SirBlues (EUW)
: Honoring Enemies
The fault of my post is presenting a positive solution in a negative community. 1. They are focused on the negative portion of my post. 2. They are already thinking of how to abuse said solution. 3. They don't wanna be positive towards enemies. If you wanna keep flaming your enemies, game on. ( People stopped caring about them anyway ) However, the point is that I want there to be a reward for people who aren't sad people who spend all day bming. A person who made you enjoy a game should be rewarded. I'm not talking keys. I'm talking like a little symbol. Maybe even a flair that appears only once in a load screen. To the rest, Have fun flaming each other. I'll see you in a few days on the boards to hear your complaints about your chat restrictions. (For the people who enjoy flaming their enemies) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: There is the 200IQ counter tactic of turning off the all chat in general settings. This tactic is only used by greats and legends like myself xD
> [{quoted}](name=Cavalier707,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pJfT4ewj,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-08-26T13:33:36.806+0000) > > There is the 200IQ counter tactic of turning off the all chat in general settings. This tactic is only used by greats and legends like myself xD Read the title, buddy.
kriegnes (EUW)
: "Nice flash" lol thats not toxic. making fun of an enemy or shittalking him is allowed. its a tactic to make your enemy more tilted so he plays bad. if you fail i make fun of you. nothing personal and if i fail you can make fun of me so stop crying. i also want enemy honor back tho. i had games where my whole team was actually toxic complaining the whole time and stuff while the enemy was friendly and/or funny
You focused on "Nice Flash" over the "WP" which was the main focus of my post. You look like the kind of person who shit talks in games to enemies don't you. There's no point in explaining to you as your main focus is bming. If you wanna do that, go ahead. Don't come crying when you get banned though like every other person on this board. Yet again, it's not the topic. Read the title.
Bahoi UG (EUNE)
: 13lp , let`s gooo
Your MMR is so low. This is just one lucky game on your part.
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: The Honor Climb System (from dishonorable)
The honor system is to give people free goodies for being sportsmanlike. It's a tight window, deal with it. There are a lot of toxic people and you could be one of them. You could be indirectly flaming #NiceFlash #ggwp15 #xd
: wrongfully banned
Report calling is annoying
Take a chill pill. Out of 100 games you're bound to find trolls and people who ruin the games. Treat them as bad players and move on. Imagine the 300 ping jungler is a bronze player who got boosted and the system is trying to rank him down. The 0/6 Draven had a bad game. Mute Flamers. We've all had worse games. 0/22/0 Int skarner? send to riot and move on. Crying won't make it better.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Now that people know that the bot doesn't take context into account, can people start being more careful? Stop raging at others or make any kind of explicit joke.
Arathreon (EUNE)
: Report for picking role not assigned
Just pick your role and ignore them. Report them after the game for griefing. They do it because people like you give in and give away the role. It ends up looking like you switched roles with him and then he becomes report-free. Just play the game how you were asked. Mid? Go mid. Someone took it? It's fine, go mid. (And don't say "Report him for this and that", Enemy team can tell)
L1on (EUNE)
: Perma banned for defending myself against a toxic player.
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: Ban system is a joke!
The only thing you should be punished for is saying "You are the idiot". The rest is silly and out of context. "%%%" is one of the most unforgivable things the banning system looks for. You should be careful using it anyway.
Rolibear (EUNE)
: Troll pick
At moments like this, your best hope is to completely ignore them and prove to them that your pick is good. Stay positive.
: What happened to adc's in high gold
Whenever you talk about a certain elo, it becomes irrelevant. If your adc is gold, enemy adc is gold. If Adc's in high gold are bad, enemy high gold adcs are bad.
: For all the players who're whining about a ban...
Dude, you got no chill. You need a chat ban for this. Have a snickers.
Larry (EUNE)
: 13 kills is good but the 4 assists tell me that you had all the gold flowing in you, yet you failed to carry your team. When a player takes all the kills that means he SHOULD DO most of the team's damage and be the winning factor. Though 1 player cannot compete with 5 enemies so you should never take all of the kills and try to distribute the gold. Yes you might have a carry champ, but you can't carry alone. Plus 1 person can be easily countered. Easiest example would be a le blanc having 13/0 and the whole enemy team building banshee. That would waste all your gold and negate your champion, yet your team won't be able to do much because they dont have any gold flowing to them. Also your 0 deaths might mean that you ran away from certain situations in fear of dying, and bailed on your team - who didnt have many items resulting in more deaths on them. You should learn when it's worth dying for your team, when to help them and you should know that your presence alone gives pressure and makes enemies fearful of engaging. A 13/0 score would be good if everyone on your team actively tried to keep that same score. In any scenario that you have such a score, and more than 1 of your team mates have something like 2/10, then you are definatelly to blame as well. What you can do? When you start having an advantage, roam to other lanes because if you want to win, 2 lanes should at least snowball. So consider roaming to your nearest lanes after pushing your waves to the enemy turret. That would definatelly give you a bigger winning chance in many games. If you stay at your lane, that means you dont actively try to win the game. It's like global warming, we know it exists, but no one is actively doing anything to prevent it
These replies annoy me. I wouldn't have made this post if I was a KDA hero. The first tower we got was bot tower because after I got first blood, I went to bot lane and give them the 2nd two kills. I was 1/0/2, I did everything I possibly could. "You couldn't carry" Look at their deaths mate. Please watch the match history first. If you want, I'd give you the entire statistics of where I was the entire game and how my kills were. Regardless, This is just pathetic. When I lose, I don't wait to get carried after dying 700 times. if I died a couple of times, I play very safely. I never died in team fights because I won every single team fight I was involved in.
hgrva (EUW)
: if you have played a champion which you can actually play you would have carried with that score. I will leave this video for you
I wouldn't have written this comment if I was playing badly. I know what you mean. I carried games when I was still less than 3 kills and still 0 deaths. Now how would I carry with that score if the entire enemy team has that score. Trust me, if you look at the chat log, it's always "Do not fight without me". I specifically asked that you'd look at the whole story before you say that "You would have carried". I'm back to gold anyway.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lLZbEgGI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-03-08T15:32:57.722+0000) > > You don't talk, that's the problem. You have to actively communicate (in a positive way) with your teammates (and/or enemies in the post game screen) if you want the restriction to be lifted. I can't talk. Does that mean I'm stuck in a paradox?! Can't talk because In Chat restriction. Can't lift off chat restriction because I can't talk.
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