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: If you don't like having elo gaps, you should not play ranked flex or normal games, as thanks to premades it's normal that players of massively different elos will end up in the same game.
Still as i answered above the biggest gap in my party of flex is silver 2, how does that take me to plat and high gold?
: I’m pretty sure it’s virtualy impossible for a low silver to be matched with a high plat. Link your match history to support what you Say. Like literally if you’re hardstuck low silver, you can only play with bronze or bad mmr low gold, literally. If you play soloQ of course, otherwise it’s meaningless
I mainly play in ranked flex but this shouldn't be an issue cause the highest guy i queue with is silver 2 and the lowest is bronze 1
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: Silver player looking for ranked team
i sent you a request ,silver 4 , i can fill in any role, have skype
: Silver player looking for ranked team
i am also looking for a team. i can fill but my main is noc jgl
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