live game as well and did not get anything yet.
Maybe they award us the mission resolution after the event?
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