: can't go wrong with brand or sona if you wanna play more supportish
full ap sone hare we go
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: You can improve by not writing useless crap. For example, your botlane gains nothing from your complaints so keep them to yourself.
Ok, wat do then when i ping bot because i have a hunch jungler is coming because i somewhat figured out his pathing or mid is missing and they dive face first into tower like it is made of god damn cocain. then they flame me in all chat telling me to ping and follow. like bruskis ya blind or sumthin'
: As a support main, here's couple of reasons 1) Autofill. It happens. 70% of autofills are supports, and I've been filled to ADC plenty of times. Of course it's hard to play role you're not that familiar with. 2) Ganks. If your lane is unwarded, you might get surprise visit from jungler or mid, or both at the same time. If you have no vision and your team don't bother for pings, you might be as good as dead. 3) Lack of ganks. Sometimes you'll have jungler who might be premade with top, so they spend so much their time helping their friend they'll have no time for you. Or maybe your bot pushes too hard, making ganks hard. Or maybe they don't bother to put wards, as 3 vs 2 can easily turn 3 vs 3. 4) Counterpicks. Some matchups are harder than others. Picking Sona and Ashe against Blitz is a bad idea, as they're immobile and squishy. I'm not saying it's impossible to win, just harder than your average matchup.
> follow up question, wat do when i alert ping bot because i expect the jungler to gank/mid is missing and they just dive face first into enemy tower like its made of god damn cocain. after i hear double kill they team chat flame me for not pinging. like bruskis you blind or sumthin'

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