: Nice bug - can you stop Lee's second Q though? Just wondering, the kinetic force of the dragon's push has to go somewhere, in this case upwards :D
: Hmmm if Both share the same Universe now that's new to me, well they can share same Universe but Justicar and Arclight are different groups
Well thats what the wini says at least
: Is Justicar Skin line forgotten?
I think they are part of the Arclight skin line. Brand recently got a new skin in this line.
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Sarkasm (EUW)
: Can't do trades in champ selcct
You can only trade if both of you actually own each others champions or they are in the free champion rotation.
: if you're gonna tell me you've never pushed your luck and went for aggressive plays that failed horribly I won't believe you.
I didn't say I never played agressive, I sure did. But that fact doesn't make this fail from Yasuo any less funny.
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: We would need to see replays to tell the reasons, or play with you. First step is finding the role you enjoy. Do you love going into the fray first, and tanking the enemy. If yes, then i got bad news for you. Do you prefer oneshooting enemies, then going out? Well there are some ways to do it. Or do you prefer providing direct help, and saving teammates ass? Not too difficult, but don't expect to be a gamechanger alone. Or do you prefer continuing damage?
: > Thank you, but please look at my match history... you really think the player behind these games even ha a tiny bit of skill? Obviously not. Why does it matter? They can feed their ass off - doesn't mean they are not carriable. > I have the feeling tutorials and these kinds of videos in the end just list the abilities from the champion they are talking about. I don't mean the champion guides. These ones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of0sVgS4FhE&ab_channel=ProGuidesChallengerLeagueofLegendsGuides
By the player with no skill I actually meant me, not my fellow team mates. Since I am mostly the feeder in my games.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: The only thing wrong about you is the fact you aren't maining Fiddlesticks. :P But other than that, you shouldn't be worried about anything. Your current ranked WR is positive.
Thats probably because I dont play ranked, I only played a few matches to get out of Bronze
: Don't worry about it. Every player starts at 0. Some might advance faster and others are a bit slower. Overall the fact that you can admit to being "garbage" is a good thing that so many others are too proud to do. You need a lot of time if you are looking to become good at the game and shouldn't be ashamed of not being the best. If you are looking for tips on how to become better, here are my thoughts: 1. Don't tilt. Loosing is fine, tilting is not. You'll never get better if you are giving up every game. 2. Get help. Coaching, Reviews of lower elo players (done by high elo players), general game guides, etc. I'd recommend ProGuides (they have a paid service, but you can get a lot of good guides on their youtube channel). 3. Don't let flame get to you. If somebody is flaming or just being toxic in general - mute them. You can answer the first couple of their statements (in a friendly manner) but if their attitude stays negative then there is no helping it. 4. Get a feeling for roles. If you are maining any lane or jungle you should limit yourself to 2-3 champions until you got a good grasp of laningphase/early-midgame.
Thank you, but please look at my match history... you really think the player behind these games even ha a tiny bit of skill? Obviously not. Concerning your tips; Tilting is something that just automatically happens to me, after dying for the third time in a row fröm my laner, while he gets hard camped by his jungler. Stuff like that just annoys me, resulting in the behinnings of tilt. I have the feeling tutorials and these kinds of videos in the end just list the abilities from the champion they are talking about. Muting would probably be a grear Idea, but I almost never do its, since I dont want to miss anything of the Chat Also, I dont really main a role, I play all over the placee, with all kinds of chacampien
: Ok. So you make a hypothesis based on what you know. Then you draw a conclusion. But the result was not the one you expected. Here's what you know: - Malphite can take a lot of hits, he even has a passive for that. - Nasus does not have such a passive, he can not take as many hits, he needs to stack his Q to become strong, he must not be allowed to stack his Q. Based on all these, you concluded you need to fight him, and as such you should win the fight. And you lost it! This only means one thing. You are dumb. No. This is correct. Nasus should lose. It's a very solid conclusion. Problem is, the result was not the expected one. So. What happened here? Either one or more of those premises are wrong, OR we do not have all the information that would lead us to the right conclusion. Are the above facts true? They all are. So this means, something is probably missing. ... And here's what is probably missing: - Malphite is a tank, tanks do not inflict a lot of damage - Nasus is a juggernaut, juggernauts _pretty much destroy anyone who gets in their way_ , Nasus' Q is an auto-attack reset, Nasus' Q heals him. Now we have more information. And if we combine everything we know, the new conclusion would be something like this: _They would both hit each other, Malphite would take a lot of hits as he is a tank. The fight would not end very fast. But Malphite does not do a lot of damage because he is a tank. Nasus would not have to tank that much damage, he would hit Malphite more times, he would heal, he would be meant to win the fight as a Juggernaut._ So in short, the new conclusion is: Nasus will win after some time. And there you have it. You are not dumb. Your conclusion was correct based on what you knew. You were just missing information. That's why League is weird. There are so many things you have to know and remember and take into account, that more than often, you will always miss something (relative levels, runes, items, minion aggression e.t.c.) And remember: When you play normals, it's practice. There is nothing at stake, you can't even say you win or lose, in normal games you learn. So have fun! _"Back to the drawing board!"_ {{champion:74}}
Problem is, I have played a lot of time against a Nasus, and seems like I didnt learn a single one of the things you wrote. But thank you very much for the long message.
Metharius (EUW)
: well .. if you take it like that, keep yourself to the containment TfT game mode{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I only get frustrated in tft, because I literally never get items or the champions I need
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: It's not that - League is weird. I play for so long, and there are still a lot of things that make no sense to me. If I ever met a Challenger player, we would look at each other, baffled. He'd wonder how is it possible that I cannot climb in low Elo, and I'd wonder how did he get up there. And only one of us would be frustrated (me).
The game is not hard to understand, im just too dumb for it
: How do you even die as Malphite early, just stay out of range and Q poke each time he tries to farm. If you just go melee his Q is an auto atk reset with lower cd ( I believe ) than your Q, and deal more dmg, and heals him. Nasus only has his E as ranged option, understand weakness/strenghs of champs instead of just running it down...
Because Im %%%%ing garbage at this game and dont have a brain. I didnt want him to farm, so I attacked him, because I thought he wont deal damage because he has no stacks. I heard that its important to pressure a Nasus. But I guess everything I think of is wrong, because Im trash, and will stay being trash.
: I didn't say that you were a dumbass, just that you made a mistake in game and/or that you didn't have the knowledge to know you made that mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, it's not an indictment of your intelligence. As for not having the knowledge - things like this are exactly the reason why professional players have coaches. They aren't infallible!
Well, im %%%%ing trash at this game, and I know it, I wont learn from mistakes, so %%%% it. Ill contunue to int every game. I dont even know why im still playing.
: First I went to lol wiki([Here is the Home page of this site](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/League_of_Legends_Wiki )) and search for your champion ([Malphite](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Malphite )) and the enemy champion ([Nasus](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Nasus )). After I went to your op.gg page to see what runes/spells you both had. Your page: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=SnoringSnorr His page: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Br0k3nHeart After I just read the stats and showed to you.
And I cant get this information ingame? How is it fair that he is able to know about my runes while we are in the game via 3rd party websites.
: Yea, mistake like taking the minions aggro. Forgot about this. The kill is at 03:12 so some trades was already made. For Nasus is more easy to escape from aggro than Malphite and he can heal back from minions. Here is not even about the advantage or disadvantage that champions have. Is just a lack of knowledge.
Thank you both for telling me that im a dumbass, thats really what I came here for.
: Did you fight in a wave? Did you use your usables right (Pots)? Did he have {{item:2033}}? Nasus should have a chance against most champions on level 1 since every player will take some kind of spell with damage - you got something that deals damage but so does he. The big difference comes into play with lvl 2 and 3. Most champions will have a ton of damage and some CC to pressure him while he has nothing more than an auto-reset with a little damage on it.
i dont %%%%ing know, all I know is that I dont want to play against this braindead champion anymore.
: You had as runes attack speed and 10 armor. He had 18 ad and 6 armor. You both had Grasp, but he had Bone Plating(block dmg from the next 3 atacks) while you had Conditioning (at lvl 10 you get armor and mr). You both have 8 base cd on Q, but he also had 5% cooldown reduction and Ghost so he could cast spells more faster than you and chase you. At lvl 1 he has 12% life steal while you have 60 shield. Your Q deal 70 dmg while he has an empowered basic so he deal 67+30. Your basic deal 62 while he do 67 + 18 from runes. You had no chance to win than.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Then how does he get stacks? https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/1861394/2.0
You know what I mean, I obviously dont mean 0 damage, just not lethal damage, that should be enough to kill.
Shamose (EUW)
: Why does a champion with Zero sustain lose a level 1 1v1 with a champion with built in lifesteal?
Its still nasus, he should not be allowed to deal any damage with 0 stacks
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: Never seen it attacking behind the wall - it shouldn't even have seen you there?
Shamose (EUW)
: > Do attacks from the baron grant vision on him? This is the most likely scenario. Champions do the same, they reveal themself when they attack, So I guess baron does too.
Well I guess I got lucky he attacked me over the wall
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: And what if they want to make Yuumi a champ on this mode? Actually like you said it's just an item with Yuumi artwork not the real Yuumi or a champ on TFT.
Well, Yuumi as her own unit would sure be awesome, but they should remove or change the item then. Having a Yuumi unit and item would be kinda wierd.
: Oh, my apologies... It is a saying which means that, I agree with you since I have a lot of experience about it. _~OTP {{champion:350}} since release_
Ah okay. I love playing yuumi as well. Have mastery 6 on her. :) Thats why I would love to see her represented more directly.
: Only if you would know...
How about you juat tell me what you mean, instead of being unnecessary mysterious about it?
Gojkov (EUW)
: That would be cool indeed. It crossed my mind as well. P.S. I can't believe people down-vote this...
Some people just really hate Yuumi I guess
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Bonesaw (EUW)
: ***
Because I was totalmy just crying about my experience and wasnt trying to conntect it to a bigger phenomenon in the League community.
Riryz (EUW)
: Alright, the post game lobby chat went too far, however I doubt you said nothing to them while they insulted you right? But other than that there is absolutely nothing wrong. Tell me, why would the enemy not take the chance to tilt you even harder. Your "riven is balanced" comment made it very clear to them that you had the weakest mindset out of your team. They just capitalized on that weakness to try and tilt you (which obviously worked as we are here right now). Let me tell you, the 1st player in the enemy team to start complaining in allchat over getting killed (for whatever reason) will immediatly become the no.1 target of most players. Purely because that player will be tilted even more. Results are: they possibly play worse, keep typing in chat instead of doing something usefull, flame their team or leave the game. (which is a pretty toxic thing to do imo, but its not against the rules since youre just playing the game and killing your enemy) Of course thats usually only relevant for ranked. Normals, ARAM, gamemodes, etc. are usually played for fun. Then again, thats not for everyone, at times people primarily play to win, fun comes 2nd. Cant really blame them for taking advantage of a weakness you exposed to them. There are some hardcore ARAM players out there, owning only champs good in ARAM and tryharding. TL;DR You exposed a weakness, they took advantage of it. Post game lobby was toxic towards you, but we dont know what you said so cant conclude anything.
I really dont understand how stating that a champion is balanced is exposing my weakness. Also I really wasnt tilted by that, I was just amazed by how this player acted.
: You should have been focusing on how you can make it more difficult for Riven to kill you, rather than the chat, which you could have easily muted.
I didnt have a problem with what they were saying, I was just mind boggeled by it. And running away from her is the hardest I can make ir for her.
Torkl (EUW)
: You expose your weakness in all-chat in a competitive game and expect exactly what result? :P Hell, i would probably bash you even if i were on your team :D
How did i expose my weakness??
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