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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: That answers half my question.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: **Your team:** - Pyke - 65% winrate. His rank is lagging behind his MMR, because he started in Iron due to being a fresh account. - Vayne - 99% chance of being boosted. Went from Gold 4 to Plat 4 after being hardstuck Gold 3-4 for the past 700 games. MMR still at a level of low Gold. - Vi - has absolutely garbage winrate, but MMR is still within the norm, because of higher rank last season. - Sivir - no clue what she's doing there with 41% winrate as a Gold 4. **Enemy team:** - Elise and Zoe - premade. Average rank falls within the norm. - GP - nothing spectacular, barely 50% winrate. Low MMR would fall within the norm. - Cait - recovering from Gold 4, so rank is most likely ahead of MMR. - Nautilus - 57% winrate in Gold 1 with such low number of games seems out of place. Probably to balance out Sivir... if they were on the same team. **My question:** How much LP did you lose for that game and what are your usual LP gains and losses?
I usually gain 25-28 lp and lose around 13-16
Adama (EUW)
: Is it ranked? The only weird thing I see is the platinum 2, but he is probably premade with the gold 4 who has a terrible mmr. Would explain their individual scores as well.
Yes it was ranked. just annoyed that everyone on their side was high gold or plat and everyone on my team was low gold or silver or a plat 4 that lost lane.
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Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: It is because (s)he does not unlock only champs with capsule :D I am level 155 and only around 70 champs left to unlock :D
Yeah I have loads of masteries
: ye Have fun building executioners when playing against Vlad in midlane with an ap champ xD.
IK! tbh I feel like oblivion orb should get grievous wounds cause ap champs are just screwed against Mundo and Vlad
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: Can Riot please just come forward and confirm this
Just main Vlad, in my promos to gold last season: 2 of the games I carried and one of them i had to solo carry with only the Zyra one trick support ult being the only person (apart from me) that didn't feed the enemy team, Vladimir can solo carry if you learn him just learn him support and boom climb thank me later {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Randomly disconnected in a game and can't join back
Upon checking my match history the game isn't there so I assume the game is ongoing so I am gonna get a leaver buster for something I can't control?
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: Unless there's a champ you *really* want, just buy all the 450,1350 champs then just buy mystery shards. Your roster will fill quickly, also when your roster is full you essentially get new 7800 champs for 5100 from just rerolling champ shards. Since rerolling always gives you a champ you don't have already.
i did that on my first account it worked nicely but damn was it a pain in the ass lol
: ew
what the emote I know I hate them also I don't know why I used it In the first place
: play orianna, that champ is an easy pog champ that riot keeps buffing for some reason
own her {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: :c
tbh I thought Darius but because I'm a bronze shitter he gets banned like every game
: that one
Instructions unclear %%%% stuck in toaster :/
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