: Loading screen suddenly turns black --> cant get into game
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Where are you from?
im from iran :-S
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RazerX (EUW)
: 7.22 client not working properly
having the same issue in collection page "pages load forever and even my saved rune pages wont show and have to start over after it takes like 10 minutes to load the page "
: So the Server just Collapsed?
: welp i'm waiting for 2 hours now so yeah this is bs went to help and support forum, looks like lots of ppl also had this last night, all we can do is wait, since riot doesnt even reply to the posts
its not even funny they should atleast respond . then wtf is the meaning of support if they dont even have the time to respond to our problems i asked few my friends and they all have the same problem as me . game crash mid game => cant connect to game any more ==> then they dare to even give u time penalty for it {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}}
HazeGL (EUW)
: Games crashing, problems reconnecting?
i have the same problem got crashed mid game and i cant join the game any more its beed more that 10 minutes now i get some wierd error abt my firewall when i try to join :(


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