s6c (EUW)
: When i should start play ranked?
i guess all you have to do is try a few games and see how it goes.. if you feel overwhelmed and like they all are on a different league you're not ready.. otherwise you are
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: Remove true damage from Conqueror
really don't understand what's the fuzz about conqueror.. its just a 10% and takes ages to proc, meanwhile the likes of yi and vayne can obliterate tanks just with a few AA
: Bot lane roles are the worst roles in low elo solo queue
agreed i'd rather hit my knee with an hammer than playing adc in ranked
: Why are League players like this?
don't play blind pick ever, people there are a lot more toxic compared to draft
: Rename Bans to Vacation.
better idea rename ban to vacation bish
Trixster (EUNE)
: NB3 received his own 14 days vacation
i couldn't care less and all of you paladin of justice calling him "bastard" and whatnot, you're not better than him in the slightest, so do us a favour and take a vacation too
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: ***
> fking peace of shet > hope he dies ..and this shitpost get upvoted? wishing death to a child playing a videogame?
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QEpRWqMw,comment-id=000200000001000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-21T08:12:33.666+0000) > > it's irrelevant if adc gets more xp.. if supp leaves him he can do nothing early levels against a standard 2 man botlane, it's a plain sabotage HE doesnt have to do anything. Just afk farm
sure, now i want you to play adc with no supp and tell me how it goes
: Wards and map awareness as an adc
in botlane there are 2 bushes that needs warding to avoid cheesing, plus two other bushes and pixel bush in river plus a ward at dragon moreover you could deep ward the enemy jungler, or your own jungle in short, there are lot of places to ward
AiFted (EUW)
: he is, in his current state, a stronger talon. he can one shot squishies, trades favorably due to his passive and has faster and better roams than talon and other assassins.
please, his damage is nowhere near talon or other "real" assassin.. yes he roams has sustain and he may even be op, you want to nerf him? ok but don't gut him to the point he is useless in lane
: Because it's unfair to be able to get 80% of your lost health back on a solo lane, get over it
that's the only thing they buffed, as compensation for his waveclear nerfs so i really don't think that's the problem
: 2 different problem. It's like, that we should ban alcohol, because tobacco can cause health problems. Pyke was pretty much superior in every lane, and even in jungle compared to his original role (support). They just fixed it so he is no longer an univerzal assassin, but instead a support as he meant to be. At least not strong as he was. Tahm is a different question which needs to be adjusted. His early game is damn strong, but his lategame is worthless, because his base damage is not enough for that, and his ratios are weak. Without complete rework it's quite a difficult task to balance him to support role. The easiest solution would be making his base damage reduced, and ratios increased. Less OP in early, and midgame no longer smashing the top, but more useful in lategame. With these changes he would permanently moved to top/mid from support role.
>2 different problem. It's like, that we should ban alcohol, because tobacco can cause health problems. tham was originally a support, they changed him into an S tier toplaner pyke was originally a support, gets played in lanes too, so they gut him to make him play into support role so, my question was why with tham they seem to encourage him into toplane while with pyke is the other way around
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: > [{quoted}](name=Aritmor,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QEpRWqMw,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2019-06-20T08:47:55.434+0000) > > Well, ok correction - Except the fact that jungler does not take half of your experience for the rest of laning phase for his lvl 2 gank. Better? If support roams on your lane for a gank nobody will report him for ,,exp stealing" either. On the other hand if supp is not there means more xp for the ad. So he could help with the higher lvl.
it's irrelevant if adc gets more xp.. if supp leaves him he can do nothing early levels against a standard 2 man botlane, it's a plain sabotage
: Just got my third account permanently suspended
maybe i'm wrong but i think you don't like ezreal aniway it seems a bit harsh to me too, sure you weren't positive but that doesn't deserve a permaban i'm sure that once you get tempbanned you will get permad with nothing, so be extra careful next time (don't chat at all if you get tempbanned)
Quantum Q (EUW)
post deleted in 3... 2... 1...
LastStrike1 (EUNE)
: Nightblue3 violating Riot Games' Terms of Use. Discussion.
for %%%%s sake, first you complain than flamers get banned while trolls don't, then you have a real case of a flamer that finally manage to make a troll banned and now all of you complain make up your mind i don't like this nightblue dude at all but i rather play with him than with a teemo support going mid every day of the week.
: So now we have seen the Teemo strat work in master
we see what? afaik he has a tons of games with that strat with sub50% winrate so i wouldn't say it's working for him
: Nerf Kata and Malzahar ?
try nautilus ap mid against kata, she can't do nothing :°)
Mada (EUW)
: Report it then. I basically report everything I can slap a label on. As long as I'm able to vocalize what someone did to offend me, I'll report it. I'm aware of someone talking about something that has nothing to do with this game? => Report Someone talks a lot? => Report Someone picks Jhin, Lee Sin or Ezreal? => Report him and any potential premades I don't like someone's nickname or clan tag? => Report I like someone's nickname or clan tag and I get angry it's not mine? => Report Foreign language? => Report Ping Spam? => Report and also put his name on The List Question mark ping? => Report Support tries to fight when we have no business fighting? => Report Support not using Relic Shield? => Report and make a mental note to cry myself to sleep tonight Someone doesn't cover when the game starts? => Report
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Hasudesu (EUW)
: Illaoi is not broken, just stupid as shit
thanks for the good read imo there are more annoying champs than illa... when i'm matched against her i farm under my minions to block her E, and as soon as her E goes to waste i punish her.. if she ults i retreat and go back.. she is very immobile so there isn't a lot she can do, once her ult and E is on cooldown she is useless just watch out while ganking her since with her kit and lifesteal she can easily get a double like nothing
: Bot-lane discussion-Poke champions or no poke champions?
everytime my botlane is against a mage duo with high poke and cc chain (lux + morg is the worst) i facepalm since 8/10 my botlane is gonna feed their asses off, so yeah, poke+cc is definetely good in low elo at least
Madnasher (EUW)
: I play ADC main, if my support went mid i would deal with it, because that happens alot anyway. Ive had supports abandon the lane and go duo with the jungle or toplaner, because thats their duoq partner. Did I flame? No. Did I report? No, wanna know why? Because im not a pathetic child. A support is NOT the property of the ADC nor the botlane. A support does exactly that, supports. THE WHOLE TEAM. Its not rocket science. Meta evolves and changes. What Nubrac did is NOT against the rules. Simple.
the fact you didn't flame in return do not change the fact a support abandoning botlane is basically sabotaging the adc and ruining bot turret. simple. sure you may still win the game, sure you, maybe, can apply some pressure to another lane, but then , why don't we go 5 man mid from the start? what about 3 top and 2 jungle? again, nobody like this offmeta shit so i'm really having an hard time figuring out why would you encourage this kind of plays. your argument of "supporting the whole team" is not valid during the early laning phase so please stop repeating that i'm not even talking about the nubrac dude, i'm talking in general here, i sure as hell don't want to see supports swapping lane over and over becase they get shit on on botlane.
: #FreeNubrac
why are you people defending a support that goes mid instead of bot? ok now i'm gonna queue fiora top and i go mid "supporting" every game, trying my best, when i get banned i want a #freesirprepuzius from all of you.
Madnasher (EUW)
: He wasnt trolling, he was supporting his team. Again, I ask this, where is it written it is against the rules? you did say its against the rules. So lane swapping is against the rules, sona/taric, funnel comps, all against the rules. Show me where it states if you queue support, and support your team, it HAS to be in botlane.
are you seriously asking me to show where it is written? of course it isn't, there is a total lack of written info/explanation about this game so all we do is talking by experience, and i witnessed people getting punished for abandoning their lane. if you lane swap you do so accordingly so no report / no punishment if you play sona taric you're playing offrole (not so much duo mages bot is common, but aniway) nothing wrong with that funnel comps? i don't know honestly, but i would report that personally because i think it shouldn't be a thing, like shouldn't duo be a thing, but that's just my opinion aniway, i'm sure you know perfectly how tilting is for a team to have a supp that doesn't play his laning phase botlane, so why are you defending the category?
Madnasher (EUW)
: where does it say support has to support in botlane? he was supporting his team.
support has the duty, like all other lanes, to play his own lane. i've seen other people punished on the boards because they didn't.
: Don't unban Nubrac.
i agree the ban is justified since you can't queue support and go trolling on another lane it's like i'm top laner and i go "supporting" mid or bot, it is actually against the rules, you have to play your lane, it's not blind pick
Antenora (EUW)
: I presume you're talking abouy Qiyana? At least True Sight abilities can reveal Qiyana.
she is like akali on roids.. did you happen to see her cooldowns on her stealth?
: Qiyana's character design makes no sense
holy hell this community i understand we all riding the %%%%%-about-new-champ-train but this.. this is a real 10/10 quality shitpost. and it gets upvoted too? look at this shit: >And for someone constantly dashing around her legs should be slim and endurant, it makes legit no sense for someone that's dashing around all day to have such massive legs and hips yeah, let's %%%%% because you think someone who dashes a lot shouldn't have big legs, lol, it's not like dashing at high speed should develop some muscle nooo, she should have tiny little legs because we all are complaining nerds completely detached from logic look at that: >Considering how her weapon is shaped she should have a really developped abdominal region, not that tiny waist of her oh sorry, did you take a look at her six pack and you got somewhat deluded? or that: > having a tiny upper body and hips 3 times the size of her waist doesn't make sense yeah, because "making sense" about body proportions in relation to the usage of the weapon of choice is very important in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
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Rioter Comments
LolRaGna1 (EUW)
: One question, how is it possible for me being banned for saying "%%%%" 1 time but my m8´s dont get banned for saying "%%%%%% %%% fck you hope u die etc."
hard to tell without actual logs, maybe he somewhat tricked the automated system by purposedly mispelling words, while you on the other hand used a perfectly recognizable word that triggers an auto punishment
Morogoth (EUW)
: Toaster in the bath would not cause someone to die. Unless you live in a shit country that doesn't have RCD's in the homes. Also, since this is posted on EUW RCD's are used in all these countries therefore mathematically this comment should not be considered flame.
lol, so if i say to you to go jumping off the roof it's ok because unless you live in a shitty apartment and not in a small house with a garden that will soften your fall you won't die at most you'll break a leg, so it's ok it doesn't count as harassment xD
: idk man, in zoe's lore isn't she supposed to be litterally a god ?
imagine aatrox losing an arm wrestling match against zoe :°
FlameClub (EUNE)
: How strong is Aatrox lorewise? (darkins overall)
i would say he's definetely stronger than zoe
: If only Normal-Blind would force us to declare intention.
for a period i played a lot of blinds because queue times were shorter and you don't have to wait those additional 5 minutes while every team member choose someone but blind is just pure cancer, save yourself some cerebral cortex and play draft instead
: Finally! GG Yuumi! M7
WOW what a great achievement! i can't describe how happy i am hearing this wonderful news! you must be so proud of yourself and of course, who wouldn't? i'm so so happy i'm trying not to cry but i don't know if i can.. sniff.. just remember.. sniff.. this is not the end it's only the beginning of a series of marvellous accomplishments you will surely achieve sniff sob
: Soraka
pick a jungler with cc, if your botlane doesn't have any
Wallahi (EUW)
: Looking for someone with l9 tag or L9- ( euw server)
Antenora (EUW)
: {{item:3211}} {{item:3111}} and Teemo's poke is trivial.
trivial? i find it extremely difficult to see when he is gonna blind instead of AAing..
: [Fiora main/one-trick] Traumatised by Teemo..
i feel you man, i mained fiora for quite a bit in the past and of course teemo was my permaban, i find it extremely difficult to tell when he is gonna blind instead of autoattack and so i had really hard time to parry his shit.. especially with the default skin keep making the world a better place, ban teemo or, if you manage, parry his blind and all in the little %%%%er, once the blind is parried you should win the trade
: Do you think a teemo doing 100 hp with one auto lvl 1 is normal? E up
i don't know about the numbers, but his ability proc poison damage over time, so yea.. i think it all adds up.. that's why i ban teemo when i'm toplane... he is just to nasty to deal with during laning phase if you're melee.. but it's pretty garbage on teamfights, so i guess it's balanced overall aniway, i hope you will crush your next teemo opponent, the only good teemo is a dead teemo :] good luck man
: As someone who used to have him in their champion pool before his last rework I couldn’t be happier with this tbh... it looks amazing, his kit really fits him, and he now finally makes sense to me again (ever since his last rework he just doesn’t make sense, I can’t figure out his item builds). Gonna be really intresting to see how he develops and what item builds arise (honestly I think ap on hit morde is gonna be legit), and the ult is absolutely fantastic.
i agree with you, but.. won't you miss the old pet system? i mean, the dragon pet looked pretty badass to me tbh..
: Not a main but I love Morde and have him on mastery 6. In my oppinion, this rework looks great and I don't think he'll be too broken, there will be things he is really good against, moments when he'll be incredibly useful but also there are plenty of ways to shut him down. After all, as with all juggernauts, he can be kited around and has no gap closers.
yeah.. actually i thought he could ult someone without being tower aggroed ..that would make it broken, aside from that seems pretty balanced, actually at this point i hope he won't be too weak.. the stats he gain after killing on his ult will be lost when enemy respawn if i'm not mistaken...
: > as soon as his ultimate is up he can easily towerdive and get a kill in all safety, just like a that How do you get to that conclusion? If you look at the lolwiki at his abilities, structures, like towers, remain active in both realms. So no, he cannot exclude them from the 1v1 in the netherworld.
my bad, i was under this impression.. that would be broken indeed
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OW5fqW0G,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-29T10:09:46.671+0000) > > well that seems really unfair and a big letdown, you can't cleanse from camille or jarvan ult, so why are you able to do it with morde? > > > -1 riot Well, Mordekaiser's ult doesn't expose you to his whole team.
: Yeah it does seem weird but a rioter shared some info with the morde discord which got added to the wiki > The bound is considered a hard cc which can be cleansed from but is unaffected by tenacity. > Only the target can cleanse itself. When doing so both champions will leave the Death Realm. Again not sure what it means by the bound... but there’s something there which can be cleansed (and I’m not sure it counts as suppression so you could prob use the summoner spell).
well that seems really unfair and a big letdown, you can't cleanse from camille or jarvan ult, so why are you able to do it with morde? -1 riot
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