Cajolo2 (EUW)
: New login name
I'm extremely frustrated. I've tried 3 differents names I use on a regular basis and all 3 were taken (well, one by myself). How am I supposed to remember that in RIOT games I am xxx623 instead of xxx at all? Now I'm pretty sure in a few month I'll keep having "wrong password" and won't even remember that I'm trying to connect on the wrong username. Is it that hard to understand that people don't want to have 50 000 accounts and usernames for everything?
cupıd (EUW)
: Unfair level matchups?
Ah! I almost thought about writing a bug report for that! I have the same issue, but it's more about ranked stats than levels. I'm often matched against diamonds while I'm myself in gold 3, and it tilts me a lot, I assume they use something to drop their level and be matched with lower levels than them for easy games, so I report for cheating. Today I've been matched against a **challenger**, a diamond and a platinum altogether. While my team was 3 silvers and 2 gold. This is next level shit, I've never seen that. Is the game broken or something? They killed baron with 2 ppl at 20 min, all dragons, and Kaisa mid alone (the challenger) was one man army 1v10 And you say MMR plays a role in this? Is this a joke?
Sirilan (EUW)
: End of season rewards
Damn. Thanks anyway o/
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Sirilan (EUW)
: What does BetaLauncher do to
Oh. I get it now. Thanks for the answer :)
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