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: the thing is.. they shouldnt perma bann flamers. like you said they have to give them a perma chat restriction. and if they decide to troll after that they have to get a perma bann that would be the best option. flamer are mostly actually good players but they just get frustrated fast. and if they choose to troll they should get a perm that way riot wont lose much players
That is exactly how it should be. If u troll u actually ruin a game. If u just get chat restricted and keep playing, u are not ruining anything.
: They tried this. It didn't work. People who received permanent mutes resorted to trolling or intentionally feeding instead. The issue is not "just flaming". It's your mind set. Sure we can say it's typing, but the intent is to be malicious - and that is an underlying problem with yourself rather than the "flamers and inters". Following that pattern of thought.... how does one be malicious to others when they can't flame anymore? And that's exactly why the trial went the way it did, and is likely not to return.
There should honestly be a way of getting ur account back if u got perma for flaming..
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Varamon (EUW)
: Riot Games' Support being completely ignorant about Technical Issues
U cant blame Riot. They have full schedule and are doing their best. Every game will always have its own problems but trust me. Riot are working as hard as they can. Just try to stay positive{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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Proppa (EUW)
: Any tips for ADC?
Dont play adc. Patch 8.11 killed adc and everything with them. Just play another role and dont even bother trying to main adc.


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