: cute league emote to hide the fact that i can't come up with a decent follow up line
triggered comment about league emotes and emotes in general.
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xTigax3 (EUW)
: ***
a very wise statement you got there ! Maybe u try out my guide ? {{sticker:galio-happy}}
xTigax3 (EUW)
: you can flame all u want, if you use nice words for it, they can't ban people using nice words, else everyone would get banned at some point due to ragereports
U cant flame "all u want", its a slowly process like not paying a bill - u get warnings over warnings, ignoring them will some day accumulate into a punishment. As u "show negative behavior" even with "nice words" u are basicly not paying the Rito-Bill of Cuteness and Softness so some day every flamer get his deserved chat restriction / something something. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I made the test with those settings, and i **DONT RECOMMEND ** them! This is a teamgame, disableing the Chat let you lose more games, Specially on Botlane. ° You have to coordinate with your ADC when to engage ° You have to coordinate B ports ° You have to coordinate Drakes ° You have to coordinate invades. ** Chat Visible:** https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/466523540368392193/622036437159772161/unknown.png **Chat disabled/removed:** https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/466523540368392193/622036777410232342/unknown.png **If you want to win games, DONT disable the chat, specially as a support, you have too coordinate invades, engages. And with a Ping you cant coordinate anything. When i coordinate a Invade it looks like this:** > "Caitlyn skill the Trap on level 1 i get tornado, we going in this bush "[ping]" Wait for enemy to facesheck, you place the trap When i tornado them, DONT attack before they enter the bush!" >... >20 seconds later.... >... >-First blood.... double kill.... an enemy has left the game... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
excuse me but 15+ deaths in nearly every game has nothing to do with the chat-settings my friend. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: when community has no tools to put jerks in place, then how do you expect the community to put the toddlers in place as well?
Like u do with real toddlers: Let them scream, dont pay attention, close the door behind you and wait a bit. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I feel like the games I remembered most were the games where people could be as toxic as they wanted, just not racism, homophobia or and slur like that.
So give it a try, keeping yourself a week away from the people that do such things will change your view on league ! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Uraraka (EUNE)
: We can actually flame and get away with it if the trigger words are modified. I have seen lot of players doing this and it is like this: instead of writing F*ck you, just write fk you or fcuk you. Those who read will understand this, but the bot can't find it as abusive. Players are getting smart in negative direction and if only they used it for winning game then wasting it on flaming {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Actually the bot will trigger after a certain amount of reports, "fcuk you" can trigger him in that case too. Rito is also gettin smarter with that, trust me ! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
DisJinx (EUW)
: I am getting tired of waiting...I want my neeko!!{{champion:518}}
u can buy prestige Neeko allrdy. (Craft it)
: My most memorable games though have been ones where my teammates were so nice and we were talking a lot about life and all kinds of things. These games were truly wholesome.
Hey, i am just here to take out all of the "fkn rito, why people so toxic ? system needs rework or i cry" toodlers. If u can handle chat, fine !! :)
: Fake.
try it yourself, you will improve like 2 divisions at least over night !
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: I'm not joking. I think Katarina is easier than Akali, and Qiyana is at or around the same difficulty as Akali. > Also Qiyana is the weakest champ release in a long time without any chance of contest I really disagree. Wait until pros pick her up, I suspect she'll get nerfed at some point.
Picking [Any Champ] first time in ranked is griefing. New Champs should be blocked from Ranked till u have at least 5 games on the Champ, thats not something great but u have at least seen how the champ feels in behind/ahead situations. I dont know why rito refuses to block new champs / champs without any play rate at all from COMPETETIVE GAMEPLAY amoung TOTALY STRANGER DUDES who are DEPENDING on each other.
dún (EUW)
: In defense of the Treeline
Actually i played the map a couple of times with very close friends to enjoy not gettin flamed and fkd up by the classic League Community but it doesnt fit my interests since i have to constandly play SR to not lose LP cuz thats how it was/it ? The SR is eating my gathered ranked points if i dont bow to it once in a while. Strange Thing it is. Anyway, i was super sad as dominion got the "it doesnt fit our quality standarts" punch into its eternal grave just to get revived and killed again with new modes that should be no more nowadays. I highly recommend to hold onto TT AND Dominion, that second one was my habitat since no one could actually talk to each other and just enjoyed a quick game of pretty funny fights for objectives. No meaningless hours of hours farming for the last hit just to get it all done in a second of a team fight. In my opinion SR should get killed off, that shet is destroying lifes of young dudes who are forced to grind over each other to gain Elo and Points, climb and climb higher just to reach the end of Iron. A League Game without SR but just with Event Modes + TT and Dominion could be such a peacfull and good place. But thats not bringing the money i guess.. yeh.. the good old money..
Pingu1 (EUW)
: yo where is the damn yourshop at?
22:00 germany time according to german support
: New patch
22:00 germany time
Add me, lets see how good u are.
qko pate (EUNE)
Rito: "If someone fails to connect before minute 3, we remake." League Mortals: "but minute 4 ?" Rito: "fk your life."
: MF was 2017 I think not 2018
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/03/leagues-next-ultimate-skin-gun-goddess.html March 2018, next topic pls.
: Haven't been an Ultimate Skin since 2018 , What are you talking about?
Once. A. Year. 2018 = Miss Fortune.
: How did Twitch kill Shaco?
People: "Uhm.. Nunu ?" Riot: "We gotcha, dont worry, IT-Dude will punch the code !" - Weeks later - Riot Member: "Well, wtf are we doing ? Why is this still a thing ? Gonna fix it myself, TOMOROW." People: "So 1 Guy can fix that in 1 Day, how does that Bug STILL EXISTED till now then ?!" Riot: "The magic of our intern strategy to handle such problems cant be revealed to mere mortals." U rly askin how u running into that stuff ? U must be new to this game !
Dude.. there is a Lux (Ultimate Skin).. u aint familiar with the concept of "once a year", arent u ?
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: i contacted riot support about my perma bann and this is what i receive
Rito in a nutshell, if there is 1 single abstract form of "Maybe toxic behavior" and someone got triggered by something the Tencent-Bot has to decide. Not the Support-Members, not the Rioters here at boards, its uppon the PC to decide if u are wrong or not. If PC says No, its a No no Human can ever outbalance. I got a message from Riot back in the past about an case like that and the overall answer was "No one knows what the other dude is doing or who is responsable for anything here, guess we need some time to adjust here and think about how we can talk to each other.. in our own company.. you know - So we just doing what the tables are saying we have / we dont have to do and let it be till a "high guy" comes up with a new idea.. so.. greetings "a support member who has no power at all but to help u gettin your money into the shop or out of it, yey !" So dont expect ANYTHING EVER to happen here, no one at Riot knows what the guy the other door around is doing or who had the powers to unbann tyler1 and jensen after they were the lowest of the lowest sort of society but ofc if u got an army of haters behind u, swarming the support pages, someday u dont want to stand this anymore. The Unbann-Thingy in NA was stopped without any given information "what went wrong" and "what was expected", they just did another "ha, we had an idea but it was bullshet and we wanted the banned to be level 5 honor guys instandly but apparently the boys we fkd over in support chats over so many years didnt changed like that in a couple of weeks so we just dont test it in other regions bc humans are the SAME KIND over the whole globe in the eyes of Rito Games - Running Money Bags.
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: people getting perma banned for bullshi
Special Snowflakes gonna downvote this. Its the internet dude, people feelin' so safe behind their monitors they gonna defend this threatment but in real life, those dudes would change sides in a blink of a second if u stare them down for a couple of moments by makin them understand this isnt the way.
Sundling (EUW)
: Got banned today... 14 days for 7 messages.. yeez
Where is the homofobic insult exactly ? Thats a classic Chat of a tilted dude, nothing rly special and definitly not worth a bann but i guess Riot-Bot has the last words over Riot-Humans - Machine said no, so its no.

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