: I have to disaggree on this, reworking is far from the same as deleting and making a new champ. In this case, urgot will still be the juggernaut he's always been, a tanky champ with dps. This was the same with the fiora rework (which I thought was the best 1 ever), she kept her powers as a strong duelist, and even got some fancy new types on ability's on her (like her w). Ofcourse, you're able to not like the rework, but it's called a rework for a reason, because the champ gets kindoff re-created. And that will (most of the time) be because the champ doesn't get played anymore/riot doesn't like the kit of the champion (like they did with kog'maw).
The problem with some of these reworks is that they lose things about the champion that are the reason players play them. Riot was ultra conservative with Olaf's rework because players find different parts about him integral to his design. But for players that love Urgot as he is now, there's something keeping them loving him. But I highly doubt people love Urgot because he's a spider tank cyborg that can shoot an AoE explosive. As far as I've seen with this rework, that's the only two things they retained about Urgot. He's now a rugged muscleman as opposed to a hideous abomination (much like Trundle's rework), his skill names aren't fun to say, he cannot spam homing missiles and his lore seems to have taken a full 180. Reworks are good for deleting problematic parts of a champion while retaining what makes them beloved (e.g. Fiora, Zyra, etc.). But in this case it feels like we're getting Darius with a gun, not Urgot 2: Electric Boogaloo.
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: >mad scientist's control panel Urgot isn't a scientist tho :c
The person who constructed him is, though that might have been retconned at some point or with this rework. Regardless, that's still the type of feeling Urgot should evoke, because that's why those of us that love him, do so now.
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: Am i the only one that does not really love BM Brawlers?
I haven't been on the forums in years and I just came on now to say how crappy the whole acts thing has been. I'm a support main, but my favourite champion of all the ones involved is Graves, so naturally I go for the Graves icon and have to stop enjoying League of Legends to do it. Don't let my carry get kills, steal all my carry's CS, can't just enjoy jungle instead 'cause monsters don't count, can't go mid, top or carry 'cause everyone else is on the same page as me. Now this, I'm stressed out about an upcoming resit exam and Riot are expecting me to be able read and memorise the absurdly long and complicated tooltips for all the new items, minions and krakens. I just wanted to come onto League of Legends and relax, enjoy a fun game mode, which was okay while it was still ARAM. But now I can't even earn Bilgewater act rewards without stressing out over this information wall. Were it just Krakens and minions? This game mode would probably be pretty cool. But with the tacked on overly complex items it's just not fun, people have lives to live and slamming a giant information wall on people trying to jump into a new way to play their favourite game just isn't enjoyable. So my opinion in brief, this game mode is the same as classic summoner's rift but with more powerful minions and a massive learning wall.

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