: Ryze disabled
: New Skin petition
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: can u help me with that i dont know how to contact a support or riot or i dont know, imagine if u lost spirit guard udyr that was a gift for my birthday imagine that
I doubt that your skins completely desapear, First things first, can you use them in-game?
: 10th anniversary. 1 free skin?
I would pay so mutch for the riot graves, but i cant. They already gave riot kayle for everyone some years ago. I think its possibel
: my league skins got disappeared
Sometimes, some skins desapear from the colection section in the client. Normaly they always work inside the game. If not, contact riot, because thats a big problem. Just another client bug as always my friend, dont worry about that, probably they will fix it 1 year from now
: Perma ban
I once was honor 0. Yesterday i got honor 2. Yes, it is possibel to climb without having to wait another sesson
: Perma banned for what ????
You know, i never got banned in my life, but you really didnt deserve it. whatever... riot being riot.
: League of legends since TFT
Well, 2 hours and 30 minutes to login, i just cant play the game xD Thats even worst that just bugs
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: Ryze E - Malzahar Passive
His E now, dont even proc mana flow, his rework was a complete faillure
: Meanwhile
1h and 9 min for me, this is going great
: WTF EUW is broken
Well, the 20000 people that i need to "wait" resets every 4 min so its an unlimited loading sreen to join the game. I literaly cant play the game. Gj riot (edit)- 1h and 5 min to login btw
: Kayn
Dude kayn is broken on his 2 forms. The tank red build make him imortal, the assassins letality build can one shot an adc with 2 abilities and runs a whole map in 7 seconds. I dont agree with that at all, i ban him almost every game and its working for me
: Most balanced champion
Right now, i think champions like Gangplank, reksai, shen, leona, garen, braum, warwick are the most balanced champs. On the other side you have things like Sona, Rammus, Amumu, sivir, morde, kled, urgot that has an ability that change a whole game, (not talking about win rates). Obviously this is only a opinion, let me see what is yours too ^^
: Human patience has a limit
You just cant say anything, the litle kids get offended and get you banned or suspended. It just how the game works, i hate it too man. As i imagine, that vi deserved worst
yrknaqren (EUW)
: "Meet the Council" not completed with Aurelion Sol
This is bugged, i already played 6 ryze games, and versus alot of the other champions, and doesnt do anything. what a great game
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