: %%%%%%ed teammates = new trend
Playing since season 1. It's always been like that. This game is about team. You have 10% power over the course of the game. Sometimes, like me tonight, you'll be paired with people who don't want to win. Nothing we can do. The overall increase of feeders throughout the game history is due to an evolution of game design. The game has come to be assassin-centered. Because it's "spectacular" to watch, you need to push them (check their time of creation, assassin are way more frequent in the last 4/5 years than at the beginning). Because you need spectacular matches, champions became more and more forgiving (like you can play like crap and still survive / kill, especially if you play an assassin). Thus, you can now feel like you're good, since you killed your assassins. You even won the game. Congrats. However, winning doesn't **mean** you're good. You only **feel like** you're good. But that's enough to get Kevin to pay for the latest Yasuo / Katarina / Zed skin. And so, since you can't cope with the reality sometimes kicking in, you flame others (because you're bad and fail or because others, who don't play pushed champions like you, don't perform as well as you). The team is the main point of the game, but it's also its worst aspect. You can't control who you're paired with. And if you're unlucky, like me, you're gonna have a bad time.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Players who dont let you take another role when you autofill got no right to complain when you die
Ratatouka (EUW)
: playing vs smurfs is fun
People mistake "having fun" with "winning". So since they can only have fun when they win, they prey upon less skilled players. Because they're children. Put a 5€/month fee to play the game and you'll see way less toxic players like that (but the game wouldn't make as much money so they rather sacrifice gameplay quality over assassin skins money).
: You are too salty to accept the fact that assassin mains are more skilled than you and you lose to them because you are had at the game
I played Kayn for the first time, killed everyone and carried the game at high plat elo. I'm bad with assassins and I destroy players who are better overall players than me. Sorry you've been caught by Riot's design making you feel like you're good while you're just playing low-risk / low-skill high-reward champs.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: you're the stubborn one here. Also, the game is in following Tanks Juggernauts Meatshields Fighters Divers Assasins Control mages Battlemages Deceivers Enchanters Disengagers Peelers Wardens Guardians Marksmen Spellcast-DPS Ranged-Hypercarries Melee-Hypercarries. Burst Mages Punishers Artillery mages So, MUCH more than just assasin. Now, Tanks, Wardens and Guardians (Since wardens and guardians are different types of tanks), are all about cc and distruption. Almost all of them empower the allies or debuff the enemies one way or another besides hard cc. Assasins pain is a disengage support. An AOE KNOCKUP CC-enchantment heavy support makes assasins job difficult. Those supports get outclassed by burst mages. However, some peelers(lulu) are also punishers, making the mages job equally difficult, if they get close enough. It's why artillery mages and battlemages are far more successful than control mages. Another pain in the ass for assasin is control mage, someone like lissandra or malzahar is stupidly good against them, since they can control the entire lane and keep them down entire game. The QSS came out because of malzahar being otherwise too good at everything. They still had to rework him after that. Let's address another point: Assasin can take out 2 of the 3, and kill tanks easily? 1) No, they can't kill tanks easily In order for assasin to kill a tank, the tank has to build ONLY HP OR ONLY DEFENCES. If you combine defences and health, the tanks are pretty darn hard to take down. And some of them(hi malphite, rammus), can do that job with 1 or 2 defensive items, thanks to their kit giving them more resistances in one form or another. 2) Yes, assasins are meant to kill squishy targets. It's why you have enchanters, peelers, control mages, battlemages, wardens and guardians all capable of peeling them off relatively easly, despite their mobility. 3) Assasins can actually kill any mage that is not battlemage or control mage, and any marksmen/markswoman as well. ITS THEIR FREAKING JOB. Now, let's get to fighters and juggernaughts. Juggernaughts are basically raid bosses. You want to avoid one certain skill of theirs, or you are gonna get rekt. They are usually kiteable as fck once they used all their abilities. --- Fighters and Divers, on the other hand, are problematic. They can go full damage and deal with tanks and squishies alike. That's what they are designed to do. However, they don't survive hard focus when squishies are down. Divers, they have only one job. They dive in, kill you, and die or get out while tanking shitton of damage. Diana is a diver. She can be built like assasin or like fighter. Irelia is a diver. she can be built like assasin or like fighter. Qiyana is a diver. she can be built like assasin or like fighter. (And her fighter build is more consistant). Nocturne is a diver. Vi is a diver. --- Now back to assasins. All they got is base damages OR scalings. They either GET AHEAD AND SNOWBALL, in which case, pretty much any class apart from a tank can do that. And even tanks have that possibility. OR THEY FALL BEHIND and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. The reason is, as assasin, your job is to kill a squishy target, then take out anyone else. A fighter will easly defeat you, so you want your team to deal with them. A tank will take a crapton of time before you take it down(3-10 seconds IS A LOT). Those in the 3-4s or under range either build poor or are behind/focused by multiple tank-busting sources.(Remember fighters). Those in the 5+ range are people who actually main tanks. They usually don't die in fights at all. If an assasin can kill tank easly(less than 2 seconds), then that's on the player, not on the champion/balance.
Cool, you learned the theory, and micro-archetypes. GJ, this is how a balanced game is supposed to be built. However, check the reality one second and you'll see that with several dashes / gap closers / mobility spells (not even including flashes) and the fact that damage > tankiness, assassins have, by nature, an upper hand. You can't realize this simple fact ? Go play the game a bit. I played Kayn just today, and I crushed everyone because I could keep going in again and again, while one spell landed dealt way more damage than what anyone else could do. And despite being terrible with assassins, I carried the game hard. Same for Darius recently. So please, stop pretending the game is fine and balanced, stop copy-pasting Riot's disinformation and use a bit of critical thinking.
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Assassins are broken and are a design failure.
So 2 stubborn assassin players who are too proud of their champ (that make them feel like they're good) so they can't admit they're wrong, still waiting for people to prove me otherwise.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} You assume so much, yet you read so little. The fact that you addressed none of my points tells a lot. Here are a few more things to consider: This game is built on the Rock-paper-scissors mechanism.
Tell me what I didn't adress. Go ahead. You only list items, while I explained you how this is irrelevant in the face of what the game is about. And even about that, you're wrong : in the rock (tank)- paper (mage) - scissors (adc) game, assassins are the well. The one that beats 2 out of 3 others (and can still kill tanks easily because they don't build damage and only rely on their natural damage, that gets outscaled from lvl 10+). You think you're smarter than everyone, while in fact you're just too stubborn to grasp a single drop of my answer.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Insulting is all you can come out of? First. Straight out resistance will always get nulligied. But a HP+resistance or hell, even a time delayer(which is exactly what those 3 items are, and they are pretty cheap and effective, i mean even ap assasins build zhonya) will go a long way in helping to deal with assasins. If you are a dps damage dealer, it's more important to stay alive longer than to burst the enemy down. If you're burst damage dealer, nowadays, you can only burst down adc's. since assasin itemization can be quite tanky ({{item:3071}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3147}} , you have no other option but to optimize for a bit more defence yourself. If you don't, that IS on you. I thought you had enough inteliggence to think twice why I facepalmed there. Apparently you don't. The only adc's I can think of that always has a problem with assasins are jhin and vayne, since they have only one build path. Every other adc has atleast 1 or 2 defensive itemization option. And phantom dancer, which btw gives shield, is viable option on both of them. For melee carries, you also have steraks. For bruisers, you have the option to build 1 damage item and 1-2 defensive damage items(maw being quite decent against ap, Steraks working well against ad, add a ga and your 2 defensive items, and you become a pain in the neck due to your high scalings and cheaper build path). For divers, especially people like noc or pantheon, you can MATCH the build or you can BUILD AS BRUISER, which are both very effective. As a support, even as enchanter, you can build very defensively and still be a nuissance. If you fail to utilize all the items effectively, don't call RIOT, Me or anyone else out on "not having any clue," when you don't even know the basic game mechanics. /End rant.
And stickers are all you could do ? Please. Who said anything about not buying HP ? I didn't ask you for any "advice", I may not be good in a lot of things in the game, but strategy, analysis and game design are my turf. You don't even get my point about itemization and game theory. That's why your facepalm only shows why you don't have a clue. If you fail to read posts effectively, don't answer and suck it up.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: how incapable of comprehending a simple concept are you? there are smurfs in %%%%ing grandmaster we all have to deal with this shit we all have to deal with people going afk we all have to deal with people inting we all have to deal with people trolling do you not understand that it's a human behavior thing and not %%%%ing riot throwing dice whether your game is lost or won?
> [{quoted}](name=Pxerkza,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vv01sljU,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2019-07-13T22:06:23.504+0000) > > do you not understand that it's a human behavior thing and not %%%%ing riot throwing dice whether your game is lost or won? Yes, but it feels this way. I learnt to stop caring about losing or winning my top lane because whatever you do, you have less impact than the worst player in the game. It has become more and more about "which team gets the noob" and less and less about "which team gets the best player". So, in a way, it's indeed Riot throwing dice to decide the outcome of the game.
: No he actually means it. He made a whole post like that in the NA forums and actually defended himself there.
In this case, don't even mind him. He obviously is stuck in his head and couldn't recognize whatever truth and fact he is demonstrated.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yeah that's how you prove you don't have a clue about things. Post stickers :)
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: if you fail to build any of those 3, hell any protective item at all, it's ON YOU
Here, for you since you're not very bright : > Building defensive items is close to useless (even if it's the best you can do) because you have to invest gold into non-damage items, while thye can go on full-damage items. Hence, they're stronger. Even more, defense is designed to have diminishing returns, while offense doesn't and stacks forever (and even more with champs like Zed who have a % passive).
: Just revert Aatrox at this point
> [{quoted}](name=Pastor Yorick,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=szTf0c8e,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-10T07:20:11.001+0000) > > They loved that thrill of going right into the middle of teamfight,casting ult and healing more damage than the enemy dealt,and gloriously watching your teammates mow the enemy because they used all they got on you while you revive. And tell me, how is this even good from a gameplay point of view ? How sane is it to not have the choice as your opponent ? To the classic "I don't play to please you, let me play what I want" I'll answer : If you're not here to play WITH your opponent and not interact in a meaningful way with them, you should quit and go play a PVE game.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Aatrox without a revive isn't Aatrox
Damn designers giving space to outplay their dumb champions who were previously designed to reduce interaction so you could believe you were a good player. Sorry, you were just (unbeknownst to you) abusing a marketing-driven bad design (make you buy the champ and some skins because you win and it's fun, without realizing it was not "you" winning).
: 100000+ games arent mostly my friend. Also onetricks cant carry a whole winrate up to that. If she wasnt broken she wouldnt have such a wr
(you must get that he's a troll, right ? ^^)
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{item:3026}} {{item:3157}} {{item:2419}}
: Assuming your talking about assassins in midgame. Assassins are great midgame because they are designed to be great in midgame. Don't forget that assassins are useless midgame unless they are AP. Mages build zhonyas and adcs build Ga and phantom dancer. The only AD exception is Zed. Zed is only as good as the player piloting him.
I completely disagree with Zed. I played him twice (and he hasn't changed since) and went 10/0 then 8/2, something like that. That convinced me to never touch this champ again. Except for lvl 1-3, assassins are designed to be extra strong at any point in the game. Except for some of them that happen to be weak, according to the patch (eg. Akali recently). But it's a matter of numbers, not inherent strenght. Assassins are great in lane because they're the predators : it doesn't matter if you dodge or outplay them 1000 times, they only need to achieve what they're trying to do once and each subsequent time becomes easier because of the snowball. They're great late game because they can go in, delete a champ (or use their GA) and go out thanks to their built-in mobility, and start again 5 or 6 seconds later because they have low CD and don't require their ult to kill a squishy target at this point of the game. Building defensive items is close to useless (even if it's the best you can do) because you have to invest gold into non-damage items, while thye can go on full-damage items. Hence, they're stronger. Even more, defense is designed to have diminishing returns, while offense doesn't and stacks forever (and even more with champs like Zed who have a % passive).
Rioter Comments
: Frustration.
Do as I did : I realized that League has 2 main issues. 1) I mostly lose due to my teammates and the game is design in a way that doesn't reward being good, but punishes being bad. Therefore, most games' outcome is determined not by the better team, but by "in what team is the worst player in ?". Basically, "hell is other people". 2) It's a game in which kids are allowed to play and behave without respect because they're hidden behind their computer. So what did I do ? I took some time off of League and went back to a really skill-intensive IRL game. A game in which you don't have teammates who int and make you lose. Where people are respectful because they're decent human beings (or they're too affraid to behave poorly because they'd get punched in the face). I chose to go back to Magic the Gathering and I found the competitive and skill-based environment that I was looking for. Plus, it's not a free game (you have to purchase the cards) so most kids can't afford it and we're better off without them.
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: Darius
Definition of "well-designed champion".
: We usually also delete naming & shaming when people try to circumvent the system by not actually saying the name but saying stuff like "That ADC from my game yesterday at 20:00". And it's not about privacy. It's about what IMainLilSatan said: Nothing good comes from it and plenty of bad things are possible. There is no benefit at all and a lot of potential (even if unlikely) harm.
But don't they deserve bad things for their bad behaviour ?
: a thought about toxicity
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RktYELzM,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-29T08:58:18.385+0000) > > > "If you all have problems with toxicity, why dont you try to eliminate the cause of it, the feeders/trolls?" > > first off, that is not the cause, that is your excuse for being toxic Why not ban both ? Aren't they both bad for the playing environment ?
blindfoIded (EUNE)
: i think that the reporting system is missing something...
Yes, it's missing being actually efficient. Still 2 to 3 inters every game.
Tim Tim Z (EUNE)
: Make The Bans Less, Well You Know, HARSH / perma CHAT bans? upvote please
I couldn't disagree more. Make the bans even more harsher. You trashtalkers, flamers and feeders don't deserve to play.
: I quit reporting people
Yes, a 2/18 top laner who only apologizes is not bad for the game, at all. They're saying they're sorry, how can you blame them ?
: why?
Because being sarcastic and mocking you is the only way for those people to answer. They have no good idea to argue with you, so they try to lower you and make fun of you.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Again, it's not the fun that drives those people. It's the competitiveness. How often do I have to repeat that?
: Its not right to receive a permentant ban after 14days suspension
You're right, it isn't right. You should get straight permanent ban for bad behaviour imo...
: You can make this game enjoyable again.
Nah, you have 2 different reasons to play the 2 different queues : Normal is purely about fun, but it's not an excuse to troll or not try to win. Ranked is about getting better and improving. However, players of lower levels can prevent you from climbing (and thus getting better by facing better players).
: > [{quoted}](name=SmB Koji,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UEkbZyVG,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2018-03-31T22:54:37.912+0000) > > You just made a fool of yourself by talking nonsense and using an irrelevant sticker. Congrats. If you can't read some basic english, i'm afraid you should maybe come back to school and study harder. The ability to read is a very important one to live as a social being and not like a caveman. Think about it.
As stated above : Well I don't know, in english "everyone" and "a single player" don't have the same meaning. But that must be too hard to get, I guess :/
: what he said makes perfect sense, you did contradict yourself. you say that individual skill doesnt matter and in the same sentence you say that once one guy feeds his opponent its done. hows that hard to grasp?
Well I don't know, in english "everyone" and "a single player" don't have the same meaning. But that must be too hard to get, I guess :/
Rumkatten (EUW)
: It doesnt matter. I am a good support. I have enemys telling me frequently that I am a good support and that they feel bad for me having a bad adc. I have won several lanes 1v2 - I once held a freeze as Lulu for 15 mins because the adc was dc' and the jungler told me that if I could just hang on he could carry us 4v5 (and he did). Im no pro, I dont think particulalrly highly of my own game, and I can tell you a million ways I could improve my game IF I just got a chance to play some matches where people played League of legends and not Hallo Kitty Online. Instead I am stuck in bronze where theres always someone feeding or afk'ing or "first time yasou". I just lost a game with a Twitch that refused flat out to farm. I was 1 game away from silver promos and now I am almost down to b3. How am I supposed to ever rank? It not doable. Its all a huge joke and people telling you that its all your own fault for being garbage.
Main support here. Had to switch roles. Went to top / jungle, got plat. Now these roles are irrelevant again (except in premades or if you decide to camp) so I'm thinking about switching back to support. But I know your pain.
: If one "monkey" in the team is sufficient to lose, then everyone's skill matters, even the one of a single player. In other words, you just contradicted yourself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
You just made a fool of yourself by talking nonsense and using an irrelevant sticker. Congrats.
Felinar (EUW)
: Is the possitive attitude worth keeping?
Not being a jerk to other people is always worth. It might not seem related, but I'm a Magic The Gathering enthusiast (among other games) and recently, there was a debate about end game : [https://www.channelfireball.com/articles/you-are-worth-more-than-a-win-or-loss-in-a-game-of-magic/](https://www.channelfireball.com/articles/you-are-worth-more-than-a-win-or-loss-in-a-game-of-magic/) It works in LoL too : we are worth more, as a community, than a game of LoL. You do not have to always honor someone : if they didn't deserve it, don't do it ! But you will never be wrong by keeping a positive attitude. Let's just get rid of trolls and feeders, one by one. But do not stop being nice (in LoL or IRL) : it's just not worth it.
Rena (EUW)
: Can't tell if you are serious or not. Everyone makes mistakes and below diamond 1 person can't single handedly lose a game unless they are intentionally trying to lose. So if those players really care so much about winning they should get better and improving at this game instead of blaming other people that are trying to have fun. It's the same in ranked games. If you blame your teammates and think you are in your elo because of your teammates, you are just wasting your time (and you are delusional). I think this statment "players can solo lose a game" is just overused especially below diamond. To me **that's just an excuse** for not getting better at this game. But yeah again these are ranked games and this post is supposed to be around normal games. So i don't see the bad thing of underpreforming. Noone loses anything and if they can't stand people playing bad they should get better and carry themselves to higher elo. I never said i don't try my best in a game, but obviously i don't pick my main champions that got me to diamond in ranked. Most people get to Diamond with a few champions and a role and on most other champions/role they are around plat level (some even lower). So if you really expect me to preform at my best i would have to pick my main champions which i think is just not a must ... I don't wanna seem rude or anything i like exchanging opinions, but i just can't really agree with what you say. Sorry.
> [{quoted}](name=Rena,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fl0qbV2G,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2018-03-29T08:29:51.011+0000) > I don't wanna seem rude or anything i like exchanging opinions, but i just can't really agree with what you say. Sorry. You're not rude, it's totally fine. I don't need you to agree with what I said : you're talking about what you thought was true "to me that's just an excuse". Facts do not need people to agree to be true. I have evidence of that in almost every single game I play, and in this game (at my low dia or more recently plat mmr) the games are way more often lost than won. By this, I mean it's more one player deciding to troll / doing one huge mistake that makes their team lose than a player taking a good decision (micro / macro, whatever) and carrying their team to victory. That's just how it is.
Rena (EUW)
: That's why I say "it's just a normal game".
> [{quoted}](name=Rena,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fl0qbV2G,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-27T10:43:12.210+0000) > > Recently I have seen alot of posts saying that people who say "it's just a normal game" should get banned and that it is a bad attitude. So I thought I make a post showing the other perspective and why some players including myself say that it's just a normal game. Here are a few examples: > > **Playing Bad/First timing Champion):** This is probably the one that annoys me the most. I played with a friend who is new to the game and is silver elo. He played top jax and died alot to the enemy swain and basically fed. Then my team flames him hard and saying stuff like "don't play jax again". Now tell me what is so wrong with responding: "It's just a normal game"? I think in normal games the main focus should be to have fun and not to be scared to underpreform and getting flamed. This actually happens alot to me too. Im Diamond (well i was) so people always expect me to do well in Normal games and when i don't do well people say stuff like "ebay acc" so of course my respond is then "It's just a normal game". Now some people then say you should play Bot games first if you first time a champion but let's be honest you actually learn nothing from bot games other then some Champion mechanics. > Whatever the intent (good or bad), this led to people losing single-handedly because of your friend. Their game experience and their playtime got ruined by one single person. You're diamond ? Play accordingly. Your presence in the game influenced the general MMR of the game and most likely got a diamond in the enemy team. If he plays correctly, why can't you ? You're just ruining the equilibrium by not performing accordingly to your level.
YukieChan (EUW)
: Toxic community. It´s about time for some big - real change.
I want people who deserve it to be banned, and a Yasuo / Riven rework (including skill if able) because they're design failures. But I want a diamond pony too, and this one seems more possible.
Lleajy (EUW)
: I think a bad mid is even more crippling than a bad adc. A bad adc can be somehow helped by the supp. Something like a mid that don't call ss, don't do damage, don't push their lane nor move from their lane / follow their enemy. Perma 4v5 isn't funny.
This is still a design mistake.
: > [{quoted}](name=SmB Koji,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EN3kz47J,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-03-18T18:20:37.259+0000) > > I stopped reading here, at the point you proved that you had no clue about the game ^^ I gank from where you least expect, take your turret, kill you mid-way to your lane, take drake at 3-5 min, herald, counterjungle and I make you feel like there is nothing you can do. Jungle has the biggest impact early-mid game, even late game the jungler is needed to secure baron or steal it, without the jungler the team will parish.
> [{quoted}](name=My Legit Banana,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EN3kz47J,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-03-18T18:45:03.131+0000) > > I gank from where you least expect, take your turret, You must be some kind of genius. >kill you mid-way to your lane Most junglers actually die 1v1 against laners. And gank on the way to the lane ? gl going into a 1v2. >take drake at 3-5 min, herald, counterjungle and I make you feel like there is nothing you can do. Or, you make me feel like you did nothing. This isn't impactful enough. > Jungle has the biggest impact early-mid game, even late game the jungler is needed to secure baron or steal it, without the jungler the team will parish. Then you're a walking 1K true dmg to monsters. Useful.
: Why are stomps so frequent?
It's simply because the game is not performance-driven anymore (you win becauseyou're better than your opponent). It is now about who gets the worst player and is going to lose because they can be abused and snowballed over. This is emphasized if that player is the adc.
: Can also be abused like hell.
That's the perfect answer to make sure you never take any step further. Who cares about improving the game experience quality ?
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: If you know how to devide trolls and noobs, tell and show how it is done. Help Riot to make things better.
Glad you proposed : bring the tribunal back.
: League is not as fun as it had been.
> [{quoted}](name=My Legit Banana,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EN3kz47J,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-18T14:02:08.886+0000) > Jungle is the only role that has a big impact on the game and most of the times is fun. > Bot lane is just boring. I stopped reading here, at the point you proved that you had no clue about the game ^^
Boop chan (EUW)
: Can anyone give tips on how to carry a feeder?
You can't, since Riot decided to turn the game from "winning by being better than your opponents" to "losing because one player in your team is worse than everyone else". It got really harder and harder to carry alone, though the fails of one single individual are now more impactful. Despite their so-called emphasis on teamplay, it's still individual skill that decides of games nowadays. Sadly, it's the lack of such.
DutchPro (EUW)
: It is actually impossible to track a troll. Most of the games you will only know it is an int troll if you play more than 10 min. I dont think there are enough riot employees to watch 10 min of reported game, that would take thousants.
A quick look at their actions / figures in the game and you can say for sure. Stuff, time between deaths...
abelha (EUW)
: the thing is, many people randomreport others for bad games, and its hard to prove who is inting on purpose or just having bad games, riot recieves thousands of reports daily, its impossible to check them all, they probably only check the most reported ones
Not, it really is not. When you see several deaths in a row in short lapse of time, it's trolling. When you see an AD champ buying AP items despite having 0 AP ratio (like Riven, eg) or a manaless champ buying Tears, you know it's trolling. The clues and evidences are there, you just need to admit they exist and that a good portion of the players shouldn't be allowed to play.
: No, you're not taking the other option into consideration. Most times you play with "boosted bronze bonobos", they're really just having a bad game... That doesn't make them worse than you.
The good old "bad game". Well, I don't have those, so that makes me actually better than them.
abelha (EUW)
: Riot bans way more than before, riot has to be careful with the bans so they dont ban innocent players, what mechanic should riot use for bans?
Normal games : Flame = instant ban Ranked games : above + Feeding (int. or not, aka ruining games by your lower skill) = 1st and 2nd times league decrease (like plat to gold), following is removed from ranked queue. The mechanic is simple : in addition to the actual one, analyse scores if reported by teammates. If you end up with 300% more deaths than kills/assists, punish.
: >I actually also got proofs that banning toxic players doesn't reform them. Look at tarzaned (Season 6 rank 1 NA) for example, how much permanent bans did he get after getting his account banned for flaming team-mates that made poor decisions relatively to their rank (challenger in this case)? Look at Tyler 1, do you think that he truly is reformed? He just holds himself from flaming to be able to stream league of legends for us. Seriously? You are talking about 2 people here... Just because one person is still flaming, and you don't quite trust the other one to be reformed doesn't mean that it's the same for literally thousands of people. No system is perfect, you can never have a 100% reform rate. --- You probably didn't know this, but the "unskilled player" report actually never did **anything**. It was a placebo, it existed so toxic players could have a way to vent their anger about bad teammates. I don't think it's necessary to be honest, ranked is a very self-regulating system. You cannot judge someone's skill based on one game... If someone is **truly** unskilled (and not just having an exceptionally bad game), they will be punished by falling down the ranked ladder, and you won't have to see them again. --- It's always easy to point fingers and notice the mistakes in others, but many times, the boosted animals in your team really aren't worse than you, they might just excel at different aspects of the game.
> [{quoted}](name=kokoriko8,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EMkLy0H2,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-26T19:11:37.016+0000)Riot cannot stop flame by punishing it; they must stop it by going straight to its source. Let's be honest, I never saw a player, no matter >how much of a flamer reputation he has, flame another player for no reason Most of the time, flame would come because of some poor decisions made by team-mates. I don't even know why they can't come up with this idea. I've been praising this for years now (yes, litterally). It's like using tape on a tap that leaks, instead of trying to stop the water from leaking in the first place. They cure the symptoms, not the disease : bad players. Get rid of those. I cannot tolerate flaming (I don't ever do, despite having mates deserving it every game) and it must keep on being punished, but you're completely right : the flamers always do because someone messed up the game too hard. And this : > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EMkLy0H2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-26T19:22:02.485+0000) If someone is **truly** unskilled and not just having an exceptionally bad game, > they will be punished by falling down the ranked ladder, and you won't have to see them again. is just BS. Or I'm constantly playing with people who are "falling down the ladder".
: what do you think about the banning system?
Is like a unicorn. Doesn't actually exist.
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