Sceizer (EUW)
: why cant you do it here?
: Yeh, I get that. But 3v3 Ranked has Draft Pick, so you would be able to see when your enemies try this comb. Can't it be countered with a 3-lane comb that focuses on sieging? F.e. a 2-ranged lane carries + tanky disengage jungle champ comb? After farming to level 6 you could lay siege, get the enemy outer turrets down fast and starve them from their jungle. Or a strong early game comb with the same goal.
There's a few ways to outplay it with a jungler, but those are just coinflips.
: Riot please add a reverse spacebar
Having an unlocked camera vs a locked one is a **_massive_** advantage. The earlier you get used to it, the better. Back when I started LoL, I also had a lot of trouble getting used to it, but I'm glad I did. Once you get used to it, it's completely natural.
Saldone (EUNE)
: Vi
If you play with a jungler in 3v3, you usually have a tank jungler. Having vi jungle forces your toplane to go tank, which is a lot weaker than having a tank jungler and carry toplaner.
: Shouldnt the XP advantage for 3 solo "lanes" be enough incentive to use a jungler and to gang up with a siege comb?
The carry gets both jungle and toplane EXP and gold, making them extremely overfed. A support can survive with little gold, and does everything in their ability to keep the carry alive. It's quite a toxic strategy.
: Who the %%%% plays support in 3v3?
Almost everyone above d5. Jungling works in bronze-plat, but it gets overwhelmed in higher elos. Playing with a support is a bit harder to play, which is probably the reason for that.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: 50 times S+ I'd really love this, as that mastery rank would seriously mean business. But from a game designer perspective I can see why it's not happening too soon, as Catering to the hardcore community seems less effective than Catering to the more casual community. :s The casuals often are more, and unlike hardcore Content being pretty much 'locked' for casuals, hardcores still can make some use of casual Content.
Those are some valid points. Maybe there will be a solution one day
: You didnt even read right? We remade the game in the first 4 mins - no loosing neither winning neither was he my Premade !!! Read b4 you post !
Costiks (EUNE)
: Mastery Level 8
Yea getting 7 is too easy. I'd like some hard mastery ranks for real onetricks
: Are you for real Riot?
Thats intended. People can let their premade go afk when losing
: What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)
Build tear on all champs that needed mana (talon, amumu....)
: Good job riot, I am fucking done with you for real this time.
Yeah online moderating is pretty strict nowadays.
Badredin1 (EUW)
: Banned for violation of Terms of use
If I'd get those questions now, I'd be screwed. Got no clue either (I only know that stuff on my smurf). You should be able to remember some of the gifts though.
KerubiaN (EUW)
: Whats up with Matchmaking ??
Ranked MMR is seperated from normal MMR
: WTF i got crit ???
Did your team bind zeke's harbringer with you?
notahead (EUW)
: Face it, riot doesn't care about balance.
: TOP LANER diamond smurf Looking for smurfs 4 dynamicQ
2 questions 1) How did your smurf get into bronze 5? 2) Why do you need a duo to carry in low silver?
Rioter Comments
: Mobility (ahm..Yasuo) is basically broken
Pretty much every Yasuo I see feeds horribly because of how easy to camp he is.
vasrudi090 (EUNE)
: Rek'Sai needs buff
She is actually pretty good
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Ignite vs Exhaust (on support)
Its very situational. Generally you have a lot more kill pressure with ignite, since you stop the heal partly and deal a lot more damage.
kajtek220 (EUNE)
: I got 14 day suspension -...
Flaming, report calling & negativity
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Maybe 2 months ago. Now she is weak. If u got owned by her now, sorry to tell u bad new, u need to improve more.
: He does everything {{champion:113}} does but worse, so go {{champion:113}}.
Honestly seju is maybe even worse. She is in such a bad state right now
Karkon (EUNE)
: Does it matter if u play Dark Star Thresh today or in 5 days ?
Horny Ape (EUNE)
: Mafia Graves
Why? It is (IMO) the best graves skin, looks real badass
: player match making for skill is bad. (Ranked)
That doesn't sound too bad, golds vs plats is manageable. Besides, if its a normal game, your rank does not matter for its matchmaking.
: Keyori quitted league?! Edit: You clearly have no idea that UberDanger have started to enjoy the game more now..
Give 1 reason why its better than soloQ (remember that the new champ select is not dynamic Q, dynamic Q is just having 3+ premades)
: Gold elo team looking for a team to scrim against.
Why would you scrim if you can just play dynamic Q as 5, its basically the same when you're not playing on pro-level.
: Summoner "TP" is greyed out sometimes during the game, can't use it
I have the same problem with fiora. Can confirm
: New Lucian Top Tank Damage Build. Try It.
Good, but not as good as my tank vayne
legentfiora (EUNE)
: this reminds me of uberdanger style edits
Uberdanger is disgusting, please don't mention that guy, he is not very accepted in the community
Rioter Comments
: Is Riot killing there game?/Smurfing!
The weird thing is that boosting is legal right now. I really disagree with that part
: riot u made it worse...
He got nerfed pretty badly, I don't think he is a threat anymore lol
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Wukongz (EUNE)
: His only major problem is lack of any sustain in the early game. If his clone could return HP and mana per target hit + increased on champion hit; or return % of the damage the clone takes as HP and mana that would be awesome. His first jungle clear is atrocious. The numbers don't have to be big. He just needs a little help.
Well the problem is, he would be OP in low elo with a buff. Thats why I kinda wanted a big rework
Grips (EUW)
: Wukong is by no means weak, he has his strengths and in the right hands he is an absolute monster. I really hope he doesn't get reworked as he's my main but a buff would be awesome, makes climbing even easier for me. With the new Triforce changes, it'll make top have more Irelia's and Jax's, Wukong can do pretty well against them if he knows how to play, he was only doing bad in the top lane recently due to the meta picks being hard to kill. His current W/R also shows that he isn't weak. Sitting at an average of 53%.
He is very good at punishing mistakes, but if someone knows your E range or your role in teamfights, you won't do much. In short: in higher elos he is too weak.
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: The wrath of A+s
How? Pretty much every game you win you have 3/4 S ranks in your team.
: warning
A week - a few months depending on how you behave
: Did Illaoi get nerfed into the ground or sth?
She used to be extremely underpowered, so I'm not sure what time you're referring to.
: How is this salt rofl? Just asking for new games. Quit licking riot's ass
'Since league died months ago' 'How is this salt rofl?'
: Any good new competitive game recommendations?
Hmm what is that taste? It tastes very familiar. Hm. Ah I got it! Its salt!
SoulBawz (EUW)
: such a good day to live
Thanks for sharing...
: [EUW] Yasuo Main Club!
You should try checking the yasuo mains subreddit.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: To all shako players
Solo572 (EUNE)
: Music is drug, music is life
Another clickbait music channel, great.
duckarp (EUNE)
: > What makes it different of me posting about a toxic player here, from Reddit, making a YouTube video or anywhere else for that matter? Because posting it here or somewhere else is simple naming and shaming. It can be abused and a cause of witch hunts. Do you fancy the idea of being a victim of such people? Please ban Yatagarasu, he was very toxic last game, insulted my mother and wished me to die of cancer. Here are screenshots. If you find him in game, give him hell people!!! And before you say anything, yes, even screenshots can be falsified very easily. If you report the person using the game client, it will go only to the automated system (and Riot employees) and it will decide what to do. It's not up to you, nor up to the community. Not even up to Boards moderators. The system needs to evaluate the severity, frequency, validity etc. That can't be done here.
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