: Darkstar Aurelion. Project Yorick
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: Send it to support, boards are not the place for RP art.
My bad, didn't know
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi SmexyMachamp, Have you been friends with this player for over 24 hours? If you haven't, or even blocked/removed one another and readded, there's a 24 hour wait time before you can gift for security reasons.
Oh, okay. Well, I learned something new today. Thanks.
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: Care the new patch is coming.
Damage increased from 30/70/110/150/190/230 [+1.0 Bonus AD] to 40/80/120/160/200/240 [+1.2 Bonus AD]; Mana cost decreased from 40/45/50/55/60/65 to 40 at all ranks. {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}}
: Please stop matching non pre-made teams vs 5 pre-made teams
I feel you. I just played {{champion:126}} douQ and guess what? 4 man premade. I hate it. Zed {{champion:238}} isn't the problem. The problem is that they have way more communication and you get ganked every minute even when standing 5 teemo's from your own turret. Taking cover under turret? No problem. 5 man dive. Maybe Rito will give us a solution, like solo QQ or an option for pre made and non premade :3
: They have said he will be released between aurelion sol and the next champion... And some of his designers have moved on to a different rework (hinted to be warwick) as they have finished their part on taric so he is extremely close to being released, not ready but soon.
he is the next project and some rumour that he will show up during the 6.6 cycle. The ones leaving the project are either concentrating on the mages, Yorick or Warwick
Diiverr (EUW)
: Jayce, Ekko or Zed?
Jayce is not that good atm, I would recommend Ekko over Zed in general
Mepodis (EUW)
: Poppy? Graves? Fiora? Who do you mean lol
Poppy broken? Naaah. It's like saying she's the hero.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Sorry to say, but this meta doesn't have a place for high skillcap champions anymore.
: and lol is balanced? make me laugh "__"
> [{quoted}](name=SilviuTSexyTroll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IGN4kqHL,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-03-03T09:07:20.041+0000) > > and lol is balanced? make me laugh "__" I have never stated that :p I stated that everyone in Dota2 is so broken it's balanced. I know the feel when Rengar begins snowballing, or even worse, Hecarim {{item:3070}} but every game has his on inbalance. I recommend watching stonewall008's video about balance. No game is balanced for real. There is always something better.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Couldn't disagree more on jayce. Actually I think he belongs more in the midlane than toplane due to the item changes overall (nerf on ap itemization + Tank Item buff). The new Hexdrinker is super strong for the cost it haves and will win you the lane. He has strong early and midgame, but his lategame is meh. Thats not bad tho, League of legends was always about "early" and "lategame" champs and having a fair mix of them will make the game balanced. But I know why people think, he is weak. I really don't think, Jayce is the problem but the changes around him. I mean Attack speed and crit got buffed, everyone has too much movement speed and is tanky while dealing burst damage as dps champs (thanks to devourer, guinsoos etc)... At the same time, Jayce gets nothing in return... He doesn't build Attackspeed or crit (atleast not alot), which means he doesn't get the benefits of the movementspeed and he isn't tanky either. Armor Pen Items are nerfed to the ground, same reason why malphite and other tanks are so op right now, and most of the AD items grants stats you don't need or want or they simply give too much of 1 stat. Like if you buy Essence Reaver there is no need for Black Cleaver cd-wise. For me he is like an assassin rather than bruiser, a lot like nidalee. Poke ur enemy from far and then finish him off with melee form.
His early game is meh, since your mana loses his mana faster then the old Poppy, meaning that in the mid lane he has sustain problems, if you dont play very careful. Indeed his biggest powerspike is when he gets his first 2 items, but late game he nearly one shots adc. We disagree on that point. Howerever, on the last point, yes. I played around 30-40 games with him, and the "scardy cat" tactic works terrificly well. Note: I don't know the standard build for now, but I use Narakayle/Runa his/her build
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Jayce sucks, you'd think with so many options in his kit he'd be an interesting champ to play but no he's dull and practically useless unless getting fed on some nooby.
Well, if you like at the damage in his kit, there is a lot of damage build in, but it is quite outclassed. On the otherhand, your damage is still quite high, and melee champs have a hard time with him, since he can poke and kite them, especially when he switches slaps you and knocks you back, since the jump slows you and the knockback is a nuke, after that he can switch to ranged, open gate, snipe and walk faster to hit you 3 times. As I mentioned earlier, he's match up dependant.
Xevestos (EUW)
: Revert his w nerf so I can play my crit jayce again! :(
I'm quite new to the game (6 months ago I started, 1 month I picked up Jayce), but tell me, what was the part of it that got nerfed? Just the ratios?
: I don't even feel like Jayce belongs to top lane anymore...
I know that feel. I feel it too, but it's still one of his places. The only point is the match-ups. You dont want to fight Renekton/Nautilus, but Xin Zhao (yes, the "nuclear missile" as Stonewall008 said) or Darius are easy lanes. He's like gp in that case, he can be top and mid, depending on the match-up.
Vuks (EUNE)
: At the moment, the game consists mostly of either assassins or hypertanks. Your best bet would be to build Jayce as a bruiser, through rushing Manamune and then going for a LDR, mixing the recipe with needed tank stats. DMP and Banshee/Malmortius aren't bad picks, and if you see that you need more damage afterwards, Black Cleaver is open if your team is AD heavy, or Youmuu if otherwise. (Also there's the Duskblade, it's hella worth the stats even without that mini-Zed-ult.
I'll try it out, could be a new begin.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: How can you complain about jayce? He may not fit in the meta, but his lane bullying and overall lane control is over 9000.
> [{quoted}](name=HdtvTh,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AA41lEGY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-02T11:58:00.680+0000) > > How can you complain about jayce? He may not fit in the meta, but his lane bullying and overall lane control is over 9000. If you play him on the top lane against melee champions. Even then, he is outclassed in every single way by other champs. Ranged bully Teemo, early game just annoying, late game the adc can't walk around. Darius has way more killing pressure and zoning potential. He isn't just out of meta, he's outclassed to the point that he is unviable. EDIT: I don't know the EUNE meta tho, but I guess assassin's run rampant too, another problem for him. Even if you play him top, as soon as another goes even, he's dead meat. It can be that I just play the wrong way, but I heard that high elo players also think he is underpowered.
Kaaarums (EUNE)
: Bye League Of Legends
Depends on the player. I don't like the extreme snowballing of Dota2, nor the way the in-game feels so outdated and messy. It's fun yeah, free hero's too, but the community is even more toxic as I experienced from the 25 games I played and everything is so broken it's balanced, not? Ever gave a kill to the enemy? Hecarim/Zed level snowballing incoming. It's just extremely punishing and that won't give me a good feeling enough times. But on the other side: I hope you dont become a toxic asshat and have fun there. PS: Dota is an apple and LoL a pear. Both are fruits, but another sort/
Magatas (EUW)
: Why stack on Nasus when you get out damaged by full tank Nautilus and Maokai top?
If you stack good enough, your damage will be higher then theirs starting from the mid lane. Remember that trading smart is needed against both, like when fighting Garen/Fedora. 200 stacks Q > Naut QWE, but eh, I'm not that good with Nasus, so I get the point. It's a hard lane, but you can ask the jungler for help and if it's a shyvana who just wants to farm the whole jungle, you can always farm and just not trade till you have enough stacks, not?
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