: [TFT] Gunslinger doesnt seem to work properly
i played a lot 4 gunslingers, tristana at middle of the map with Firecannon and Redbuff. but after some second, some of enimy champions are on fire, some are not. this should never happen. and gunslingers never hit spiderlings and Golem with additional attacks.
: If Crit chance is a casino in regular games, What is TFT?
as i know, Crit chance was never a casino in game history.
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: Watch and learn 1
the LEC mission didnt work for me in last season. now MSI mission same.
: The afk player has to be accounted as dc by the system. Otherwise him not voting accounts as a no vote.
there was no text notes in chat when i started it, and there was no vote result after time out with 4 agreed.
: it's not a bug m8 it's intentional it's programmed that way the row that is unselected is the one that was touched earlier meaning for example if you pick 1st a rune in the first row and then after that in the second one if you want to switch to the 3rd row it will take off your rune from the 1st row the way to go around this is to after you picked the rune in the second row switch the rune in the first row to another one and then back and then pick the rune in the 3rd row the reason why it's built like this is because it takes way less space doing it this way instead of the other way you proposed
the unpicked rune is changed, that is a bug. no matter why they do it.
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: If you disable all chat, your League life will be much-much more enjoyable
you also need to mute all players and disable Voice and sound FX to dodge the spamming.
: still cant open LOL
use google dns
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