Snackster (EUW)
: Looking for Flex Q mates.
I am still looking for more people to play Flex Q with. If you're low elo and on EUW then.. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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crazyrzy (EUNE)
: Game is insanely more toxic than before (Experiment)
My genereal reaction to the toxic comments I encounter in games is " it really worth it?". People get upset for various reasons and often it has very little to do with the game itself. I think that Riot could do alot to minimize the high number of toxic players many people experience in the game. Having an effective system of reporting bad behaviour is one thing but there are other ways that are way more simple yet very effective in my opinion. If Riot really care about their product then they will do their own research into what has the most positive impact on player behaviour and follow up with action accordingly. I imagine that there are many reports that can only be ignored because there isn't any good reason for reporting once they check chat logs f.ex. If they get flooded with reports all the time then.. it will not do much good. Furthermore I can say that whenever I mention LoL to my nerdy friends who already play various other games most of them actually flatly refuse to play LoL due to the toxic remarks they have been exposed to in the game already. They just want to have fun with their game and shy away from an environment impacted by negative attitudes and aggressive behaviour in the chats. For me it was a great challenge to begin with when I first started playing this game and I was shocked at how people interact when they turn sour. Now I try and relax teammates with some positive remark if they are tilting or starting to go nuts. If that doesn't help I just mute them. On the rare occation that I am having a really bad day and want to chill with some league then I will simply mute everyone at the start of the game(the pre-emptive strike). These are just my thoughts on the matter.. let's keep it fun or get the f*** out of here! {{summoner:31}}
ChefSauce (EUW)
: Looking for a Duo Partner
Hi Freddy. ;) I am also looking for a serious DUO partner. Like you I am a bronze player. I use both mumble and teamspeek. My main role is jungle, mostly if not all games I play Amumu. I am always willing to cooperate, the only thing that turns me off is negative critique and thrashtalking and I always try to be polite and have a sense of humour about things. Unfortunately, like you, I am still in bronze. We could try a few trial games and see if we click. I'm up for it. I play just about every day now so I'm sure we can work something out. My last game btw. One of the good times I have had recently :) []


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