: Jhin is really really bad.
The Q is made to be used during reload time for additional kiting, maybe you should try it
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Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: For those who didnt do the placements yet, do them after few months.
That's not how it works though... The issue is not with the matchmaking, its with the placement system calculations of MMR and hence the improper placement of players in bronze.
: Your placements experience so far!
Nah, you'll be placed in bronze, trust me. It's fuking broken.
Riryz (EUW)
: its up now. edit: my bad, i didnt see it changed to the old Q again.
: No stress test on EUW. And the obvious happens.
: Invisible game modes
Click on that exclamation mark on the top left next time.
: {{champion:21}} x{{champion:40}} ?
{{champion:99}} x {{champion:92}} Ahri just looks like a fat blob on her new icon {{champion:103}}
Theblade34 (EUNE)
: A Suggestion for Riot
You don't want to balance yasuo, you want to wreck him. Mostly because a windwall with such a cast time (longer than some ultimates) would make 90% of the skillshots impossible to block, which would just leave you frustrated with a wasted skill. Yasuo's damage and outplay combo potential are the only things that are making up for his squishiness. A limmit on dashes would just make him easy to catch early game and would severely harm his lanning phase.
: Basically Que-times. Having a Dozen or even Half-Dozen game modes splits up the community and increases que times. Innevitably, certain game modes will see less play because they're not as fun long-term as they are in short bursts - IMO, URF is a perfect example of that. URF is super fun when it comes out the first few days, until everyone starts playing the OP champs and suddenly it becomes boring. - Which leads to longer que times in those game modes and unsatisfied players. Dominion is also a large reason for why Riot only makes them temporary. Riot put a huge amount of development into Dominion, they wanted it to be the 'next Summoners Rift' and its playerbase is absolutely tiny. No point having perma game modes that eventually run dry on a playerbase because they're not satisfying to play long-term. URF or something like Poro king is super fun for a week or so, then it gets boring, would rather play SR. Riot bases these decisions on the statistics they gather.
I do understand that it's all about the anticipation of the upcoming mode, more than actually having it whenever you want and that's what makes them all so popular. I just think that we should have access to such modes more often than once or twice a year.
: I Think these has to do with playerbase. As example if URF was allways available then a part of the lol players would play it instead of the ordinary rift. For every mode that is aded there needs to be more LoL players for things to work properly. Because of these RIOT has to limit the number of choices so that quaqing time wont be like 10 minuts.
`That seems reasonable enough although 10 minutes is bit too much for such a large playerbase, reminds me of waiting times for dominion late at night. perhaps, there could be different waiting rooms for the game modes and from there every player can decide from himself if there are enough players that are at his level, for him to wait in que. Meaning that you'd have to put a mark somewhere that you'd like to play a certain game mode. Thats a bit overcomplicating things though. I was thinking that if there are more gamemodes, more players would be playing and players would be playing more, so que times wouldn't be a problem, but there's really no way to predict that.
: Imo, the fun-modes would get boring if they are avaible all the time.
you mean like the normal modes xD, i dont mind if they are boring as long as there is a wider choice to juggle through!
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: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} all im hearing is that you are bad with laning phase and just want to kill other champs
Not necessarily bad, but i find it a bit boring and static to be honest, like a thousand year old tradition that hasn't added anything innovative since it was created. Plus when minions go into the jungle how would that not require laning phase skills? Even more, now you gonna have to focus on jungle mobs with buffs or minions. But everybody just wants to stick with the status quo as if it's the best state of the game ever. It's just plain boring for me though. Every time riot 'brings diversity', but not to the actuall game, just little tweeks that get boring after a couple of days of abusing them.
: Basically, dominion could meet most of your expectations, try it out.
Not really what i'm talking about though...
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