Simomat25 (EUW)
: NA @ 2017 MSI
Bjergsen couldn't carry hard enough. :(
MisterT24 (EUW)
: MSI - Top Four Standings
Where is NA? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: G2 needs to beat tsm to make a chance for top4.
Simomat25 (EUW)
: NA @ 2017 MSI
Rioter Comments
: How can anyone find LOL "FUN" anymore?
its a shit game just to kill your time when you need.
: Champions that make the best use of Gargoyle's Stoneplate.
Nunu. Mods you can close the topic now.
: Unable to ban a hovering champion
Why cleanse and ghost when with teleport instead of cleanse you can feed much faster?
Ghadi (EUW)
: Zac is dead
New Zac is crap but Riot doesn't care about none of that. They live in their own imaginary world.


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