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: this would be the most massive nerf to a champ ever (Including Yorick). it would never work. You will make Annie really weak or Tibbers a Yorick Ghoul.
Well, that's your opinion, but I disagree with you. Sure, Annie lost his burst, but she gains another tools which are great, so she won't be useless, she will just be different.
: Mm maybe u could allow her to Select which item is " on her " and which is " on tibbers" imagine she can choose if she want to wear the rabadon or if she want to put it on her bear XD that would even increase the decision level of her. I'd say she can switch it everywhere in the map ( she would be too limited otherwise) and items will automatically return to her when tibbers dies. Idk if it would be better to make tibbers' defenses scale with his ap( so annie's standard itemization would be used on him ) or to make him a " mini champion" that u will have to choose to build tanky or full damage. Sorry for bad English :p what do u think of this?
I think that is a bad idea. Tibbers is here temporarily. It would be a great idea in a different rework, if Annie and Tibbers were ALWAYS together.
MrPista (EUNE)
: No problem,I was always interested in designing champions. There should be tab in shop (Annie/Tibbears) and all should be just normal as it is :)! There should be availability to transfer items too
You didn't understand what I meant. How does Tibbers gain his items ? For example, Gangplank has to farm with his Q spell. Annie should use her gold to build her Tibbers ?
MrPista (EUNE)
: Good idea,need some tweaks too(like ultimate,no way to receive heals,imagine having tibbear at 100 hp and you achieved ace and all jungle monsters are slain so you cant have tibbear ready for next teamfight). I like very much idea that she is superweak without her Tibbear and tibber shall be her dmg output so I'd reduce even more Annie's scalling and increase Tibbear's scalling. I'd like item to be introduced just for herself (Viktor staff,Gankplank serpents) that can upgrade Tibbear,or (even better) Tibbear can carry item so his ap/ad scale would be based on his items and Annie's wouldnt affect his scalling.Armor and magic resist introduced too,but not bonus health That would make Annie lategame very monsterous and she has decisions to make.
> Good idea,need some tweaks too(like ultimate,no way to receive heals,imagine having tibbear at 100 hp and you achieved ace and all jungle monsters are slain so you cant have tibbear ready for next teamfight). Well, if it happens, you can throw it under turret. Earlier, I also wanted to introduce a special build for Tibbers, but I had a problem : How does he receive these items ? I had no idea so I decided to give up. If you have a few ideas, I would be happy to hear those ! Thanks for your answer man, I am really happy to have some feedbacks. You can upvote the thread if you want to, then more people will see it :) .
MrPista (EUNE)
: There is no mage like Annie that can blow you up so fast with 3 spells. She'll definitely get rework brecause INSANE burst
And is my rework a good solution to remove Annie's burst and to give her another utility ? What do you think about my rework ? I really would like to receive some opinions :p.
: Annie will likely get touched... as with the adc update riot will visit the majority of immobile mages to do small tweaks be it numbers or some functionality changes, but the 6 they mentioned are getting the proper reworks (and these updates never do something as large as what you suggested). Likely the reason Annie isn't getting a big update is that she really doesn't fit the check list... she fits her theme, she has a distinct kit and identity, and while yes she isn't the most healthy she isn't as problematic as the other ones getting targeted for this (aka vlad) plus she could be made better with just a mini update during the sweep (something as simple as a delay on tibbers will suffice and doesn't require them diverting resources away from the main 6 they are targeting).
And what do you think of my rework ? Is it a "good" rework ?
kvykvy (EUW)
: More way to counter her ? Are you serious ? Did you ever tried to figure out why she isnt viable in top elo/LCS ? She has no range,that allows most champions to abuse it,she can barely ever out push her oponents,no movement buffs,annie is only good at stomping noobs.
I agree with you. She still has a period where she was a very strong pick at all elo. When I said "more way to counter her", I wanted to say that with this rework, it won't be possible for Annie to instantly kill all the team. I hope you see what I mean.
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