: Ranked 5v5 team how to
5v5 rank team got removed.. Now u have to find 4random players to play in "dynamic team" at same elo. BRonze people with bronze people etc.
SharpBoy (EUW)
: Chat rooms for party reward?
party ip week 1 party ip week 2 etc... chat 1-10 are currently full
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BossB (EUW)
: Reenable Team Ranked 5v5
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: Its not live in EUW because of the tech issues we are having. Riot has confirmed that EUW will get their IP-weekend bonus when everything gets fixed. And that we will get the same amount of days that the rest of the other regions are getting.
Laermans (EUW)
: It's EUW. Nothing is live.
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Aniviated (EUW)
: YEEY BRONZE!!!!one111!!!!eleven!
welcome to elo hell :D.. you know why its call hell? cause u will be stuck forever in bronze endless "flame" toxic player.
: S5: Silver IV. Post-Season Silver V. Won 7-3 placement and get BRONZE IV???
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: Is DJ Sona worth buying?
really really worth it for me.. best skin in lol imo, plus grant u 3 summoner icons which allow ur profile to shine like a diamond "crazy beautiful profile".
: i got ban after i get flame and not even flame back
it doesnt take 1 game to get some1 banned.. it means out of 50games everyone reports you because of toxic behaviour Well deserved ban Conclusion: you need many many reports to get a ban. So it seems lol community really hates you.
: Since Shiv now gives 30% crit you can actually use a full crit rune page to hit 100% crit after only 1 item, this wasn't possible before. I tried it and it feels less limited because you can much easier build defensive or offensive depending on the situation. And I did a full jungle clear with the 20% crit rune page. xD (machete with lifesteal ftw)
but then IE would be useless? :( or less gold effiency
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: If you play easy bots, everyone is a bot, yes. So take the intermediate! No bots there
hell no ur sooo wrong. Those %%%gots have been upgraded to more %%%god. And started to botting in intermerdiate every game now... I see 2bots every queue.
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: Demoted to bronze :'( What should I do?
uninstall or play teemo adc
: Fastest Baron Solo in the World. Can you do it faster?
kogmaw with 500% attack speed devour/botk... is twice faster.
I will celebrate alone in christmas. I wish I could invite lonely people just like me over for christmas. I plan to eat many delicous food in 2016 and maybe becoming a chef
: KOG'MAW BUFF! wait? what the f...
As kog'maw main , I see this is a HUUUUGE nerf. I used to scale with W late game up to 5% each basic attack, combine with runan 15% aoe basic attack. For now I do only 6% aoe basic attack.. like wtf..... my dmg went down 3times less at late game.. because of 500% attack speed scale so hard with % . And yeah.... buff kog 2% early game is like 10more dmg basic attack... and then late/mid game minius -500 dmg each second.. Riot are becoming more and more retarded? Why do u nerf an already low win rate champion with 46% W/L
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: Seems like so... {{item:3124}}
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Hasudesu (EUW)
: Illaoi is not broken, just stupid as shit
basically the new Teemo-satan 666 sister.
r4zi3l (EUNE)
: Cannot connet to chat ! ( i cant see my friend list or write something)
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: Broken matchmaking, thanks Riot
since ur new .. u know nothing. U get placed with people who has same mmr. doesnt matter if ur gold silver plat.
Azters (EUNE)
: Tips when your opponent freezes lane, and you're low health
just ask ur jungler to come and depush the wave.. easy pie.. "teamplay and communication" allows you to win more.
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Pentium2 (EUNE)
: Need some advice from adc mains
Draven is the hardest adc to master imo.. if u can play him. Then u have no problem to master other adcs -c
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SkyAim (EUW)
: Can we bring singed back into the meta?......
gnar, botk, kalista, kog, liandry much more.
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: So if African server ever gets made...
u gotta see on riot perspective. If large community = money > skins, african nope wont happend gg. because no money. Thats Riot on the nut shell for u
Yeldo (EUW)
: Kinda dissapointed with diamond level?
remember theere is really many elo booster out there.
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: My account get chat restrit and 35 draft for Nothing I didn't flame
same happend to me.. I had 4-5 bad games in a row.. and premade team decide to fake report me for intentional feed etc. And got 35games restrict. Even though I never flamed once. This show how sad this community is and riot tribunal system is unjustice. Kid can just fake report you whatsoever.
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