: Are there some people who just can't get better at this game?
It's also a fact that as you age you react slower, the only way to make up for that is to predict what the enemy will do, that takes knowledge and some knowledge can only be learnt if you play it and see it from their perspective. Like {{champion:53}} hook, there's a big difference in reading/hearing what the cooldown is and playing {{champion:53}} and really getting a feel for the cooldown. You don't fully understand what a champions weaknesses are before you've played them a couple times, at least that's been my experience.
: Proposed changes to the punishment system
I'd never get to use it myself, because Riot don't want you dodging either way, they made it so you lose LP regardless, might as well just bite the bullet and then relish the tasty report sending. I spot a problem with the system, some META slaves will dodge and put in "grieving teammates" just cause they don't want any champion on their team that's not META, creating a lot of false alarms that would need processing. (Riot games don't need more work, they should just focus on perfecting what they have, seeing as a lot of their recent new projects just crash and burn... cough *Clash* cough cough) AND to begin with, some servers and ranks suffer from such long queue timers that it wouldn't feel worth it even if it's become your own personal vendetta to eradicate toxicity.
: Nerf FIORA......
This BS champion has more scalings and effects then 3 other champions combined and one of them is your own maximum HP % true damage, so you literally can't build against her.
Zariax (EUW)
: That's completely true, so irritating they always have such problems. I had problems with ALL binds in replay mode, my colorblind option doesn't save, and most importantly, borderless mode always switches to fullscreen. Btw, there is a kinda solution. Change settings to what you want. Then go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and make files input.ini , game.cfg (and maybe persistedsettings.json) for "read only" (right click -> properties). After this, League will not be able to rewrite them. If it didn't work, you can try changing these files manually.
When i so much as open either file my sh*t get's reset, at the moment the only fix I can feasibly use is replacing the file while loading into the game and hope it registers, if my ears start bleeding cause it didn't work i just have to reconnect and try again. the input.ini file seemingly does nothing cause i can change every setting in it at different times of gameplay/startup/reconnect and nothing happens to the controls.
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Rudrim (EUNE)
: I don't get it, you can get banned for saying ky$ or something, for flaming even if didn't use offensive language, but not for saying Ez, because it's just a trashtalk.
Trash talk is fine but why trash talk when you've already won? I like trash talk, when it's kept civil, but at the same time one should be humble in victory and respectful in loss if nothing else because that's what was agreed on when everyone made their accounts
Smerk (EUW)
: It actually makes sense when someone who did nothing in the match says easy. It was easy for him, he did nothing and still won. 0 effort for great result
well I'm gonna reply "yeah cause you didn't do anything" to every useless easy spammer
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: You aren't getting punished though. You get what you buy and there is nothing more to buy so ofc OE becomes pointless. Maybe they could add the option to get mastery ranks with OE too for people like you but there is really nothing else they can do about it.
then they might as well let us make it into Blue essence, that stuff we can at least use when the Blue essence imperium goes live like it is now or use it for mastery 6 and 7 upgrades as you said
: Well there really isn't anything you can spend the OE on now but they shouldn't make a sink for it because normal players do not have all the skins etc. It's basically a downside you get from using so much money on the game. You can only blame yourself for it :/
well that's the thing, cause it feels wrong to get punished for spending money on a game you like. I want more therefore i spend money on it, how could i know they'd introduce orange essence that's totally useless if you owned everything beforehand :/
253IQ (EUW)
: ***
If i could give skins to other people with Orange essence then i would, i mean who doesn't share their in-game loot with friends if they don't need it themselves
Nojima (EUNE)
: Move on with ur life and spend money at things that realy matter to u.
Dude i posted because league of legends matters to me and i wanna get everything out of the stuff i have gotten, think before you speak
: gimme some xd
I would love to be able to, or maybe pay for upgrade costs for friends
: you can still use it for ward skins etc.
I've gotten 3 ward skin shards since the hextech crafting system got released and all 3 of them I already owned so i had to reroll them and get one i didn't have, so i didn't get to spend any
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Hitwave (EUW)
: Too Much Orange Essence ! / Different Uses of Them.
I would like something to do with my orange essence, I've got a huge pile of the stuff (30k+) and it feels like a pile of wasted effort that just get's bigger on it's own
: I've tried what you suggested and the Hextech repair tool, but I was hit again yesterday, my GPU always wants a driver update when this happens so I think it has something to do with the GPU wanting an update, I use GeForce Experience, not on experimental mode. It's never just crashed my game before the big windows 10 update that happened about 2 weeks ago either so that might have something to do with it. I'm also hearing something about DirectX version 12 which might be the culprit as well, but I can't know for sure since the error message doesn't include the version number. I'll report back if i find a fix that's more permanent, like not being hit for at least a week. If you or anyone else has a suggestion I'll gladly try it, and report back the results (about a week later if it seems successful)
I'll also add that in a game of ARAM I played Ornn once this patch with his skin equipped and any time I pressed R the Ram would come storming at me with speeds I've only ever seen in youtube video's titled something like: "Max movement speed Master Yi, how fast can he get from blue spawn to red spawn" not sure if that was directX or just a random visual bug, it's not happened since, though I've not had the chance to play him on the ARAM map yet.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Sir Knowsalot Reinstall your GPU driver first. Drivers sometimes don't update automatically even when your options say so. If you're still having the issue, first restart your computer and then try repair your client. http://puu.sh/z1z9y/978fc5a6c6.jpg If that didn't work, then go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config folder and delete **game.cfg**. League of Legends will generate a new **game.cfg** file, when you enter the game. Let me know how it goes :)
I've tried what you suggested and the Hextech repair tool, but I was hit again yesterday, my GPU always wants a driver update when this happens so I think it has something to do with the GPU wanting an update, I use GeForce Experience, not on experimental mode. It's never just crashed my game before the big windows 10 update that happened about 2 weeks ago either so that might have something to do with it. I'm also hearing something about DirectX version 12 which might be the culprit as well, but I can't know for sure since the error message doesn't include the version number. I'll report back if i find a fix that's more permanent, like not being hit for at least a week. If you or anyone else has a suggestion I'll gladly try it, and report back the results (about a week later if it seems successful)
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DutchPro (EUW)
: An unknown DirectX error has occured and League of Legends cannot start
I did this and got the DirectX error message again today, so it's not a sure fire permanent fix sadly
: Managed to kill a dummy
I killed a dummy with {{champion:57}} saplings once, 1000+ AP and stacked those buggers in a brush then spawned a dummy in the same brush, straight up popped it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well I think part of the problem right now is people just don't read the summoners code, not even the short version, some of my real life friends didn't even know it existed, and they don't know that their time in league of legends comes with some rules and responsibility's. because right now people see the summoners code like it's just another user agreement, and in a sense it is, but before that it's just a description of how to apply basic human decency to the chat box, that unfortunately get's skipped. Now of-course there are some trolls and people who really want to be toxic, but there are also people who simply haven't read the rules, who need another medium for the rules then just text. heck, some of my friends can't read unless they have a bunch of tools to help them, and I'm sure there are some people playing league that flat out just can't read.
Magneset (EUW)
: Blocking doesnt do anything in game. It only applies to people on your friendslist.
I'd think blocking someone makes it so that they can't write to you in any shape or form, but i haven't played with someone after blocking them before so I can't say if they start off the game muted if they are blocked beforehand, kinda interested
Magneset (EUW)
: Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute The system exists for this reason. Use it already.
I do... but I still want people to stop this indecency to our race -_- Edit: I also use the block function, which most people don't even know is a thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Knowsalot,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=A4Ny9Vo9,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-06T13:47:49.436+0000) > > I've confronted all of them about their complete lack of human decency, but only one out of like 50 people has been intelligent enough to admit he did something unforgivable. Umm...hate to start off sounding unsympathetic, but what do you mean by, "confronted" them? I _really_ hope you don't mean you effectively retaliated to them, because that's the worst possible thing you can do in a situation like that. The kind of people who _would_ wish suicide upon you are either doing it intentionally to get a rise out of you, or are just as frustrated as you presumably are. But the end result is that if you report them after the match, they're going to get punished a lot sooner than they would with most other kinds of flaming. Retaliating only adds to a bad situation, it doesn't solve it. Oh, uh, side note here - I've seen that poem you're referring to before, and suffice to say, it's rather out-of-touch when it comes to differentiating between trolling and cyberbullying. It doesn't realize the fundamental difference between someone trying to rustle the jimmies of those who are easily offended, and people who are actually out for malicious intent, and just blanketly labels it as trolling when that's really not the case. See, this is what happens when you live vicariously through one of TheMysteriousMrEnter's most infamously-maligned reviews. I say all of the above as someone who has a history of suicidal thoughts, by the way, so don't go assuming I don't know what position you're in.
By "confronted" i mean i ask aimed questions and try to lead them to the realization that they are trying to kill people with written words, whether they meant to or not, the 1 or 2 people out of 100 that actually understand are people worth saving, cause they stop writing that stuff, some of them even start doing what i try to do. It should be said I don't understand suicidal thought completely, not yet at-least, cause I have people that make me want to live, I only know how it felt when i got the message my friend had committed suicide, it's a feeling I never want to have again. The poem has a section "you've talked strangers into death" which I'm "hoping" make's a powerful impression on someone, somewhere, and makes them stop trying to verbally murder people, cause I'm sick of it, literally going grey... and the worst part is somewhere in my mind i imagine these people are 12 year old's wishing suicide and cancer on strangers, I want Riot to take a stand against this, something i can point to when asking myself "does Riot even care?", cause the summoners code isn't cutting it anymore and the tribunal is long dead I've only seen one instant feedback report in the last 2 years and the person I know got banned literally spammed "k y s" in all chat for 2 minutes before I muted him, and his friend with the same tag wrote "please report my due partner, he is being toxic".
Tarolock (EUW)
: yup lets remove the only thing that keeps teemo alive on those maps lol if teemo eats a cc on aram he is dead, the only thing that helps him doing something is his shrooms (no idea about tt never played that map)
Teemo still has a blind that renders most marksmen useless, it also does decent damage if some AP is built, his DoT can also do lot's of work, you're a bad Teemo if you think his shrooms are the only thing keeping him viable. ...Teemo is not the only one that die's from eating one hard CC, anything built full damage will for the most part die after one hard CC, ever heard of {{champion:11}} and {{champion:55}}? champions whose countering description literally is CC them to death. It's not about him staying alive in the game mode anymore, he was still freaking strong when you could get the {{item:3185}} and the {{item:3187}} . Right now he is super strong and overly forgiving to people that haven't played Teemo before, even if your shrooms aren't dealing damage they are still making people use gold on things that aren't damage or tank stats, which means his team takes less damage over all, and after 5 minutes they have to buy another one.
: On those maps shrooms last half the duration. ######I think, might be wrong
you can still place 12 shrooms before the first one expires, which is a lot of landmines to fear you are gonna hit, there is no worse feeling then dying to 3 consecutive shrooms.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Oracle hardcounters Teemo in ARAM, those 300g are way more than worth it In fact sometimes u might just sell all your items and go tank teemo because your shrooms become 99% useless. Besides, champs are designed for the main map (rift), aram is just for fun, no need to demand nerfs/buffs for aram ^^
Oracle ONLY counters his mushrooms and stealth part of his passive (he can still make landing strips for the minions and stop people from pushing), you still have to deal with his DoT E and His Q blind, plus those 300g could have been one of these {{item:1001}} {{item:1029}} {{item:1042}}, things that you KEEP all game long, and if the game goes on for more then 5 minutes after you bought the first one you have to buy another, rinse and repeat until suddenly you're a {{item:1038}} or a {{item:1058}} short in items, which you could have used against the whole enemy team and not just Teemo. Also you seem to fail to realize I mention Tweested Treeline, which has a RANKED queue, where you can't buy oracles to counter his mushrooms or passive, I want a nerf for these **2** maps which are small and easy to cover in mushrooms.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Yes. Riot can permaban you without warning if they want. Normally they won't. It would require quite severe rule violations.
3rd party programs will get you permabanned, like giving yourself endless RP or IP, infinite AD/AP, removing cooldowns and aim/dodge scripts. I also think you get perma banned for selling stuff in the client, like posting a link to a elo boost shop and stuff, I used to see a lot of link spamming and bots telling you about this "great site for gaining elo quick" and annoying stuff like that
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: Banter or just rude
This of-course applies to other all-chat trends like "k y s" short for "Kill Your Self" and other toxic behavior that might pop up in the future
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Rioter Comments
: *sigh* I said why is he saying Jhin Senna and not cena. there is no reason for him to put his wifes name in the pun.
He starts by telling the new champs name is Jhin and finishes by addressing her by name... I really hope you're a troll and this post was pointless...
: euw lag or ddos?
I'm lucky enough to not have started a game, but i really want to play and i can't connect, it says i'm number one in queu but it's just standing there calculating, i can't get in
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Simulated, Head to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and delete your input.ini. Start a custom game, and everything should be back to normal! :-)
Can you help me too? I've been trying to rebind [button 1]/MB1 to attack move click in the input.ini but it won't compute, it always says shift + MB1 in-game in the hotkeys tab but when i close the custom game and the league client down and then open the input.ini file it says [button 1] without the [shift] it would really help a lot if I could change that cause having to press shift stresses my pinky and limits the amount of games i can play, also at the moment my MB1 does nothing, it literally can't do anything in-game anywhere, it can't interact with the shop, mini-map or the rift cause it DOES compute that I've rebound MB3 the mouse wheel to the old MB1 functions in the input.ini
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: Can you use your Left mouse button for player move?
You can go into your input.ini file under C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and change the "evtPlayerMoveClick=[Button 2]" to "evtPlayerMoveClick=[Button 1]" instead and it should work, but I'm not sure since I've been having some trouble rebinding [Button 1] to anything these days, maybe riot changed something so you can't rebind it anymore
: Multi-language server problems
Well i don't want to have to mute them at all, cause writing is so important, you can't communicate that top just used flash, or that mid has used ult or someone just warded by pinging in any way, my problem is people coming in to a game and treating the chat like a blog, it's even worse when i don't understand the language blogged in cause they could be really toxic and i wouldn't even know it, i can't report them just for speaking another language
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