Jaxson1 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VzqAx9bE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-14T20:33:35.912+0000) > > Reset is not the same for every player. Levels 0 and 1 are not affected by it at all. And everyone else gets level 2 plus additional checkpoint for every level they had above 2 before reset yeah, I was thinking something like that. I'm honor level 1 right now so thats why I was asking. I guess I'll have to wait half a season to get to lvl 2 then.
It shouldn't take more than 2-3 months to get one full honor level. If you're progressing more slowly then you're either not playing often enough or your behaviour isn't as good as it should be.
Jaxson1 (EUW)
: Honor Level Reset
Reset is not the same for every player. Levels 0 and 1 are not affected by it at all. And everyone else gets level 2 plus additional checkpoint for every level they had above 2 before reset
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Huh? Duo players would be forced to play flex only if they refused to play alone in soloq (that you're assuming you'd do), but why would the people that already could be playing alone in soloq but are instead playing flex, would be forced to play soloq? Who said anything about removing single player parties from flex? Why would all this diminish the amount of 1s in flex? Also you're assuming that there isn't plenty of 1s in flex to compensate for the higher amounts of 2-2-1s in comparison to current 2+3s. Do you have data for that?
> Duo players would be forced to play flex only if they refused to play alone in soloq (that you're assuming you'd do) I play soloQ without premades, so I wouldn't be affected in either case. There are normal games for playing with friends. But yes, I would continue playing with them even if that would mean moving to "inferior" queue. > why would the people that already could be playing alone in soloq but are instead playing flex, would be forced to play soloq? They wouldn't be forced, but I doubt that there aren't any players that would move to pure soloQ if such thing existed. On its own it wouldn't really affect flex matchmaking, but with other things it's not something you would be able to ignore. > Also you're assuming that there isn't plenty of 1s in flex to compensate for the higher amounts of 2-2-1s in comparison to current 2+3s. Do you have data for that? Well, mostly my own anecdotal evidence, but that should be on par with what you got on your side. My queue times were much better when I queued alone there than when I was in a premade of 2 or 3.
: > [{quoted}](name=Morrhen,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4VTfIr0X,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-07T08:56:53.571+0000) > > HOW DARE THOSE FRIENDS PLAY TOGETHER IN A COORDINATED WAY AND I HAVE TO SIT ALONE AND TRY TO PLAY MY GAME ALONE. > > PREMADES SHOULD BE DELETED FROM THE GAME SO EVERYONE CAN PLAY AGAINST SOME RANDOM DUDES WHO EITHER FEED THEIR ASS, IGNORE TEAM OBJECTIVES OR FLAME YOU UNTIL YOU UNINSTALL THE GAME. > > This is how you sound. It's incredibly funny but also sad. > If you have problem with premades, maybe change your attitude a bit and maaaaaaaaaaybe find yourself few internet friends who want to do premades themselves. HOW DARE RIOT NOT LET MY FORTNITELORD BUTT GET CARRIED TO MAKE UP FOR MY TERRIBLE GAME SKILL IN SOLOQ WHEN THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED FLEXQ https://cdn.frankerfacez.com/emoticon/285676/1 This is how you sound. Not funny, just sad.
> IN SOLOQ There's no such thing as soloQ in League. It is called Solo/Duo and it worked like that since the very beginning of ranked play
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: An option to avoid premades, specially in soloq, since Riot refuses to put duos in flex where they belong. But I bet it's less people playing if they can't boost their friends up.
> Riot refuses to put duos in flex where they belong. And they do it for the right reason. Such restriction would ruin flex matchmaking, because that would massively increase amount of duos there and at the same time decrease amount of solos. Right now you can make a team out of 2+3 or 2+2+1 or 2+1+1+1 or 3+1+1 or even full solos. See how only one combination does not require solo players? In Solo/DuoQ duos can be put in any match without any problems.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: chest available option doesn't work
Yeah, it's been broken for the past few days at least, maybe more, I'm not sure when it stopped working. I've been using this site: https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com it shows your earned chests. Not as good as built-in feature, but better than nothing
xSass (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=1qfH0LPb,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2020-01-06T15:12:51.589+0000) > > And just in case you're wondering about this. Nobody cares how that affects smurfs. New player experience is not and will never be tailored to make their life easier New players are matched against people who can abuse runes etc, while they don't even have them unlocked yet.
So what? You want to make it even easier for smurfs to destroy new players? I'm pretty sure that new players would pick pre-built runepages instead of trying to find out which ones work best. Plus there is system in place that separates new players and smurfs, so they aren't matched with each other, hence that's not an issue at all
xSass (EUNE)
: New players should unlock all the runes and summoners instantly.
It's a bad idea to overwhelm new players with all the choices that exist in this game. Let them get used to basic things, while gradually introducing new options. And just in case you're wondering about this. Nobody cares how that affects smurfs. New player experience is not and will never be tailored to make their life easier
: Let's work together, and put our current state of hate to a good use
1. Hard reset is pretty much always a bad idea. It looks like you want to fix one minor problem by creating another, much bigger one. 2. Stronger how exactly? Again it just looks like you want to make jungle role obsolete instead of fixing some actual problem. 3. Turrets aren't supposed to be OP. They are good enough for what they are supposed to do.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: So you're not into supports, simple enough xD
Nah, support is my secondary role. And Nami is my favorite support. But she's more than just buff and heal and that's why I like her. What you described as "true support" describes Soraka and Janna. And yes, I think that they are very boring
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: The only counter argument to the thousands of proposals here is always "Riot tried this behind closed doors and the data published says bad". Since Riot is full of it and misdirect when they don't outright lie, I'm guessing the real reason it's not being done is like always because it benefits them as it is: this way they can fix for people to lose more, so they have to play more.
> The only counter argument to the thousands of proposals here is always "Riot tried this behind closed doors and the data published says bad". Riot tried it publicly on OCE server.
: How the hell would you get 30 stacks of feast... that does require 24 kills with his ult alone... 24 kills in a game is already unrealistic... seriously your looking at about 15 stacks in an average game Honestly anyone would one shot if you feed them enough, only this time you litterally fed him enough
Low elo games. Everyone is going for the kills. More is better
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Option 1: Queue of 2 mins for everybody. Force someone to play a role they can't handle, runs it down and gets a 14-day ban, or in any case makes all their team lose 15-25lps and upwards of 20 minutes (as much as 40 when "never surrender" mates are on your side of the map) because they are not up to compete in that role. Option 2: Queue of 5 mins for everybody. It has taken a while longer to fill one or two roles (and this is not gonna happen to everyone anyway, but worst case scenario is ok), but you go into a match in which nobody is displaced from the roles they know and you can seriously compete. Winning or losing, and how long it takes is somehow more in your hands. To me, option 2 seems a lot more appetizing. And I play A LOT, so I'd be mounting a lot of extra waiting. But considering how much time and lps I lose anyway due to autofilled mates (I personally don't get autofilled AT ALL, so imagine that), I rather go with 2. Option 1: See option 1 above. Option 2: Queue of 3 mins for everybody, except for one single player that refuses to play any role but one (or two) that had a 10 min queue. Then see option 2 above. Again, for everybody except the most restrictive picker, the queue is fine, and the match is a lot more fair/fun, so the time is not a waste until the surrender vote goes through and you can see your lps go away. For that picky picker, it's up to him to do it like that, or autofill or play a different role, just like now. Voluntary. I don't see how either option 1 is in any way shape or form beneficial for anyone over option 2, in no case or scenario at all. BUT Riot uses autofill to matchmake people into the artificial 50% winrate and to break streaks... we even see two people in the same team that get both autofilled for the roles the other one of them picked as preferred. Making people lose forces them to play more to keep their rank. And on and on we go with decisions that make no sense, until you realize they aren't for the players' benefit, but for Riot's.
Yeah, option 2 is better for sure. Unfortunately it was experimentally proved that those numbers are far from realistic. It's more like Option 1: 2 minutes for everyone, non zero chance that someone will be autofilled Option 2: at least 30 minutes for most players and nearly instant queues for those who will pick unpopular roles Does option 2 still looks that good for you? Keep in mind that your estimates were overly optimistic no matter how you look at them. You have no guarantee that your game that you spent half an hour waiting for will be a good one. Even without autofill you still have primary and secondary role and some players just don't want to play anything else but their primary. I met enough people that were saying that they are autofilled, even though they got the role that they picked, just not the primary one. And you shouldn't forget another important thing. People do not like to wait, seriously. 5 minutes is already too much for many. And so with increased queue times you will also get increased amount of trolls. Pick support -> get instant queue -> "mid or troll". Fun times.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: While I do agree a little with previous comments I also gotta say it just feels like an excuse for carry players to play "support". True support is to buff, shield and heal allied champions while debuffing enemy ones, and I'm pretty sure the reason why so many "damagey" champions are in that position now is mainly because of auto-fill.
> True support is to buff, shield and heal allied champions while debuffing enemy ones True support == boring support . Got it
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Give the option then. Loses nothing to most people, and those who absolutely want a certain role, or not to fill a certain role, wait more voluntarily? So many tweaks and options could be implemented on matchmaking, but Riot likes it as it is, and we suffer it...
Autofill exists only because some roles are more popular than others. By giving players option to not play some specific role you're making that imbalance even bigger, thus forcing players to either pick that unpopular role or waiting for eternity to get what you want. And that's not a healthy choice, because both options are bad. With current version of autofill we're getting only minor drawbacks of both ways, while also getting bigger benefits. Queue times are very short and players have to occasionally play as autofill. You can't just give an option, because it affects only those players that use it as long as there aren't many of them, but because of human nature it will never be a minority that will use it and so everyone will be affected
: Banned 14 Days Why i can not play bot and support
Intentional feeding. Super obvious case
Killmore (EUNE)
: Supports
Different kinds of supports. Some of them are supposed to deal damage. Pyke for example: assassin support with execute ultimate. And support tag doesn't mean that you can't play them on different positions. It just means that they are better as supports. Just mute and report those who flame you if you try to play Brand as AP carry
ToxicTumble (EUNE)
: now its preseason 2020 and i just got gold a week ago! Now( today ) i got 10 chat ban restriction,and i was honor lvl 1 last season so i dropped honor lvl 0 with locked the honor. will i get the rewards after the preseason? {{champion:18}}
No, rewards were already given to everyone based on their standings at the end of the season. There are no rewards for climbing during preseason. And your punishment would disqualify you in either case.
Beolius (EUW)
: So many stupid heroes.
There are 5-10 bans in draft mode.
Embrulho (EUW)
: Honor 0
Yes, those below honor level 2 are not affected by seasonal honor reset
: Proposed new ward.
> Can only place in Allied or Neutral Territory > Cannot place in Enemy Territory And then you want to call it an Infiltration Ward. Such name implies that it will be placed deep into the enemy territory.
Fenkoli (EUNE)
: Pls remove cloud trait from teamfight tactics
What about electric, steel and crystal? You can't complete those traits without Lux
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Imagine, what if they want different things in the vote? How do they decide the joined vote? Do they vote between them what they are going to vote? What if they are an even number?? This isn't the only reason for which we need an opt-out of premades though, it's just one of them...
Well, that's easy. Yes vote from anyone in premade makes it a yes vote for whole group. No vote will be registered only if everyone in group either votes no or doesn't vote at all. And there are many reasons why you can't exclude premade from matchmaking.
: Can I please be NOT auto-filled to jungle?!!
They already tested such thing as excluded role. It was a short test on OCE server and results were very bad. Queue times were super long for those who wanted to get more contested role like mid.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Specially premades, will refuse to vote yes together, effectively making you hostage... We need an option to avoid premades.
Nah, just make it so premade counts as single player when it comes to remake votes.
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: I think I know why people try new champs in ranked
Quite often it's just because those players do not play any other modes. But yes. Getting fair experience is also a relevant factor.
JessicaEU (EUW)
: Getting permanent skin rewards from orbs, which you already own?
Orbs follow all the same rules as regular chests. They can drop duplicates.
: Actually, it IS very very possible to get a skin you already own at a reroll, believe me, it happened.. .-.
Either you found a bug or you already own all other skins. That is the only way to get a duplicate out of reroll.
: Unban Iran please :(
Riot had no choice. They had to either ban Iran or break US laws and as American company that would be a very bad decision for them
L3Bl4nk (EUNE)
: Can you get demoted from platinum if not playing ranked?
They changed it in season 9. Now only diamond and higher are affected by inactivity
: Petition for League VC
It can't come back if it wasn't there in the first place. Voice chat is already present in the game for premades, but it was never available outside of those premades, you really should check your facts
: ***
Nah, it really wasn't. You can't judge the popularity based on first few days, it dropped very quickly.
HotDoggie (EUNE)
: Autofill should be deleted, FOREVER
> i got autofilled 2 games on jungle Did you dodge your first autofilled game? Because you can't get autofilled more than once in a row. Or you just count secondary role as autofilled? And let me rephrase your title. > ~~Autofill~~ **Short queue times** should be deleted, FOREVER
Monks (EUNE)
: Why there is no 1vs1/2v2 Showdown like in preseason 4 anymore?
Because it wasn't popular. Riot said that they want to add it as custom game mode, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen until custom games rework, which I doubt even started
: Cannot chose my username
There is no automatic way to claim this name on your main account/region. Although you can still do it manually. Just log in with all your secondary accounts and change those names. After changing it on all secondary accounts it should say that you don't need to change it on main one. That is of course if you really is the only one who ever used it.
: (MMR) Need Advice. Make a New Account or Not?
> What can be done? Do I just deal with it and make a new account at this point? No point in making new account really. You'll still have to climb from iron, because all new accounts start there. Just wait for season reset and climb from where you are placed. If your MMR is really that bad, then it should be pretty similar experience as with new account, but you'll keep everything you already unlocked.
: you're making the assumption that they have unique id's that seperate them while you have absolutely no clue whether or not this is the case, as i put it is extremely unlikely but it can still happen depending on how well they did their coding and if this is the case then the product is unfit to be delivered but i've seen code in production that is truely horrid so i wouldn't even be surprised if my corner case actually happened xD but we cannot proof that regardless as we have no access or know how of the Riot code base.
> you're making the assumption that they have unique id's You know that there is public API, right? Every player has unique ID there. You can search player by his public name, but for everything else you need to use ID
: Oh, so i can change only with RP ?
Yes, it's a paid feature. And it's not available at the moment.
: Can i change my region to EU West in 2019
> > Network Operations – 20/11/2019 > > We have disabled transfers while we prepare for the end of the ranked season. > You'll have to wait
Flow1999 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sarchiapon,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=9VfNM3Fx,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-27T13:21:58.915+0000) > > No, that's impossible. Oh trust me you can %%%% up a code in a ways you didin't even knew were possible if you are incompetent enough.
You can, but then it wouldn't happen just one. With millions of players we would see a lot of cases like this
: Technically this is possible i suppose, unlikely.. insanely stupid and definitely unfit for any released products but then again we're all human xD in my mind the only way this is possible is the following: 1. The account was on a list to be banned in the banwaves. 2. The person owning the account deletes the account knowing full well he's a big fat troll just for the chits n giggles. 3. The username does not get deleted from the 'to ban' list. 4. Another person claims the deleted account name (which is possible as the account no longer exists in the database). 5. The ban wave hits while the account is valid again because the account was created again so during the check it goes OK and BAM you are banned for the crimes of another. This is an extremely unlikely corner case though that really goes like the furthest i can think but nevertheless it is a possible scenario when you have some bad code which i'm sure Riot does given the infinite hitbox bugs they got going on as well...
Nah, that corner case cannot happen. Your name is just a string of character, it means nothing to the system. System identifies every player by their ids, values that are already globally unique, so no need to touch that. And every player's history is tied to that id, not the name. So by changing your name you only change one row in the database, nothing more. You cannot get someone else's history by taking their name. Something like that could only happen as a result of malicious action done by Riot employee. Machine would never do such mistake
: Username change caused me to get perma ban :(
> I wonder if the username change somehow changed my account with someone else's? Technically shouldn't be possible, because it doesn't let you pick name that is already used by someone. Besides they have to be completely incompetent to tie any actions to account name and not ID
: Rune Page Editing
Same issue here. Runes window just doesn't appear, only top part of the frame and x button
: >Change my mind There is no need to change your mind because you are right. Most people who say "Change my mind" won't change their minds. The issue here is the implication you are making. Your implication is that OP is unwilling to change his mind, right? But that's where you are wrong. The reason why OP most likely will not change his mind is because...... He is right.
> The reason why OP most likely will not change his mind is because...... He is right. Not really, it's all subjective. He would be correct if he titled this post "The worst community I've ever seen". But with his title he's trying to deal with absolutes and ~~only a Sith deals in absolutes ~~ that almost always isn't right. But overall yeah, it's perfectly possible that OP never met worse community in his life, so for him it is the worst community
: No dude, your english is good, maybe I didn't explain myself. I certainly wouldn't be happy if the opposing team was well organized. But if in my team I decide not to use voice chat from the beginning, I would still be able to communicate via text chat and various signals. I repeat again; it is right that at the highest levels unorganized teams should have all the necessary tools to win. I hope to be more understandable now mate.
Ok, I understand what you mean. And honestly now that I thought about it for a bit, I'd like to see some test. I know that voice chat is good system, I use it often in premade groups with friends. But I don't know how that will work in more competitive environment where not everyone is willing to use it. I know that Tyler1 and some other players tried to use Discord. And it worked fine when everyone agreed to join, but also Tyler wasn't nice and blamed those who didn't join for everything.
Šternberg (EUNE)
: The worst community that has ever existed.
People that say "Change my mind." usually won't change their mind no matter what. Change my mind
: Season 9 end
You need to play 10 games to finish placements and that's it. You probably did that long time ago, so you should be fine now. Just wait for your rewards.
: Does Honour Reset At The End Of Season Or Carry Over?
Not at the end of season, but at a start of next one, together with ranked reset
: I really like that third idea. I'm kinda trying not to put the Devs to work with this
It doesn't really matter. ARAM in its current form is not well suited for ranked, so they will have to do some work in either case. So it's better to do it at the beginning.
: The problem with the current system is very simple: * Riot doesn't use enouge resources to maintain the report system. Even automated report can take a very long time to get processed * The amount of information that's available inside a report is very lackluster. For some reason I have seen players get punished a lot more quickly when I include the replay file and match history of that player. I don't think the ones that handle the reports have enouge resources to process them properly in a short amount of time. * Their is to much delay between processing reports & effectively implement the punishment of that player. Most toxic players aren't even aware of the health of their account & a ban is suddenly a shock to them. * Their is not a single statistic that shows their out with one more misstep and the time they do misbehave their is no indication that their account has been flagged. Even basic chatrooms have a system room have concepts like "strike I, strike II, strike III" that could give an idea how your doing.
Do you have any source for any of those points you provided? And about your last point. League also has this strike system. It's just that there are no warnings. 10 CR is strike 1, 25 CR is strike 2 and 14 days ban is strike 3. And then permaban if you have 3 strikes.
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