: The system isn’t broken. Your hidden MMR is on gold level, so it’s 100% fair. On the other hand if you had been waiting for all unranked players on the same level, you would have waited ages.
"Your hidden skills are that of a butcher, bc rito said so - Its totaly fair to put you among other butchers even if u are a office worker in reality." PRAISE THE LORD RITO !!! THEIR WAYS CANNOT BE KNOWN BY NORMAL MORTALS !
: getting ready for the rant/ cry posts about which Tristana skin won the vote
A tiny dragon-cannon that shoots fireballs. What a radical and exciting new idea for Tristana. Oh wait.... ^^ Best comment
Zaffron (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Final 16 Announced: Vote Now for the Winner!
Riot Members be like: Fan Fiction Contest > Legit everything else on boards
: How to not tilt? (or how to have more fun)
Hope for rito to set the overall MINIMUM requirements of ranked games to at least "have level 5 on this champion" and/or create a tutorial u need to pass that actually tries to show you the core elements of the happenings that will cause, if u lose ur lane, lose ur farm, just do what u want and let the team down. Or. take a break, nothing changes, get raged again, reapet.
AIexander (EUNE)
: im going to jail
Rito logics cant understand ur input. Pls correct your answer by using the following options: Are u.. - Talkin bad to another person who, like the special snow flake he/she/it is, is triggered ? Rito: Honor Level 0 4 Ever, get fkd dude, u are the problem ! - Flaming the guy who has 1k Points on the reworked champ and/or plays the new champ in ranked for the first time ? Rito: Honor Level 0 4 ever, get fkd dude, u are the problem ! - Playing just for the lolz in ranked and u actually dont give a shet about competetive gaming even if its called RANKED ? Rito: Have a nice day sir, u are the core of our most desired gamers ! Every other context should die in boards like the rest, oh not to mention we can answer multiple times with multipe admins to completly nonsense stuff but serious themes ? Thats not what rito pays for ! Keep your problem for yourself, even if we are the cause of it ! Let the social-rito-warriors deal with this fool !
Rioter Comments
: Then you are the only one who have this problem because if you need to do that then you have the files corrupted (a repetitive function skip a step, a file can't be scanned, wrong values who make the client show something else or others). Try to reinstall the game.
"You are the only one on this planet with this problem" -> Not the respond i kinda expected by this "spooky bug" up there.
smooker36 (EUNE)
: I first time see this problem, i think that only you have that problem mate,
Me too, but i get suprised by every bug popping up in its pure diversity. edit: Its happening in every game mode till i restart the whole Client.
Rioter Comments
Papdi1 (EUW)
: ROX punished for banning all female supports
How about reading the text 1 time. Its not "just bc of females" its bc of a sort of harrassement against one specific person of the other team, the support dude who was "targeted" by the whole enemy team had to play something he is neither conform with nor rly wanted to play in the first place. But lets ride on our horses of female justice power against riot HQ, guess that will make more sense. Yare Yare.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: At what elo does inting settle down.
Just reach challenger, get to LCS and u are free of our curse of legends.
Ryuma sf (EUW)
: me and my high gol-low plat team have lost 1v5 vs a grandmaster vayne
"Oh he was JUST GM in SoloQ, all right to place him in flex against Goldis" Wtf ist that logic. It's not suddenly a total different game just cuz u join another Que. It IS Summoners Rift. It IS 5v5. Just the Name is different. Thats like u guys all ok with buying something to drink in a bottle that has "Bread" written all over it. It says "Bread" but the fact of Milk inside is the same logic as placing GM's in low Elo games cuz the name of the mode ist different. Milk stays Milk. Dont justify riot logics just bc its riot.
: What I hate most about playing in low ELO as a support
Dude i have played over 1000 Games this season as Support and i have seen ALL THE SHET ADCs out there, reaching from Plat3 to Gold5 and back from Gold5 finaly to Plat4?!5?! however, i noticed, when i play a Support i definitly dont know the item-set to adapt for the situation or i am not rly comfortable with the champ, i definitly gonna to lose like 60% of the time. As i got this, i went into myself and asked what champ do i rly main, what champ can i play when 5 Nocturnes ult my lane and i still got the mind for not panic flash but play it smoothly till all the gank hate is over ? I came to the conclusion, out of 140 champs, there are just 3 i rly can ranked with and thats where i started to climb again - Reaching Plat 4 now again. Hope that helpes somehow, even if my english isnt the best EuWest.
: > If I post only chat that won't specify how toxic they were to me That's intentional. Other peoples behavior is not relevant for your punishment, it's relevant for theirs. For your punishment, only your behavior is relevant. It doesn't matter why you did it. The rules apply to you, no matter if other people break them and not matter why you feel the need to break them. They always apply. > u are telling me that their no explanation for my behavior No one doubts that this is the explanation for your behavior. It's just no excuse. Literally everybody has reasons for everything he does. Having a reason is no excuse. If that would be the case, EVERYTHING would be excused and okay.
> [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mhAREQAI,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2018-12-20T13:19:31.384+0000) > That's intentional. Other peoples behavior is not relevant for your punishment, it's relevant for theirs. For your punishment, only your behavior is relevant. So we justify punishment from riot without kontext just because of unicorns ? I rly doubt that would be a society you want to life in, look at the game, their way of gettin rid of the problem is clearly not working. - Maybe cuz its designed to train robots in china but not to interact with humans on cases like a flaming with more then a single being involved. We can discuss this as long as we want, the fact riot keeps being on the egde of "cool bro" and "ignorant dad" isnt helping as long as the overall community at boards decide to back them up for their doings in such cases. I rly dont want to justify the player above but saying "the other people dont matter" in a highly aggressive trolling / chat up and down from everyone in his game, shouldnt result in a instand RIP of the account he propably invested a couple of hundreds ? Guess my point only hits when RandomJesus hits the ones defending this or.. we see each other in a couple of years finaly with a 100 guys active player base cuz riot just banned everyone else away. xD
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot sees your browser tabs.
"Riot has all rights to watch what ur browser is doing". Isnt that some North Korean Shet ?
: So apperantly wishing someone death and ebola and the like is not punishable
Just out-smart the very dumb chat-filter and u are rdy to go with the flame. Riot only deals with people if their clever bots running out of Chat-Banns.
bankaiWKC (EUNE)
: Did Riot stop banning ppl?
I am not proud of it but i am a guy of low stress borders so i lose myself pretty often. Around 20 Chat Banns this season as i would suggest. - Just to answer your question by someone who get this penaltys on a regular basis.
: Riot do not remove toxic players.
U have to see the whole picture by now. League is a dying game, no new players coming in thanks to better alternatives with Cringe-Nite and more "RoyalStuff". They cant act like years before cuz deleting players will result in constandly decreasing player base, never wondered why they have this "new solution to get banned accounts back" ? In the name of jesus himself, if their player base would grow like it was before, they would NEVER go the way with banned accounts or toxic players like they do now. I lost my first account due to people hackin it and doing shet with it in season 4 in the following process without my notice for like 5 or 10 games straight while my vacation back then. I have no mercy with Riot gettin back what they did to themselfs since that situation but i understand why they try to hold to their "toxic" players as well right now. (Sorry for bad grammar but i though i needed to say this)
: Got 14-day suspension
Thats what happening when Rito buys their "knowlegde" about toxic acting from tencent ? I mean, after shutting down the tribunal they clearly lost sight here but this is some new level of "just get him banned for using word X, ah and the jews too cuz they literraly have the word "jew" at their bios".
: the ban system doesnt make sense
Yeah, thats exactly my though on that. Riot logic goes like: A Robot can Bann your account for a couple of words out of context but it takes like 4 Humans with different mind-sets and a probably stressed Supporter Level over 9000 to take 1 look into your last actions to MAYBE bring justice onto your hands. I dunno where or when but Rioter doesnt think about accounts like we players do. "Get him banned, he is here since Season 1 but let him suffer for being a human being this last 2 weeks". Lost my Account to "Botting" since i dunno how to turn on a toaster but you can imagine how the chat just went. "Doesnt matter how, bot said you cheat so you cheat." Have good Luck but i would say to just find other games to play. Rito is dead in about 2 years i guess.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Cant even open my augments tab
Remember, League Of Legends is still in Early Access and all the stuff you see is in ongoing develop.. wait.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Any new event generates these problems, Indie company btw

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