: Matchmaking algorithm as per the support article should give equal priority for queue time, fair games and position/autofills. But from my experience and various games I see, it seems that matchmaking is inclined more towards giving games faster sacrificing the quality of games. If made fair and with no/less autofills games will be coin flip due to champion matchups, player mental state and other factors, but on paper the games are matched to give equal chance of winning for both games. In-game factors can't be controlled by Matchmaking, but can be limited to minimum influence if punishment for trolls/afk/feeders are given. Punishments should be as severe as those for toxic players at maximum level and at minimum level all LP in that division is to be taken away. Players having bad games is acceptable reason and finding whether a player is feeding is harder. This means that something like tribunal+proof of him/her inting should be there for deciding whether a player should be punished for feeding. But if someone is having bad game every game, LP take away is the solution. Don't bother yourself with ranks, because it is just rng and GL hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah that's a valid point. It might seem dumb but I feel like it's kinda unfair that your lp gets taken away when you get an afk or troll. Of course there's little that Riot can do about that, but a good start would be just putting very severe punishments on it. Like, if you int 1 game or run it down, you instantly get 14 days ban and if you dare do it again a perma ban. That's how punishing the system should be, especially considering League has one of the most toxic player bases on the entire PC platform at the moment. No one is immune to fear, if they fear the punishment, then the community should get less toxic. That's what seems logical to me. {{item:3751}} {{item:3520}}
: With so many smurfs running around it's almost impossible to have decent matchmaking. There isn't much Riot can do about this. Yes the matchmaking sucks but the players are just as much to blame for that.
Yeah I agree on that but that isn't the main issue I've been experiencing. The main issue is that the average Gold player I have in my games doesn't belong in Gold or at least doesn't play like it. I get that people have bad games, but a Singed running it down 2/13 is just him being horrible. Or bot lane who plays aggressive even after dying twice while being camped by the enemy jungler.
: Matchmaking
Important to also note, I didn't write this post pure out of anger. I actually had a good day today and League didn't ruin it for once. But I feel like this is important to address.
: The ultimate guide to never get hit by the auto-punish-bot aka "trigger words" [Rioters hate this]
I feel like the games I remembered most were the games where people could be as toxic as they wanted, just not racism, homophobia or and slur like that.
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: Me too. People are so kind or at least most of them, since the new honor system arrived. The community becomes better, i hope it won't be temporary effect.
I do think it was a temporary effect. Nowadays, people are just getting more toxic and all you need to do is just play a lot and you'll easily get the highest honor level. I'm sure riot will fix this some day.
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