: tbh season 2 was more of irelia, katarina and akali vs everybody else. And ofc you got banned for playing EVE, because she was ultranerfed. season 4-5 was probably on the more balanced side.
: Game has turned into a question of who can delete who the quickest
- **Damage should be lower: **Everyone can chunk damage, tanks, assasins, mages adc's even supports. An all around flat damage reduction is needed. - Penetration should be lower: Easy access to penetration and leathality makes defensive stats pointless. - **True damage should be lower:** Same as the above. - **Trade-offs on itemization:** Items offer too much damage at the moment without any sacrifice. CD can be found in 2 / 3 of items. Users should have to chose what they want. CD? Damage? Speed? Defensive stats? Each item should give you just 1 of these not everything. - **Defensive stats need slight buff:** This might not be needed if the others are addressed above. But currently defensive stats need nothing. It is very likely non of the above will happen. The reason? Lowering damage increased the game length. Riot favors e-sports and quick games. So this is not likely to happen. Sadly...
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
> [{quoted}](name=Kaluchii,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cN9JXEEG,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-13T17:36:03.986+0000) the highest rank I have ever been was Plat 1 promo for diamond. I stopped giving a F about rank when runes reforged happened. Now im a proud bronze player hehe. I am happier now.
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Exactly. :D When I see someone doing a good job, is ultrafed, then even if I'm not playing support, I'm doing everything to help him. I go after him and ward jungle if he is pushing lane etc. If he goes solo all the time then FOLLOW HIM. :D This is that simple.
Exactly.. If your teamate is ultrafed then 2 things could have happened: - He got lucky. (not the norm) - He played well. So if he played well that means he knows what he is doing. If he is going 1 vs 5 that means you are free to take an objective. if you are not taking an objective then you are doign something wrong. If you can't take an objective and you see him going 1 vs 5 and throwing his lead then the best thing to do is to support his decisions, follow him, ward for him and keep him safe because he is your carry,
Wolity (EUW)
: " i want to carry the game " mentality can lose you a lot of games
Well the first example game is unfortunate. The second game though your teamate might be kind of right. If you see that someone is doing well and carrying the game. Maybe the best move would be to ask him what kind of support he needs to keep doing what he is doing? Maybe you should play around people when they are doing well and not tilt them? But Ego is a true thing not only in games but in real life too. People have ruined countries, cost lives and lost companies straight out of pure dumb Ego
Xaveria (EUW)
: Literally every game has a smurf or someone going AFK - why isn't Riot taking any action?
> [{quoted}](name=Xaveria,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7mPV8ePN,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-04T10:09:54.378+0000) > > Honestly, maybe I am just making this post to fume some annoyances. It feels extremly unsatisfying to play a game where literally every game has either a smurf or someone going AFK. Over the past 2 weeks I have played over 50 games, 40 of those were filled with someone going AFK or some sort of smurf. I realise it is pre-season, but Riot just does not seem to care about people going AFK and ruining the game for 4 others. I don't care about bad connection issues or whatever - just punish people. Use a system like Overwatch or CS Go for crying out loud - leaving games or going AFK to often just renders you unable to play for a certain ammount of time. They are. People complain all the time for being banned on this very board.
: "Target Champion Only" that should work with Attack Move Click
> [{quoted}](name=KZ8 NortheyLoL,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=iXpTpx1q,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-31T05:54:44.129+0000) > > So I just did a support ticket with a suggestion, tell me what you think about it, here is my message: > Hey I have a suggestion for you, I know you are a big company and wont listen to one player but I have been playing this for so long now and I can get frustrated when attacking minions. I know there is a "Target Champions Only" but it does sadly not work with Attack Move Click. I would really appreciate if you could make an option so attack move click targets only champions when "Target Champions Only" is on. Thank you, I believe that would make kiting with adcs extremely easy. That would remove any skill expression from kiting. I don't give my consent for such a change.
: Be Punctual!!!!!! It's already 5 GMT,still can't login in the server
if I didn't get things done within a timeline consistently in my own business, I would have my employees fired long before they can say RITO
Merletto (EUW)
: Joyful story of promo to diamond (part 2, ending) + sick montage
where is this banner taken from? From which anime?
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
The sad part is that no official Riot response on this
SuperJunk (EUW)
: do you know difference of root and stun ? or any other types of control, because nunu doesn't have any stuns, his E is root and his W is knock up, his R is slow
Yup I do know, I just call both of them stuns haha
Kirika (EUW)
: Yep when he has a small circle around himself and the little boy Nunu throws snowballs at you. If you stay in the circle you are rooted
Yeah got it. Thanks mate.
Rioter Comments
: searching g1-p5 for duo
Dear Linda, Thank you for reaching out to BoostMyElo.com. We appreciate your effort and the time you put into make that wonderful 400 IQ post. However, we have decided to withdraw from your offer and follow a separate path. We would like to wish you all the best in your future games in Iron league. Yours trollingly, an Iron inmate.
: That is a rumor, mostly based on flamers always claiming it's "the first time ever I broke the rules", which is usually bullshit. It's true that telling other people to kill themselves is treated very harshly, but that does not necessarily mean that someone who breaks the rules for the first time gets INSTANTLY banned. Those people who get "instantly" banned for this usually broke the rules before.
It's not a rumor, I have tested it with 2 accounts. Now go back to your cave.
: > Also some simple guidelines: {{champion:245}} basic tankiness, burst damage, hard CC, go in, go out, a lot of sustain on R haha... TBH, since that champion we have more and more overloaded kits, that are good all around {{champion:142}} range, aoe, hard CC, HUGE burst, negates summs {{champion:518}} burst, hard cc, shield sustain, DPS, invisibility {{champion:517}} hard CC, burst, AoE, go in, sustain, Kayn, Kai'Sa, reworks of Irelia, Akali, Swain, Aatrox... Everyone is overloaded and later nerfed to ground as the only way to return it into the balance. Immunities to CC, huge amounts of self-heal, movement speed over 9000, wall surpass... {{champion:10}} !!! --- aoe, aoe, aoe, true damage, DPS (also AoE), cc, heal, immortality!
I agree and here is my recomendations: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mb8yUKAR-three-huge-problems-true-damage-damage-and-easy-sustain?comment=00010000
: i dont understand why you are mad about lategame champs playing safe, its a legitimate strategy not to give the earlygame champ any more reason to go even further ahead. would be pretty dumb to play aggresive vs an earlygame champ as a lategame champ. You take specific strategies to ensure you get to lategame and then its your time to shine. Early game is hell for lategame champs and thats exactly why you play safe and choose specific runes or whatever (for sustain), to not go even further down into hell. Not to mention that you also have access to sustainability as an earlygame champ but it might not be as benificial to you as to a lategame champ
Because late game champs should have a hard time early, whereas now they get out of the laning phase untouched (aka they are not weak enough). They idea behind late game champs is that you have a hard time early game so you have an amazing late game. But if you hit your late game say at 10 minutes and you can get so easily out of it then what's the drawback in picking a late game champ? It's almost a guaranteed win.
: Thank god you didn't mention Camille, she doesn't need any more nerfs :p
I did not mention Camille because she does not fall under the category above. Her kit is well balanced. She is strong in 1 vs 1 not so strong in team fights (not too bad either). I also think fiora is well balanced too. she has clear weaknesses and strengths.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: that lifesteal wont even help much if you get bursted down to less than half hp in one combo(or straight out killed in some lanes)
you wont get bursted down. you will take some hits but heal it up playing safe until u get your 2 item spike
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: %true damage and onhit true damage is a problem. Having 1 or 2 champs with clear weakness and a lot of ways to get punished even midgame is why i don't mind vayne. Especially since i can build fh to slow her attacks down a tiny pit, or even take malphite to shut the aa based champs down completely. But there comes yi who is also immune to attack speed slow and only way to tank that dude is to get 10k or more hp or insane return damage so he cant outheal it. Or fiora who also can block a whole crap of cc whenever she gets focused. (either she getw parry or true damage, not both). Fortunately, while yi and vayne can be shut down hard,there is this one guy who doesn't even need true damage because he will just windwall half the combo and make your whole team useless with 1 spell. ===== As for sustain, grevious wounds exist for a reason. Only guy i know that doesn't give a fck about it happens to be one certain prisoner names sylas
That's not my point. My point with the sustain is not the sustain itself. Its the accessibility to sustain early in the game that gives late game champs the opportunity to just play safe without any danger and hit lane extremely fast. Playing a late game champ should make their early game a living hell. Why? because late game its a living hell for early game champions.
: It's super stupid tho. Why even let people get to a rank, than make them stuck with 60%+ win-rates ? Doesn't make sense. We should have been getting the shit LP in P1/P2. Why make a rank bottom heavy. Like, D4 now is not an achievement, but D3 is like old D1 or what ? Diamond in itself should have been something not everyone can achieve. Guess it's not like that any more. Doesn't make ANY sense.
It kind of does make sense. If you have 60 % win rate what about a player who has 80% ? what about a player who has 65%? How much LP should he get? The higher you get the harder it is to climb.
: so you want riot to give you the freedom of choice of what and where you play but you want riot to also tell you that if play brand support you should just be a cc bot that does nothing
No. I want riot to give me a freedom of choice and based on that choice I will have clear weaknesses and strengths. For example: Lets say we have the following criteria: * CC power * Tankyness power * Range * Burst * Sustain * Healing * AOE * DPS * Damage % * MObility * stealth So for example. If we are going to create 4 marksmen. And lets say we chose 3 attributes for each champion we are creating. So .. >** Marksman A** will look something like this: Range: 60 % Mobility: 20 % DPS: 20 % So say we want marksman B to be different > **Marksman B** will look something like this: Range: 40 % Mobility: 20 % DPS: 40 % Now. Lets say this is not a great deal of viriety and we want to mix it up a bit more? > Here is** Marksman C** : Range: 60 % Sustain: 20 % DPS: 20 % **What do we notice?** Each Marksman has its own strengths and weaknesses. You cannot combine more than 3 attributs. (of course this is an example and RIOT might chose to use 4 but this must be balanced. > _"But SirTauntsAlot how are we supose to diversify late game champs from early champs?"_ I got you covered here too. You use again the same 3 Attribute limit but let them start with a lower percentage somewhere and scale to a stronger later > **for example Marksman D early** Range: 40 % Sustain: 20 % DPS: 20 % (total 80 % weaker than an early champion who has 100 %) Now purchasing items will let them go beyond the 100 % to 120 %
Rioter Comments
APM Silence (EUNE)
: Suggest me a nickname for Zed main
: Mordekaiser bug with drakes
They won't. They said they won't touch him until the remake him (which is near)
ElvisbAi (EUW)
: Back to League after 3 Years, I dont get it... Should I play bad or good? Im so confused....
The sad part is that early game champs are punished harder and late game champs hit their spike much faster. There is no point taking an early game champ anymore.
ShanksFX (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Godkarther,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jw4QMlf9,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-03-22T01:41:39.453+0000) > > So you think if you ban a yasuo main's yasuo he'll just accept his faults and be like: 'Actually, yea man, you know what, I do have a 30 percent win rate, thanks so much for banning my champ so I could pick someone else!' Well at least he wont feed as yas in my game. So he is left with 3 options: 1) Dodge. He is free to do so. 2) Pick something else and play the game. Maybe a champ, he not obviously sucks at. 3) Run it down mid. If this is the case, i would bet he would do the same, if the game went south for him because he has the mental stability of a 9y old. No matter how the other lanes would look like. If been doing it like this for quite some time and in experience option 3 is by far the rarest one. In most cases they flame me, get muted as soon as the game starts and play the gaeme normaly. So yeah. You bet your ass i'll keep doing it this way.
Mate I feel sorry for the way you think. Wish I had some money to help ya out.
Marcua (EUW)
: Uhm, it is not possible. He is asking WHY you buy skins, not which skins, when you bought them, your email and password, and your IP-address.
The questions he asks in the questionnaire are questions that are used as secondary security questions by RITO. That is why I stopped he asks when, how much did you spend.
Avalia (EUW)
: Why do you guys buy RP and Skins in LOL
I am sorry for being suspicious (how can you not be in this world) but what prevents you from using this information to claim our accounts as yours?
: In what world do you see a shen hiding his blade out of the screen? He can only do that at the start of the game and even if he does, he will drag his sword to reposition it anyway. Whenever he walks to lane, so more often than you’d think. And how often do you see azir’s hide soldiers in bushes... shen hiding his sword is more of a thing than what the op is trying to sell. > We are not saying that others abilities should be like shens we are saying that shens abilities should change too. You could argue the same as oriannas ball. Ori ball doesn’t go just from where it is to ori, it’s able to move where it likes... so an arrow indicating the skillshot for her E doesn’t help anyone. And shen shouldn’t be changed to work like them, and changing him to not is irrelevant to this portion of the descussion. More so shen’s R is what is taking up most of his power budget, if riot where to change his abilities so that they where stronger for solo Q first thing they’d have to do is completly remove the R... that would outright kill shen. Only way shen becomes viable in solo Q is if he is no longer shen... we’ve seen the backlash from another unpopular champion get that treatment (aatrox), Shen mains really don’t want that... especially as the area he was designed for he is still performing well at (pro play)
LOL you just made your points invalid. In order for shen to hide his sword he will need to get out of his enemy site whenever he drags the sword. How often will you see a shen do that? In orde to do that he would need to give up experience, farm (i,e gold) or even put his self in danger. Unless it is thew very start of the game shen's sword will never be hidden. Oriannas ball on the other hand could be easily hidden and can go (as you said) anywhere. Which would have an actual reason to point where her ball is because you don't know where ti might come from.
: > In the universe of Taric 5 players become invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. In the same universe Kindred can do the same. What about Lulu that transforms an ally in a raid boss instantly? Soraka healing tons of HP safely from distance. Then we have Tryndamere that is the personification of invulnerability. Same story or Kayle. Taric ult is heavily delayed, you can burst an enemy before the invulnerability hits Kindred ult is only a small area around kindred and also benefits enemies as well Lulu only gives health so no where near invunerable, it’s that combined with the rest of her kit which makes people hard to kill. Trynd is in line for a VGU, he is unhealthy Kayle just got a VGU where her ult took a severe hit (can’t fight back while using it), also more heavily mana gated and range gated. There’s none of these counter plays for shen, anywhere on the map if you tried to do anything shen can ult to ruin the fight, thats unfair and would make shen become a massive issue, you’d be looking at him getting gutted completely for it. > What's the immediate effect of Shen R? What’s the immediate effect of teleport... because that’s what shen has. Teleport is a near must have for top laners, during the laning phase it allows you to turn any engagement into a numbers advantage for you, even if they disengage they’ve used their long cooldowns to do so and if it was their own gank or engagement then they’ve wasted their time and created an advantage for your laner. Later on in the game you can split push and still turn up to team fights allowing you to turn fights into 4v5s easily. That’s the power of shen ult... it’s not a shield, hell like I said he could prob even loose the shield entirely, it’s the fact that he gets a free teleport... a summoner which is easily the second strongest in the game only losing to flash. The ability to be omnipresent Is a massive advantage and proper utilisation of teleport separates ok top laners from great top laners... being able to have a teleport on his ult on top of your own teleport is huge. And yeah you might loose stuff, again exact same risk as teleport yet that’s still mandatory isn’t it... exact same strenghs and weaknesses. But you’ve now got a numbers advantage on the other side of the map so you can push another tower or take a dragon or rift herald. The enemy laner will either have to trade objectives or follow you with a teleport. Your focusing way too much on the shield, that’s not the strong part of the ult... it’s the teleport... and being good at using that has always been a hallmark of a good top laner. > Making the target of your R invulnerable would provide more entertaining team fights since your target, allies and enemies need to react in seconds. Right now most of the times no one is really scared of Shen coming. And even if you're scared just focus Shen target to pulverise that 175 shield in 1-2 autos in less than 1 second while I'm still channeling. Actually it’d create a less entertaining teamfight... not only does shen create a numbers advantage but he can make someone invulnerable then nobody is going to fight... why would anyone engage onto a target when that target will be made invulnerable and you will loose the fight... the game would stagnate and become boring. That’s exactly why shen got nerfed in pro play from just the teleport aspect, adding a kayle ult onto that would make it stagnante solo Q as well as pro play. > You should make the same assumptions for Shen blade. Laning against Zed requires you to keep track of his shadows. Same goes for Heim, Azir, Maokai (...) you constantly need to invest a ward in a bush before face-checking it otherwise you're dead or punished. I don't get how Shen blade should work differently considering its clunky mechanics, the risks it takes repositioning it, the not so awesome damage it provides. Actually I find more useful the very weak slow effect it provides. But shen doesn’t hide his in brushes, he hides his out of the screen, can’t ward against it when it’s past his 1st tower can you. And it works differently because it outright works diffierently... it’s all about dragging the ability to you, where as the others place them down and leave them... the only one who works somewhat similar is azir with his E but no azir player ever hides his soldiers. Why should other abilities have the same indicator as shen sword when they don’t even remotely work in the same way.
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VopOiEW8,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2019-03-07T12:26:46.912+0000) > But shen doesn’t hide his in brushes, he hides his out of the screen, can’t ward against it when it’s past his 1st tower can you. In what world do you see a shen hiding his blade out of the screen? He can only do that at the start of the game and even if he does, he will drag his sword to reposition it anyway. > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VopOiEW8,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2019-03-07T12:26:46.912+0000) > Why should other abilities have the same indicator as shen sword when they don’t even remotely work in the same way. We are not saying that others abilities should be like shens we are saying that shens abilities should change too. You could argue the same as oriannas ball.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen (8th attempt in 3 years)
Shen is strong (not godlike ) in coordinated play bit trash in solo Q. I think they need to nerf his ult and heavily buff all his others spells. I even made suggestions in the past.
: Remove Conqueror
Seriously, true damage is a huge problem. I think it takes away from some champions identity (i.e. olaf, cho, darius). I mean if everyone has something then it's not cool. Just take it away. Conqueror must die. We tried it, we had a laugh but its time for it to go. On the Kayle, it bothers me that Kayle will deal true damage at level 16. It wouldn't bother me if it was just a spell that dealt true damage, but dealing true damage on hit?
: Mastery points or Mastery level = skill, lets make this actually true
> [{quoted}](name=Doby flonk u mom,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=EJx9L2Yj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-25T11:39:41.848+0000) > > I constantly see people on the forums saying things like Mastery level = skill. > > I personally completely disagree with this, I made this account in November and then got it to level 30 by late January, over this time I got to level 6 on Camille, I was shitting on new players/bronze smurfs, this does not prove skill in any way. Then after my placements, I was put in Iron 3 and After a few games reached level 7 mastery. I am currently in Gold 4, in what way do those games in level 15 and iron show that I am good at Camille? I remember on one of my older accounts I decided to play Soraka for a period of time because of the ardent meta, and it took me about a week to get to level 7 with Soraka, does this mean I was good at Soraka? No, it means that I abused their grading system and died 0 times and got 20 assists in bronze elo. This system has many flaws and many low elo players think that the higher level mastery someone is then the higher skill they are which is completely untrue. > > My solution would be to add a mastery system that Ranks up with you, so when you are in Bronze and are playing a champion then you are graded on the champion based off of bronze, So using Camille as an example, I get to level 7 in bronze and then when I get to SIlver my mastery Level is reset and I have to climb my mastery to 7 in Silver, then when I get to Gold it is reset again, and each time you unlock different types of Mastery emotes, so one decorated with Bronze and another with silver, and the next with gold and so on and a mastery for normal games so that people can see that a person's experience on a champion is in normals and not ranked. This makes sure that new players see that their mastery in Bronze mans jack shit in higher elos and people on the forums can actually be allowed to use the Mastery level = skill argument. Also, mastery decay needs to be added so that you degrade your mastery over time and the mastery upgrade needs to be made free to make sure that the BP currency is not deflated. Also when a champion is reworked they should reset the Mastery level (not points) for people on that champion completely. > > This will lead to mastery being more meaningful and harder to achieve. Nowadays I can get to level 7 on the hardest champions that I have never played just by playing normals, deranking (something really unhealthy for ranked) or just making a new account and playing against really bad people to farm up mastery levels. I would like to propose something in addition to this. - If you are mastery 7: S+ Awards you 6 points. S Awards you 5 points S- Awards you 4 points A+ Awards you 3 point A Awards you 2 points A- Awards you 0 point B+ You lose -1 points B You lose -2 points B- You lose - 4 points C+ You lose - 6 Points C You lose - 7 points C- You lose -9 Points D+ You lose - 10 points D You lose -11 Points D- You lose - You lose 14 points - If you are mastery 6: S+ Awards you 9 points. S Awards you 8 points S- Awards you 7 points A+ Awards you 4 point A Awards you 2 points A- Awards you 1 point B+ Awards you 0 points B You lose -1 points B- You lose - 2 points C+ You lose -3 Points C You lose - 4 points C- You lose -5 Points D+ You lose - 6 points D You lose -7 Points D- You lose - You lose 10 points The point is the more you climb its harder to get points. Why you ask? because if you are a true mastery 7 you should rarely get an A minus. Losing mastery points might cause you to lose a mastery rank. For example, you may drop fro mastery 7 to mastery 6 and so on. In my games for example with Shen, I rarely get below S minus even in very bad games.
: Suggestion: Price adjustments or reworking old "legendary and ultimate" skins
Well it is most likely to adjust the price rather than remaking them. Why? because back then they were worth the price.
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: They should, I mean when giving such harsher punishments they should obviously look into the context but I guess they prefer if you make a new account and spend more juicy money on it. Edit: So the person that downvoted my comment disagrees on my statement that context should be taken into consideration with such punishments. **BRAVO** mr snowflake **BRAVO**
Well the ban I got was a 14 day ban which I believe is issued immediately when using "homophobic slurs". Of course the word F*g means a lot of things other than the homophobic slurs. However, saying that I believe my punishment was deserved as there is no reason to joke about that (some people even if we like it or not might not feel very well about it so as a company RIOT needs to consider them). It is easier for me to not make those kind of offensive jokes than making "sensitive people" understanding what the joke is about. Hence the harsh punishment and hence RIOT does not look at context. p.s. I am not the one who down-voted you
: unpopular opinion: i think riot does a good job on punishing toxicity
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EpoV34Ki,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-12T16:15:31.020+0000) > > we all know sometimes we don't get the IFS notification, but that doesn't mean that no actions were taken > also, when i want to be extra sure about someone getting a well deserved punishment, i write a support ticket about it > i did it only twice, but in both occasions i could see the player sudden stop to his game activity > also, every time i reported an obvious inter i got the IFS 5 minutes later > > so, please, go ahead and troll my games as much as you want, go katarina adc with 6 ruby crystal, go garen jungle with 30 cs after 30 minutes, you are welcomed to do your worst, i'll glady take it if it means you will have to open a new account after that Well not really. From my experience a lot of people can't be punished because there is no AI at the moment that can automatically detect them. Also RIOT takes things out of context. For example I was banned for 14 days because I used the word "F * G" as a joke ( i Immediately let my teammates know that I was joking) and even though I am clean for 4 years and praised by my teamates for staying cool and being positive even in the worst scenarios, I got banned. Not complaining about the ban as I understand that I need to be careful with the my choice of words, however RITO needs to look at context before banning people.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: This is the pure result of a dogshit company who doesn't listen to their playerbase. I am waiting for a company to release a game that does it better than riot and quit this game. Or atleast until some company buys this game and turns it around
: so your logic is waste 4 hours to win 20 lp when you can lose the 20 lp now and spend the next 4 hours winning 100 lp and actually improving at the game?
4 hours? wow ! you must have broken a world record! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Soñjer (EUW)
: Suggestion: make a different color (like red) the ultimate bubble whenever it cannot be casted (oom)
if you click on your R while you don't have enough mana it will say in chat " no mana for ultimate". So that one way. Another is to just pay attention to the mana bar. People might have enough mana for ult but may still not use it because they cant do anything else (this is mainly for mages)
wolf jade (EUNE)
: does this mean new zed and jhin legendary skins?
Shen use to be zeds rival. I guess not anymore?
Snowbrand (EUW)
: The best aoe ultimate combo? ft. Zyra, Amumu, Nunu, Neeko & Galio
Rioter Comments
: This game's system seems unique... and it's really unfair. you reminded me of a small detail, after I said "[All]RelentlessOutläw: i litterally said nothing he is spamming "%%%" on me" one of the other team players responded to me "if you report him for saying "%%%" he will get banned" then he explained to me it's meaning. So I guess that even that poor guy got a 2 week ban just for giving me this advice?
You also asked for him to get reported. Asking for reports is bannable by the summoners code. Now you know why.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT not reverting the 1 BE Capsules bug is a slap in the face to everyone else who pays for content
I paid and never got anything for free but I don't mind. I don't care if someone gets free stuff. Stop being selfish. The world needs better people. You can start from league. I don't even get why you would want people to lose free stuff. It might be the best thing happening in other people's lives.
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Turret planting: Yay or Nay?
I believe it favors laners who can push more easily and damages a bit laners who roam or cannot push as fast. E.g. as a shen and twisted fate main I need to use my ult to utilize my champion. As a result, I need to be extra cautious to shove and get back in time to prevent them from claiming that juicy gold.
: Bro it is not abount making a new account. Trust me I would never level up to lvl 30 once again. This is the one and only account I have levelled up. I am enough respected by a lot of people in League of Legends who would just give me an account to play in if I want. I could buy one if I wanted to and still smash up the ranking ladder. It is all about the memories and friends made through this experience! I have had many better accounts than my one but I never felt the same playing the game and not having to see the same people that I knew from being a newbie in the game. Getting these other accounts banned feels like nothing to me. I simply wouldn't care if they got banned I just would simply switch them to another one. But my first account, I would never let it be banned forever once again and of course I would support positive communication and report people who are still being toxic after the 2nd chance given. And don't get me wrong, I am not asking for people who just created an account in 2018 and got it banned the same year get an unban, I am talking about all those older league players who have seen a lot of toxicity during their gameplay and never seen a punishment for that! Hope that is understandable! :)
Don't get me wrong, but it's not understandable. I get that in the old years there was much more toxicity that went by unpunished. I see this with a different prospective. I am a player simce season 2. I have not been permabanned. I have received chat restrictions though. Like a 100 games chat restrictions. I think that was in season 5. Since then I have reformed. There is really no reason for me to get mad for a game and I realised that not because of the chat restrictions but bbecause I have overall grown. I was very toxic. I mean i said realy bad things. I felt very bad for that. In order for you to have gotten a perma ban means you were much more toxic. So, no. I don't think you should be left unpunished. That's not fair for other players.
: Giving permanently banned people a second chance
Sorry mate, I believe you had your chance several times. I believe that you can create a second chance for yourself by making a new account. All you have to do is be non-toxic. Yes, that means you won't have your skins and perks you gained with your other account but hey... it's better than nothing! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I want to honor people based on their performance And while you may want that, that's not really what honor is about. Honor is about their behavior, not gameplay ability.
that's why you should have 2 honor systems. One for behavior and one for game-play. Pass that on to rito if you have the ability ( as I know you are not a rito employee)
: Please tell me what role has the most impact on the game.
First of all calm down... ... Done? Great! Lets now have a chat. I will guide you to the answer instead. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Lets take what you said: > [{quoted}](name=Misha Demidov,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AmhRPlmF,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-12T12:26:26.529+0000) > I try my best. I ward my ass off. I protect my allies. I ping when there's danger in other lanes. It doesn't matter. If your adc decides to go full %%%%%%, there is nothing you can do. > I have lost many games because my adc decides to play way too dangerous, going in 1v2 fights when being behind in farm, doesn't listen and so on. So... according yo you, Premise A: It doesn't matter what you do, sometimes your ADC will just make stupid decisions and lose you the game. Conclusion: Therefore, you cannot carry with support. Please answer the below questions: 1) Does this apply to your opponents? (A: most likely yes). 2) Does this apply to one trick pony supports? (A: most likely yes). 3) How do the above manage to win a series of games playing support? (sometimes even climbing from bronze to Master by playing support only) 4) If you were not support and you were some other role, how would the above questions be different? What if you get a support who makes stupid decisions? 5) What do you think is the true answer to your questions? P.S. not all games can be won. Keep walking... you got this!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} P.S 2 : this differs the lower you go in elo. I believe jungle, mid and adc are the most impactful roles at the moment.
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