: I left a comment on one of your videos bro, hope the feedback helped. =) P.S. Maybe you could check my [**latest video**](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKaxptCgpXE) for me? :D
I have subbed you. Want to add me in game? SirJubJub =]
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Season 4 Bronze, Season 5 Bronze, Season 6 Bronze. Why would anybody want to watch a bronze player gameplay?
Because I have good content possibly? Have you actually taken a look? :) Also, I never used to take league very seriously, hardly ever know the difference between ranked and normal games. I do now, and I enjoy the game. So i am starting to take it seriously. If you do not want to watch it that's absolutely fine I obviously don't mind, it would just be nice if you took a look before throwing your opinions around, when you don't even know the content of my videos :). Thanks for the comment!
: I will take a look. Its fantastic that you are trying to create good content!
Thanks buddy, appreciate the reply. I don't want to become another one of those people who get famous on YouTube and create terrible click bait content. I just really enjoy both YT and LoL, so why not combine the two! :)
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