ßlade Ł9 (EUNE)
: It didnt let me to reconnect to the game
same ,,today all the time it reconnects me , like i have a problem with my internet . yet my internet works fine and i have contacted with the provider as well to confirm..) i dodged games because of this reconnect and lost promos as well as 10 lp and half an hour ban!.. euw and eune servers-clients are fking adandoned!
ßlade Ł9 (EUNE)
: It didnt let me to reconnect to the game
same, all the time today it disconnects me while in game ,like i have a problem with my internet, yet my internet works normal(contacted with the provider as well to confirm) the euw and eune servers-client as fking tragic!
Brawser3 (EUNE)
: Could someone help me with my high ping issues? (pictures inside)
same problem, i had 45ms in eune now i have 69, i had 54 in euw now i have 79.. for some reason since yesterday the ping is like that..
Mada (EUW)
: *trolls Whenever someone writes trollers, I immediately assume they're trolling. Also I see mostly useless adcs. They don't push for a levelup and if I do, they start chatting or pinging. There should be an opt in that allows you to show that someone is muted so they at least won't waste time chatting anymore.
i dont even play adc, wtf are u talk about lol, im talking about inting not someone playing bad cause he is bad player
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: What's the loads? %? Also what's your CPU? Midgame drops sounds like your CPU not keeping up
check my parts i have a link above, i thought cause i have a single ram might be the problem but i read it doesnt make sooo huge difference, its not really midgame, since early it has way lower fps than it should, lategame fights i have 60 and below
: Then check with msi afterburner and riva how your pc is running
wut? if u mean temperature gpu etc ive cheked it its all fine and normal
: Did you update all your drivers? Install and use MSI afterburner / Riva statistics server to see what's lacking
yep, i have the game ready nvidia,the latest one
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: Yes, it is off.
: Leave on purpose for remake?
dont worry riot only cares about toxic spam flamers.. As far as inters, on purpose afkers etc they dont give a fk
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Fidda (EUNE)
: Unfortunately laptop's aren't that great in terms of gaming (except it's something above 1000€), the problem is probably related to your GPU. Did you try using lower settings, disabling VSync, anti-aliasing, shadows, etc.
Fidda (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arzzo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=y3VaBjo9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-26T15:51:28.980+0000) > > What are you using for recording? I think he meant the built-in recording option.
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zZiBBiZz (EUW)
: 15 fps in replays and 7 fps when recording


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