Rismosch (EUW)
: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/916/071/aa6.jpg
ME WEEB, ME SPAM, RIOT BAKA IF BAN!!! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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: I cant see Animatons/ Lag for no reason?
I feel like I have a similar issue, I have 29ping but my game acts as if it's lagging. For example I input a move command and will continue walk there even if I input another move command. My internet is fine tho, it's really weird :/ Edit - It's not always and when it happens it's only brief but 1-2 seconds of 'lag' is extremely annoying and can get me caught late game and lose ranked games, I hope a Rioter can tell us if it's us or them
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pedkejus (EUNE)
: Looking for smurfs to plat with, support main
£50 paypal and i'll do it... thats a joke Rito please spare me (whispers, its not really a joke add me we'll talk ;D) edit - Rito I was hacked dunno how that got there in the brackets :/ {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
FuBaer (EUW)
: Got Bard Bard yesterday about 2 hours after it got enabled in the shop. Don't know about the chances, but it's definetly not 0.
Thanks for reply :D that is also the skin am hoping for :P
: I Just falsely permanently banned (proof your never safe)
I dunno why anyone is talking with you, you've literally argued with anyone who said you deserved it xD You're just further proving that you're toxic, don't get me wrong I'm no saint and I've had my fair share of warnings, but that is the point of warnings it to tell you to change you're behaviour and you must have been really bad to get a permanent ban, plus you completely ignored Riots warning after a 14-day ban. It doesn't matter what other people say, you should've learned to mute them and Riot are tired of giving you chances to reform. Also we know full well this isn't your only game you was toxic as this is tame, don't hide all your chats Riot email you 5 games of text. GL finding a new game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
I would love it if people stopped complaining, like you're supposed to start low. This is a LADDER and is something to climb, I'm diamond and wouldn't care if I was placed silver since I can climb out and prove myself again. If you deserve higher then climb. Though I agree people shouldn't of been given ranks they don't deserve that's cruel, that's like teasing a dog with treats and then not giving it them lul xD
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h4wwk (EUNE)
Since Riot are too polite to say it, it's not the matchmaking systems fault your in gold, its your fault. In the words of the wise 'git gud kid' but seriously instead of blaming 'bad teammates' how about learning from your own mistakes, though I imagine I'm wasting the effort here.
: When you take the rift herald cause your top but then the jun flames you cause he wanted it
Yup it's a real pain, I main TF so if it doesn't go to top i'll take it to split with and the jungler will complain acting like they need it tho it's for split pushing solo laners xD
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: What Champions has the best voice over/ lines ?
Jhin, it's not even a contest at this point xD to Illaoi "When you speak, I don't hear god, I hear an idiot babbling." to Tahm "Heh... hehe... that hat is ridiculous, now... who let you wear that horrible thing?"
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: Problem with client
Same with me, If I find I solution i'll update you guys :) Edit run as admin :)
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: Will these specs play league?
Looks like a laptop I owned before I got my pc if its just a standard laptop from any retailer it should work, heck I even got to run Tera on my old craptop at 20fps but still, so it can run league tho you'll want it on the lowest settings to get best fps (pretty graphics aren't that important for league anyway) (>^.^)> {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Cienight (EUW)
: Find me a draven main!
Why a {{champion:119}} main specifically? why not an adc main? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Dewi (EUW)
: What about Karthus? (Patch 6.9) - 48.97% winrate
Karthus doesn't need a dash, he's a tanky immobile mage. Riot won't change him because his fan base love him the way he is, similar to teemo fans. Sure Riot could change them but people would kick up a fuss and I'm not forgetting that nerf to W for no reason.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Is Yasuo worth learning?
Fizz sounds like he'd fit your playstyle; easy to play, hard to master, melee assassin with alot of chances to outplay your opponent and my god will they tilt when you do >:D Edit 1 - Yasuo will require 50 games average to be half decent at and way more than that to master but once fully mastered he can be really strong :)
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: Account has been Disabled..
Your account didn't get hacked, you fed in a game and flamed, it's very clear that you wasn't hacked. Also you know full well Riot won't remove 14-day bans without significant proof of being hacked which they can check common IP addresses that you use and which was used in the games recently played. Edit 1 - also you can't be suspended for flaming in just one game, I know this from first hand experience as I occasionally let my emotions get the better of me and i receive chat bans, therefore you've been toxic in more than one game.
Solash (EUW)
: I made Blood Moon Shaco
Thats a cool idea :D shame Riot will never make anything for shaco for awhile since he recently got Wild Card Shaco but I'd buy that skin if they did it right :P {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: ''See more stats'' on your account
Think its a bug doubt Riot will remove it :)
Hasz Placek (EUNE)
: Lies, i went from p3 with end of preseason to p2 after placements 5w 5l. I actually always wanted to have bronze acc with "elo hell" so i can climb and climb, but nah.... they promote me ;x
wow, gj :) not seen anyone go up until now, however the majority of people who get a lower placement should really consider it as a starting point, makes less depressing rather than looking at it as being demoted.
: 2nd ranked game, get harassed and openly told to stop playing ranked
You should remove the names of the players in this post it's against the rules to name and shame, also if someone is being toxic you should 1) mute them if they're putting you of and have nothing nice to say and 2) report them. Its much better to ignore someone and whatever you do, don't retaliate back as it can also get you banned aswell :) but as a new player try more normal games until you improve, I remember hitting level 30 and going straight into ranked xD was bronze 5 all season with +3LP per win and -20LP per loss, I was very bad in season 3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: riot do you ever consider main support players
We love you supports! :D however it is very hard to climb ranked as a support only player but its impressive if its done, this new dynamic queue should help you support mains out if you can get a group of friends you know can do well and it should be alright, also you should consider getting a good adc to queue up with since bot is very synergy orientated :) Also your guaranteed to get a lower placement than were you finish so just have fun {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Help needed
http://www.speedtest.net/ You should kept your upload speed as a priority as this will decide whether you can upload at 720p and your computer setup is fine, however I would recommend a graphics card but don't know your budget :)
: PLACEMENTS - what did you get ?
Season 5 finished in P4, went 5/5 in my placements games and got G2 so it wasn't too bad :)
: how has placements landed me here?!
Its completely normal, everyone is dropped a little I'm not aware of anyone being higher than were they finished in s5, I went 5/5 and got g2 from p4 :)
Zheega (EUW)
: One more ranked option request - fill + dislike one position
We need an option to queue as one lane only for one trick ponies and people that are really good at one lane but suck at the rest, most people that are one trick ponies/can only play one role have all agreed on accepting a longer queue time to guarantee they get the role they want and im sure it wouldnt be that difficult for Riot to implement. Please Riot {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: To some adc mains... (jhin)
He's going to have such a high skillcap :D finally an ADC that'll really reward good adc players positioning but will be complete trash in bronze/silver as people are as skilled. But from looks alone hes fking awesome :D
: Gender influences your main character?
I feel it does impact your champion select as a lot of us have come from MMORPG's in which we use our character as a portrayal of ourselves in the MMO so I can see the reasoning behind this :) I main male champions that have something in common with me but gotta play females with adc as they're all females (mostly), do love playing lucian though, even if I ain't as great at him :/
: 4 x Chroma packs not working
Yeah I've noticed my dragonslayer vayne one won't show the option to pick in ranked not sure about normals tho hopefully gets fixed properly soon. :) {{champion:67}}
Rohirrim (EUNE)
: Nerf MF mana cost
Essence Reaver is damn strong so adcs don't care about spamming, plus MF's insane damage. Also AP champions have been killed of by Riot so i wouldn't recommend playing them, TF and Brand are the few that are in a good spot.
: Feeling generous (Free skin!)
1. Pax Twisted Fate xD joking Master Arcanist Ziggs :D 2. winning a 4v5 ranked in plat 4 without the team being negative at the start was amazing :D
: Are bans becoming harsher?.
There becoming more pathetic with their banning system aswell. I was banned yesterday for 2 weeks instantly after the game so i know full well that they had no time to review it, however they just slap a ban on you if you get reported more than once, hence premades are the cause of this. Also since when is 'idiot' ban worthy. League is a competitive game and people are going to be annoyed if someone causes them a loss. People need to grow up and stop crying when there called a name and Riot 'mothers' them. There is of course exceptions like insults of telling people to get cancer and their family to die is ban worthy (permanently), however simple anger is not a reason to ban.
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Smol Roll (EUW)
: Remove Duo Q
Your missing the point, its a problem that duo queue players obtain a sense of superiority (the majority) which if you do not listen to their demands your are 99.9% likely to be reported, I took adc as I'm first pick then the premade rage. Premades cause more problems for everyone else, sure there are some nice premades out there, however most of them will 'gang up' on other players and force people to give them 'their' role just because there premade.
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