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: Well I don't usually post but this is indeed a major change to the whole gameplay. Overall I preferred the old HUD more, however, there are some bonuses to the new one that I think people who are too accustomed to the old system choose to neglect. I think it's healthy to play devil's advocate for you to come up with a genuine analysis and opinion of something. Pros: - It's visually nicer and echoes designs of other newer programmes and games, makes it seem cooler and generally more flashy. - It's more condensed, instead of information being all around your screen. I think for instance kills and FPS being near the minimap might increase people's map awareness because they automatically sway their eyes towards the minimap more than before. - More mobility than the old system (you can move around players on the scoreboard as you please, place enemy ADC next to your own etc) but still limited! I'll get to why it's limited in the cons. Cons: - Mobility, so you worked on the scoreboard but why not the placement of everything else. One way to compromise between the new HUD and the old one for people who miss the old one would be to allow people to unlock the positions of the stuff on the HUD. This is not damaging to the gameplay, it just lets people use the HUD more freely in ways they feel most comfortable. This is allowed in other successful games such as World of Warcraft through addons and a lot of good players use this happily. - It's a bit more "distracting" now to get certain information, when you look for specifically kills you're going to see so many other things so it takes a longer time to get a small piece of information now. - You have to dig deeper for more information, the old scoreboard was better by a lot. What is the point of removing summoner names for it, you literally have to hover over a champion now to tell who's playing it. It was a much better feature before. Literally looks like an older or inferior version of the scoreboard. Surely when people wanna press tabs to get information they would like as much as possible. Juxtapose it to any other game and I'm sure you'll be able to see at least the name. - Lack of choice, why not allow people to use the old HUD as an alternative theme, there may be a really good chance that this would satisfy a lot of others. - Too many animations for something that should be simplified - Being able to level up abilities looks way too similar to lacking mana to cast the spell, should have a much different colour/animation compared to the other. And obviously, since the out of mana one has been there longer it's the leveling up ability animation that needs its own new colour. I don't think the new HUD is horrible, but you could have gone a little extra out of your way to please more users. TL;DR: 1) Let people choose the placement of the stuff on HUD (Gold, kills/FPS) like in other games. 2) Let people use the new HUD or old HUD with consent, make the new one default and the old one a permanent theme. My many cents. Edit: Thanks for making a thread to it, I'm usually too lazy to start them but like to reply to ones already made.
Thank you for your time and effort into your post i just think riot could of been more considerate to their players and thoughts ^^
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: The HUD's ok is you ask me, items places may be a bit hard to get used to. Fps you say? It's the same as always, top right corner.
Before the fps was placed in the top right corner but in a different manner making it more easier to see on a smaller screen also the HUD are poor the cooldowns and effects are highly unnecessary
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+1 REMOVE THE NEW HUD AND CHANGE IT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL i feel as if i'm playing dota or something me and my girlfriend both agree since they changed the game we're enjoying it less as its not the same and confusing us my score is above my mini map my items are on the right side? if i wanted to change that i'd complain i don't think anyone has ever complained about the old hud so please don't touch something that is not broken thank you.


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