: > Cons > * The beginning is to brutal, the health loss as you try to assemble your team is to big. - and if you constat lose you get bonus for lose streak, you get to pick first in carusel so you can recover later > * Assembling the team is to random, the hero pool is to small to let you go your path, even further into the game. - that's why so good you sell a champion at same price as you brought you don't sell it cheaper so you can adapt on the way if you see to many aim for same champs > * Theres simply to many early on heroes thats a must have. - while some are very strong is not necessary a must to have them if you synergys in other ways > * Getting items or not is to random. - yes this is a bit weird some get 3-4 pieces of a weapon from neutral camps and other can get 0, the rng should be in the items you get but at least the number of items should be same or close. > * Understanding items and what they can do is only for old LoL players, not new ones. if they would make totally new items names and icons would be same for new players, just make old players also learn the items, don't think is such advantage to knwo the items (also some items do different things then ingame) > * Complete lack of visual interface of knowing what you opponents are up to. As in knowing if its even worth rerolling for a certain champ (which playes a huge roll in this game.) you can click on other players avatar and go to their island and see their team and the units they have onside, you can do that anytime, during fight to see others fights, during neutral camps fight to see others fighting dragon for example, even during the carousel you can go back to your island if you forgot your team comp or what items you need or to others islands to see what they will aim for.
I do understand its a different game from Dota Underlords and trust me I dont see anything wrong with being different, but theres parts that definatly needs some tweaking. Your replies are all healthy and helpfull. Ive played a lot more now and certain aspects are a bit more understandable. However I hold certain things like the UI could have been tons more helpfull as something they need to improve on. Its like they even expect you to know if a champion is AD or otherwise in order to synergize with items. And since the game is WAY more limiting in the championpools than Dota Underlords it would be REALLY helpfull to get more info on wether or not you should reroll or not. Going around and clicking on the other 7 guys is not a good UI decision on something that important. Im hopefull they fix these things for release tho.
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