if you are good you will atleast get plat before your gonna need a duoq. tbh adc players in silver doesnt know what they are doing could probably win lane there with eyes closed. Im gonna give you an advice and this is legit the only advice you will need to climb, focus on your farm and que a lot of games i mean 500+ and no offroling and trolling playing top or mid or jungle because you feel like it 500 games on adc while you focus on lasthitting and not using the chat. if you are not plat after that just give up.
: Look at my games dude, I legit have like an 80% **lane ** win rate, and when the bot lane goes 0/15 I really can't do much about it from the top lane, I do tp gank and roam mid when I push out top, I can't solo carry when my team is playing so horribly. When I do more damage than 3 of my teammates **combined ** you know there is a problem with the mmr system. And the item synergizes with Jax so well, he ults and basically has his counter strike up all the time, the same thing with riven her shield cd is up all the time when she ults.
Nah it's actually very easy to climb out of bronze silver gold you just need to get good. Winning lane isn't enough btw you need to stomp the game if you are bronze and win lane and can't climb you either a don't win lane hard enough or you don't do anything with your lead get Herald roam etc I don't wanna coach you but get good.
: Low lp and I'm not sure if it's my bad gameplay or nah
Same happened to me but after failing d3 promos 4 times I now gain 15 for a win used to get 20
: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3922433090/2076372914467776?tab=overview This is the game in question, I am Camille not too sure what I could have done to win this, I had top damage in the game, and It felt like the Varus was one-shotting me, just noticed he did not even have Guinsoo, I still think this item should be melee only.
This is actually a case of get good. Since you are bronze the only thing you need to worry about is to get better at the game and in fact the item you are relating to is only built for fun or when you are snowballing super hard on champs like riven or jax.
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: How do you move your camera
I am Bagan (EUNE)
: Ranked Queues
wait what new system will fix this ? :O can i be provided a link so i can read up! :)
Deserved 100% i have seen a lot of boosted monkeys that dont get banned so if you are banned you for sure got boosted
Simkunt (EUW)
: you do but the system punishes depending on % lets say you have 5 games played and you afk in one of them then you afk 20% of your games and will get punished for it but if you have 1000 games and afk one game the system will require you to do it more to actually punish you because your bad behavior is so uncommon.
Noticed this because i used to be real toxic but i never got banned on my main and when i had one terrible game and went ham in chat i instantly got banned for 7 days on my smurf. Im reformed dw.
: don't you get a notification?
you do but the system punishes depending on % lets say you have 5 games played and you afk in one of them then you afk 20% of your games and will get punished for it but if you have 1000 games and afk one game the system will require you to do it more to actually punish you because your bad behavior is so uncommon.
kvothre (EUW)
: Why is it not possible to bind 2 keys for 1 action besides using ctr, alt or shift?
why not shift for leveling up spells though or do you use your pinky finger for something else ?
Ove WHS Zed (EUNE)
: video for a ban
Nowhere they dont care just report ingame and hopefully he does something just like it soon again so he gets more reports :)
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: Taric movement animation :D
Sure would , riot fix instantly
: Thoughts on the upcoming Omega Squad skins.
btw ty for the share though , im hyped for twitch skin
: Thoughts on the upcoming Omega Squad skins.
Idk since its just a teaser and i can barely see any animations except for maybe veigars
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Sounds unrealistic considering the account you post this from is hardstuck D5 with almost 800 games and negative W/R tbh. So yeah seeing some op.gg would be nice here.. But its definetly possible, yes.
Haha yeah unrealistic on euw but not on russian server ^^
Simkunt (EUW)
: Can you jump divisions in diamond
If it is possible i guess my mmr is just to low for some reason :)
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: Tank update design flop
one is a root the other is a knockup i mean i see a great difference in these 2 ults. His new ult is so much more creative then the last one, just people looking for something to complain about tbh.
mystipisti (EUNE)
: Can someone please gift me Xayah or Rakan.
Texaj (EUW)
: {LFP} Venom Looking For Plat Player - Tournament Team - ADC Main
Hmm how does it work i cant join ? Dia 4 soloq d5 flex.
: > [{quoted}](name=Supah Hawt Fudge,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KXAwYMPt,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-09T19:59:38.742+0000) > > I gotta say I'm late for this, but honestly I can't stand it anymore. I used to love the champ and everything around him. One of my first none yi penta kills was on him and everytime I look back at one of those graves highlights Im sad. The most badass adc in the game with a giant shotgun to make all the other adc go down in a second is now a jungler maybe a top and sure I can play him adc but that's pointless. Can I get an explanation to why you changed him away from the adc role and was it your intent to make him a jungler? If not make something about it. Also I want you guys to refund the champion and the skins on him I feel ashamed just owning the stupid champ his stupid gameplay and his skins. > > #MAKEGRAVESGREATAGAIN Graves is not supposed to be a jungler though?
no lol wth he was a adc since release untill they changed him why would they wanna make a adc into a jungler (basicly what i want to know from riot is if they intended to make him into a jungler since he wsnt originaly one and why would they want to make him one). What if they would have made ryze to a jungler or yorick to a adc. Just plain stupidness. i hate when they change champs to a entirely different gameplay like they did with graves or mordekaiser. Im ok with changes like sorakas, ryze and yoricks that actually changes their kit but keeps them viable in the same kind of play and roles. But champion reworks like graves and mordekaiser just make them feel wierd and stupid to play. changing their playstyle entirely.
Simkunt (EUW)
RIOT ANSWER MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!,!?!
Simkunt (EUW)
I just can't get over it, why make a great adc a jungler. He had a perfect spot in the botlane if he was to strong give him some nerf on passive, to weak ? Give him a buff on q. Don't destroy his entire game play. I agree with a lot of your changes yorick, ryze and a lot of the others but hey you didn't make ryze a adc why make graves a retarded jungler
TerribIe (EUW)
: Making my own ranked team
Lol if your a dia smurf your the worst I've ever heard of, looked on one of your 4 months old post where you where going to push to gold in 1 week from silver and your still silver. I'm dia and I pushed my smurf from unranked to plat in 3 days
Simkunt (EUW)
The q feels like the weirdest ability in the game to so stupid was a lot cooler with the old combo give me back the aas and the q you can leave the ult the e and the w because I guess they are kinda the same I can't be sure because I've only given the champ 2 games and I hate him:)
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CBAmroe (EUW)
: Connection Error
Im from sweden and i have this problem 20h ago i could play now ive tried everything for 2 h still cant get in
: Same here. I have tried solutions like deactivating ipv6 and flushing dns, restarting etc. I can play on NA but not on EUW.
same here tried everything, i was able to play my last game 20 h ago then i hvnt played since and now i cant log in 20h later probably a problem on their end


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