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: What champion(s) do you miss the most?
AP Master Yi, it was so much fun :D
: tips to hit morgana Q ?
One of the key things to skillshots it is to holding on to them for some time. Try running at the enemy to make them start to dodge before you even fire it, so keep running until they are in a position where you closed the gap and they can't dodge anymore. Try to push them against a wall so that they can only run one way, and fire slightly away from the wall so that they can't dodge regardless of where they run to.
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: are people still fascinated by this? We know nothing other than a bot of artwork about this champion. I mean seriously...why exactly are people excited about this? Its like being all excitement and saving up money for a car, about which you know absolutely nothing...not who manufactures it, not what its interior looks like, not how fast it can go, not even how many doors it just know its blue.
Dude, sell the car to me PLEASE! I NEED IT!!
: Fizz should still be hit by damage coming his way if they were targetted on him previous to E'ing
I disagree. If you want make untargetable champions take projectile damage, you have to make all of them. That includes Vlad, Fizz and Elise (and I probably forgot some). The last thing LoL needs is more weird mechanics that seem like they work like the others, except they don't.
: Champions that snowball with just one kill?
It's not just 150g. One kill gives 300, plus experience and usually denies 1-2 waves from the enemy. If you get a kill pre 6, you get your ultimate first and can easily get the 2nd one easily. After that you're 2 levels ahead and can do whatever you want : )
prof1cy (EUW)
: he got nerfed again on PBE. That being said, he also had like a 47% winrate before buff.
It's funny that RIOT is trying to make every champ in the game have 52% W/R {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Please bring back the pop up!
The popup is annoying af, if you were trying to finish something that takes like 10 s, but now it will take 15 because LOL IS GETTING IN THE WAY xD I suggest a small message notification at the corner of the screen, accompanied by a sound.
: Because aparently it's easier. Honestly, I'd rather just man up and try to win my lane without help. If I get dependant on the jungler, that's a bad sign. And if I fuck up, I won't blame the jungler who ganked bot sucessfully twice. Heck, sometimes I'd rather having junglers helping other lanes than helping mine, to prove my independence.
Not just that, but I also prefer having the enemy jungler ganking my lane and giving me that precious double kill xD
Febos (EUW)
: This isn't a valid point, sorry. You have plenty of time before pressing the big PLAY button. You can change your masteries BEFORE you get into a game. It just comes down to laziness. I would understand if it was the after the reset, because people forget those things, but we are in patch 6.3; that doesn't make sense anymore. Also, Blind Pick gives you plenty of time to pick masteries. You have 70 seconds, if I recall correctly, to pick a champion, spells, runes and masteries. Are you telling me that 70 seconds isn't enough? Do you waste 60 seconds picking a champion?
The masteries vary from champion to champion, and from game to game, so making them beforehand doesn't work very well. Also you're assuming the best case scenario. In many games you may not know what you want to play, or that option may depend on what your team or the other team picks first.
: And how do you know that people are playing without masteries at all?
As has been said, usually no keystone means no masteries. Also my friends do tell me when they make such a mistake :D
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: Lol no. A permaban says exactly what the majority of players thinks: "Fck off if you are toxic, we don't need you and we don't want you."
I don't know if you realize it, but you just put yourself in the same category as all the flamers in this game. If you think you have reasons to flame them, they might also think they have reasons to flame you. If there's anything I would like to say to every flamer in this game is that I AM SORRY that society failed them in so many ways and I AM SORRY that I don't know a way to teach them to be in peace with themselves.
Dkbala (EUW)
: Not all heroes wear capes.
GJ mate. Yesterday 3 guys on my team reported me and the 5th guy because the 2 of us were trying to win and wouldn't surrender. Have fun ^ ^
: Shame of you, dont you ever, EVER leave during champ select ...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
That champ looks more like Vi than Jinx imo.
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If you're good enough to be on S2, you'll get there in no time. Don't worry : )
: Mind explaining how? Because I'm not seeing it.
It's easier to compare apples and oranges if they have the same size, as opposed to one being a lot bigger than the other.
: Jhin discussion - UP, OP or balanced
UP for the guys playing the champ, OP for the ones playing against it, and balanced for Riot. EDIT: Downvoting a good joke. This community amuses me ^ ^
: The difference between AP and AD is for a reason. Outside of certain champs, AP does not make your basic attacks stronger, whilst AD does. And honestly, the change you're suggesting does literally nothing. Doesn't make the game simpler, and doesn't effect anyone at all.
I suggested changing AP because it's easier. And yes, it does make the game simpler, because the differences between AD and AP would be more obvious.
: How much better will LoL run with i7 and 4gb GPU over i5 and 2gb GPU?
It won't make ANY difference in LoL. It might for other games : )
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prof1cy (EUW)
: 2 of them died, I guess that's an important metric ...
I didn't have the items to burst anyone down nor the follow up from my team :S
: I didn't know people actually cared about the grading system.
I usually don't, but this score seems just a bit out of place xD
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion have you felt connected to the most since you started playing? :)
{{champion:30}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:157}} Because why not :D
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Uh...yeah had 1 farm he had 2, so i went afk. Fuck this!
What if he has 1 and I have 0? The guy who gets the first cs wins the lane! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: The problems I see with this: 1. Some laners with even ONE kill ahead of you can harass you under turret with either minimal damage taken, or sustain to get it back (Riven, Renekton and Yorrik spring to mind here). They can do this repeatedly until you are low enough for a dive, making the "just farm" option still mean nothing if your jungler does not gank. 2. I wouldn't flat out say a jungler should NEVER gank a lost lane (I'm a jungle main), but I would agree there are SOME laners to avoid when 2 or more kills ahead (Illaoi, Fiora, Renekton, Riven, Annie for example all have great 2v1 kits post-6). If the laner is someone who lacks a dash and is more single-target focussed, it can still be worth it to deal with them. If your laner has no utility at all like say Katarina, then I would leave them to their fate since they can't help during my gank. 3. Building defensively. This is something I see so much of in my games and I agree it needs to be hammered into some Darius players going 0/4/0, but how worth it is Deadman's Plate or Randuins on Vlad? Or Yasuo? If neither of those two bought damage items as the first item ONLY (go defensive from there) then when fights come around, what are they actually contributing to the team? I'd like some answers on these scenarios, as there have been games lately where I'm forced top against a Riven (for example), killed her once, and then died to some b/s she pulled and from then on can't go near farm without losing half of my HP at best or die at worst even under turret (I think in that game I was Sion?)
Volibear doesn't even need to get you low if he gets ahead.He just towerdives and comes out alive with his passive xD
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Which champion has highest skill cap? [POLL (with only 10 choices tho)]
Nidalee requires the fastest fingers. Orianna is easy to play if you have someone to set your combo up for you. Anivia's Q is harder to dodge than it seems ;)
: A more meaningful and interactive nerf to Tahm Kench
Is it just me that doesn't care about him devouring allies? The real problem is that he deals WAY too much damage than he should.
: Lack of Vegan characters
{{champion:223}} can eat {{champion:143}} Isn't that vegan enough for you?
: Ignite is overrated
When ignite's damage is what you just barely need to kill your opponent with assassins, it's great.
: Everything you need to know in 1 minute: Poppy Rework [VID]
I'ts ONE second longer than it should! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Narimasa (EUW)
: I've gotten THREE accounts permanently suspended. How can i improve myself?
Curse people with dessert names! "Go Lollipop yourself" and "Are you Apple Pie" are my favourites :D
: I feel like this too. I think Riot should at put down the cooldown of the trinkets or at least ADD STEALTH WARDS again! I just always go to shop and think: seriously, I need a ward, but I can't buy them any more. It's just horrible since the only thing I can do is placing pinks and my trinket. Even if I am jungler, I am forced to build sightstone much earlier as I did at the beginning of the season just because I can't buy stealth wards any more :(.
I always get trackers for junglers :D
Domblade (EUW)
: Riots new Punishment System and the Victims.
This POLL is a lie. No one plays support xD
: LOL What is that Riven win rate?!
It's still higher than it should :P
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Which one of the is edible?
If you want to master the game to the point of being able to calculate optimal builds and stuff like that, you need math.
: Dear Junglers! Lets understand each others pings better!
> [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=k3Yx6jUy,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-02T05:43:02.419+0000) > * Normal pings on the lane when you come ganking an enemy Teemo > > "These are the shroom locations that I am aware of" RITO, just me a way to ping shrooms already!
Damaskus (EUW)
: Playing excessive VS Bots hinders your learning process ?
Me and many other players can beat intermidiate bots in a 1v5 game, so yeah, they're not that good :D
Shozis (EUNE)
: A Little Tip For Flamers
The problem is that whomever does it does not realize it. That's why it's so hard to stop.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Not that easy when your spells cost over 40-50 mana per spell..
: Sound very legit. I believe everyone on the internet. Actually I am Adele and i play league of legends on this silver V account. Kappa.
: Well, The Graves will learn his lesson eventually, we all do at some point in time :)
Yeah, banning Zed every game :P
: Help me, how do I Nidalee??
Nidalee requires incredibly fast fingers to be played effectively. You have to be able to avoid the damage in the first jungle clears, and snowball very early on. Spear accuracy is very important. After the snowball starts, pressure the enemy jungler and cover the lanes that are playing more aggressivly.
: So, I just opened a few mystery chests.
Gets 2 {{champion:17}} skins, says that he's lucky... Omg rito just ban this guy :P {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Please read why i get PERMANTLY BANNED... ridiculous!
You REALLY need to learn to stfu. You don't need to say you're going to mute / report other people. You don't need to yell at them the whole game... > this team is not me
: Since Tahm Kench is a water type pokemon you counter him with electric type.
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