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: Sounds like the drive was mounted with a different letter than the one it was previously assigned to. Do you remember the drive letter that it was mounted under before you plugged the drive into your friend's computer? If you don't, you can find out by, for instance, going to the league of legends folder and then by opening one of the logs in the Logs\Game - R3d Logs sub-folder: I after you've found out what the old drive letter was, right click on my computer, select "Manage" and then select "Disk Management" from the left column. On the right you should see listed all of the drives (and their partitions) that are attached to your PC. Select the external drive (The partition you have all your games installed on), right click, select "Change drive letter and paths...", and in the new window that shows up you should be able to change the drive letter to what it used to be before you mounted the drive onto your friend's computer.
That is a very good point. I thought so too since they were assigned to different letters on the other person's computer... but when I checked, the letters are still the same as it always was on my pc. The weird thing is... The league icon does show up when I try to open it, but lol client just wont open. The icon disappears after a few seconds.
: Try the compatibility options and make it run in compatibility with his windows version, also maybe if you run it as admin.
Still doesn't work. Even if I reinstall it won't work because I reinstalled steam and that did not solve the problem. Same will happen to league
Saibbo (EUW)
: have you plug it in the same usb plug?
Yes i did. The only thing I did is inserting it on someone else's laptop with an older version of windows. Now it doesn't open lol on my pc
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: Let me see if I get this right, we get LESS games to watch since we are back to 1 game per team instead of best of 3 that COULD be as much as 3 games a week or something like that we get to see our favorite teams....right? And for that we should be grateful? I do not follow the ENTIRE roster of EUW pro's , I follow one or two teams and it is not such a hardship to sit and watch those teams play for 2 or 3 hours a week. Who has RIOT been speaking to that says it is such a hardship to watch the games they want to lessen the amount of games we get to see? Really? " Bo1s mean there’s less of a time commitment for fans, and it’s easier to watch more games across multiple teams. We’re able to move away from the groups format and we can continue to broadcast on a single stream, which fans prefer to a dual stream broadcast." Bo1 means less cost for paying salary for the casters, less time they have to rent places to be, less time they have to cash out stuff, it is not the fans they care about, it is the money they save cutting back on the amount of broadcast hours. And they think that fans wants to see LESS of their favorite teams? really? Again, unless your a real fanboi that roots for ALL teams, then you only watch one or two or maybe 3 teams. It is not like PL(premiere league) fans watch ALL the games shown on television, they watch the games they are interested in and then let the rest of the games play out as they wish, it seems to me like RIOT thinks fans watch the entire broadcast to see all the teams, I for one do not do that, I watch the teams I root for and the rest can get relegated for all I care.
I really agree with you there. All of that is bull shit because no one watches all the teams. Another ridiculous stunt from riot
JetX2 (EUW)
: what about the number of ardent censers purchased
lol would like to see that xd


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