2xDealer (EUW)
: New one is boring, true. With the old Morde you had to plan where to get more shield. You had to plan where to cast your W to make it rotate. You catually helped your allies with that little bonus speed. Your third strike required ultra-smooth execution, so that you hit something twice and then come close enough to your primary target within that little time frame, while the third attack is still charged. With the new one... well... you just grab-aa-hit and then you follow him until he dies. If you feel like endangered, you just spend your secondary gauge. Just like Darius, except that you have no skillshots, and no pentakill ulti, and nothing to stack (this aura of Morde not even worth mentioning, it is just _always_ there). C'mon, you can't even take a drake to the enemy turret anymore!
He got the same amount of skillshots as Darius
: I beat her this time despite Zoe having the chance to put me from 100% hp to 20% hp with a 5 sec cooldown ability and a mana item and being behind in both XP and gold. Read that again and tell me Zoe is balanced
She is balanced
Shamose (EUW)
: Is the clash == Crash joke still relevant?
Everything went fine for us today. Thought it was gonna be another Crash, but it was a very pleasant experience actually lol
Shamose (EUW)
: I hate Youtubers who think they are special because they are youtubers.
: What is wrong with ranked?
It's nothing new, it's been like this for the last few years...
Tasuto (EUNE)
: ***
Just like Rekless and Hylissang too? https://clips.twitch.tv/TacitBeautifulPieTBTacoLeft Maybe not that sportsmanlike, but quite a lot of people would do that too just for the fun of it (I would've at least consider it). You sound like a real hater, no rational thought behind this or just a sad troll. Why this hate on TF Blade, he is never toxic or trolling in his games compared to many other players Oh wait, you where on the enemy team?
Tasuto (EUNE)
: tf blade is the most %%%%%%ed spoiled scumbag playing this game. would even sell his parents for some LP. check this play when he went on enemy base to give the afk player xp so that the enemy team cant ff and forced a 4v5 game for his team. what a scumbag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3OBKa1psww
jacktjong (EUW)
: Two overlooked champs that could be so great for the game if they got some love
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Like max 5 deaths or something and if you die more you get automatically banned So you'd be fine with your permaban? Considering you have many games where you die more than 10 times.
: > Making bad choices isn't against the rules though Problem is most of time isnt a bad choice is people tilted who dont care about game, people who go 0/2 and then "idc about this %%%%% anymore" and "fk this %%%%" then they start dont care about game and dont play to win.
iaapvper (EUW)
: Do you also believe RIOT should be more strict and perma ban trolls and feeders?
Yes, Im getting so tired of players feeding my games. There should be a limit for how much you can die in a game before you get a 14 days ban and then perma banned. Like max 5 deaths or something and if you die more you get automatically banned
: Riot once made a list with about 11 points that are important for a champion design and balance where they said that a good balanced champ should only have about 2 of those points, many high elo players and pros like Sertuss however give him 5 points of those for toplane and 4 for midlane which only can mean hes overdesigned and unhealthy Heres a video on the topic where a master player talks about Aatrox, he was the one asking Sertuss for his opinion on this too, its on german however so I dont know if you can understand it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI7a1vA7j9Q&t=1s
I probably disagree with riot stance on that. Haven't read what points are considered tho. I would rather have most champions be like aatrox or akali or yuumi and fight broken with broken, but that's my opinion. I know many other disagree. Yea, I don't speak german good enough
: Fix this whole season (worst meta so far with the worst changes so far)
Mages going botlane isn't a bad thing, but a good thing. It makes the game more interesting and less stale and it is balanced now. I would say it's even too few mages that go botlane atm. Urgot isn't overdesigned nor aatrox (but atroxx should get nerfed). The reworked rune system made many champions viable again too. People often forget that. Stuff like predator made champions like Skarner playable again for example.
Paronak (EUW)
: Removing Twisted Treeline will only hurt League.
At least come up with a new map to chill on when SR gets boring
: Are you just retelling old joke about Yorick being toxic (while Kassadin with silence, Riven with spam, etc were not toxic, lol)?
Kassadin got reworked too because of that.
: "Toxic" is just an excuse from developers to not touch champion and shove him under the carpet forever. Toxic or not, he was played. By few mains. Now there is even no mains. Nothing to main, because this mess I cannot name a Champion. PS. Garen is better splitpusher. Why play Yorick instead of Garen, just name a single reason.
I main him. Yorick have been picked in proplay this year, garen nt. Wonder why. Btw, Garen doesn't counter Yorick. I beat Garen most of the time when I play yorick.
Pre0tul (EUNE)
: ahahahahha
: Riot has just given up on Normals it seems
Well, I'm not sure, but it might be possible. I'm gold 2 on my main but on my smurf acc I one trick akali and I'm stuck in silver 3-4. That's because I'm only really good with a few champions. So I think this could be possible if the plat is a onetrick/doesn't care at all about normals and the bronze 4 is tryharding a lot in his normal games. Hard to tell tho if it's that or the system is broken
Albert (EUW)
: TFT needs it's own keybindings. I keep attack moving off screen.
Ah, so that's why I keep moving out of screen, wasn't sure why it kept happening... was really frustrating
: Don't unban Nubrac.
Good video that explains a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2LC1UQX7QI&t=414s
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3C4-pnMiGc& the problem with nubrac is the same with the singed player they all failed to communicate their strategy and refused to adapt properly to their team 1 persons happiness isn't worth 4 peoples sadness nubracs strategy is a viable strategy if executed with the proper team coordination a 50% win rate from 100 games in masters whith teams that are completely uncooperative and frequent afks proves that the strategy has merit his only problem is not communicating with his team about his intentions and following their compliance i wonder if people remember how the lane swap meta originated it still required the compliance of 3 members and 1 person being %%%%ed over this is the exact same requires 3 people to comply (mid and bot) and 1 person to get %%%%ed over (the adc) which is traded with the enemy mid being %%%%ed over mid Prio is also really important and adcs are really weak early so this strategy completely relies on an insane early/mid game snowball that can get out of hand easily strong strat poorly executed by a person that doesn't have the social intelligence to convey his idea properly does he deserve a ban? perhaps is it good that all pros are harping on him and flaming him in game? hell no
Did you even read about the singed player? He wrote a long text every game to explain to his team what he was gonna do.
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Poll: Should Nightblue3 get punished?
I don't like what happened, but this mob train and self-rightouse attitude from the community is pretty bad too. It's like a big mob
: Why do People have the need to smurf?
I smurf because there is no positional ranked. If I wanna see how high I can go on other roles or other champions I have to smurf, since Riot gave up on positional ranked. So if I wanna play ranked with akali I have to smurf if I don't want to demot on my main account. It's that simple for me
Backstard (EUNE)
: NO Champions are unbalanced and matchmaking works in advance of paying customers.
You didn't read or answer a single thing of what I wrote. No point writing to you since you obviously already made up your mind. MAybe league isn't for you and you should just give up and look for another game? Just an advice since you don't seem to find any enjoyment in this game anyway?
: Mordekaiser Can Auto Nexus in Ultimate...
Then they should make the ult not qssable after the initial channel too
: It’s hard cc, a new type called banish (you are being transported to another dimension and it does restrict your ability to attack and move so fits the bill) therefore it’s QSSable. And think about it without QSS it doesn’t exactly have any counter play besides hoping you can last... it definitely needed this interaction to be healthy
You can qss the channel
Azazel131 (EUNE)
: Why can QSS cleane mord ult
: > [{quoted}](name=TheKebabRemover,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=cbjUXQEA,comment-id=000100010001000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-14T01:36:19.172+0000) > > so its okay to qss morde R > but it's not okay to qss camille R? > > I just want the rules to be enforced, not this bs. > > Second of all, it's not CC. > You are free to move, attack, use abilities, and do whatever else you want. > You are not CC'd when you hit the edge of the walls. > It is simply terrain. You cannot just walk across terrain. > Hence, you cannot walk across. cc, means crowd Control, meaning that a snare Counts (you can stil atack and cast abilities) a slow, Counts you can still move atack cast abilites. is mordes r a spell which can "crowd Control", he can make you not able to atack cerrtan enemies. (like a taunt), while you still can move and cast abilites
And still you can't use cleanse for morde ult
: You can qss mordes ult
Totally agree, the channel and debuff should but not the ult. It's dumb actually
Backstard (EUNE)
: Actually someone is already on it...I was told that a part of Riots DB will be soon uploaded somewhere with all the proof you need...I don't know much about it but i'm looking forward for it.
Sure bro, nice comeback. But I don't belive you for a second considering the way you are writing. Did you get permabanned or something and is just mad now then tell us? Or you didn't, but idk
Backstard (EUNE)
: Then you need to get educated xD
You just like to argue for no reason, right? I'm not even sure I believe you are new and just want's to troll, but maybe you are what you say you are. Then I suggest you learn the game before you say anything. But I'm not gonna keep arguing with someone who just wants attention
Backstard (EUNE)
: The League of Legends experience so far...
Well, as you said, you are new so some champions might feel hard to play against. But instead of jumping to the conclusion that the game is unbalanced, maybe do some research first and learn about the game before that. You could for example learn how to play against yasuo by watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZDr8IMqg0o&t=910s . Or watch some of skillcapeds videos on youtube or go to summoner school on reddit. No, the matchmaking isn't rigged even if it might feel like it. It's just an excuse for people to blame when they don't win. Do you have ANY evidence for it other then anecdotal evidence from your own games (which probably is a low count since you are new). No, i didn't think so. Come back when you have ANY actual evidence more then your "feelings". You get bad games because there are 9 other people playing the game at the same time. Some just had a bad day at school and take it out in game. Someone's Wifi maybe just crashed or it is slow and so on. It's just normal and not because "Riot wants to troll you"... No, you don't get banned if other people report you if you are innocent. I would guess I've been reported (at least told by people in game they are gonna report me) many games, but I have never got banned even if I can be a bit toxic in game (not as much to warrant a ban tho, most of the time lol). You should start muting all if there is a lot of flame going on. That's what I've started to do and it feels good if people are starting to flame. I mean, it's a company so they mostly care about making money. Sure, there are maybe better game companies out there, but for the most of the time I feel like Riot do a good job with game design, transparency (like letting us see what goes on behind the scenes of balancing and so on) or letting us vote for what VGU or skin we want. Sometimes the critque is warranted, but usually the community overreacts.
Tectonic (EUW)
: New Mordekaiser feels just right
They nailed it tbh. Very good VGU
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: The most intresting part about her is her name. Everything else is meh at first glance....we'll see if she ends up being zed or bard.
But her ending is just a nother ana/anna (like Shyvanna/Morgana/Orianna and so on), it's also a bit unoriginal tbh
: So first people complain a champ looks too complicated, making it ''broken'' and champions look like Disney character and calling it cancer. Now Riot releases a simple champ which could be fun, and now it's suddenly boring. Community 2k19 be like..
BEcause it's different people complaining? And no one said being a simple champion is boring, but that it's a generic, unoriginal design that's the problem. Sure, I could play other champions, but her kit seems fun so why can't I complain that her design is bad. Compare her to Taliyah that is simple, but is well designed for example. Qyianna is not and that's the problem.
Fhaca (EUW)
: Why is it forbidden to hope for death to other players?
I guess you mostly wrote this post for attention seeing, but if not and can't see why it's wrong to tell people you want to see them dead because of a video game, well...
: So Akali is currently sitting at roughly around a 42% winrate...
45 %* https://na.op.gg/champion/akali/statistics/top
: > [{quoted}](name=RespectfuIRobbie,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=t3xjKIy4,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-27T21:28:47.447+0000) > > I just think it's one of the most blatantly op champions I've played against Toplane, I thought he was nerfed and now people play him again? > > He just Qs you into a slow into 2 autos and eats you, while buidling full tank and out damaging you with seemingly few to no counterplay unless my junglers camp me. > > Anyone know how to counter him in any possible way? I just can't seem to get a break vs Tahm Kench. > > Ps: Riot nerfed support Kench instead of Toplane Kench good job Riot Don't get hit by Q or play a champ with a dash? It's not like his Q is point and click. It's a skill shot blocked by minions. His W doesn't deal that much damage (they took of A LOT in the last change); unless he puts more than one point into it but then his Q is really weak and on an 8 second cooldown, which means he can't Q after his W. Also he has no wave clear. I see that people start playing him Top now but I don't quite get what is so "OP" about it.
His autos applies the debuff too though, so even if you dodge the q he can still eat you from his auto attacks.
: ***
Yea, the boards are ridiculus sometimes. I don't understand it either. Now, to your question, yes I agree. More champions should be made viable for proplay. That way we won't have this balance issues in low elo since most champions would be good enough in pro play.
: I don't play Akali but I honestly think at this point they need to come public like they did about 5.0 Kog'Maw and admit it was a failure and revert her. Akali has received nothing but nerfs ever since her rework all because they want to try and balance around the "True Stealth" mechanic she has. **It hasn't worked... either remove the True Stealth mechanic and revert the majority of the nerfs or revert her completely.** Biggest Issue with Akali's rework **IN MY OPINION** is that there's too much emphasis on being fun to play and not a lot on the counterplay side of things.
Yea, that's what the community said about Zoe, Aatroxx, Urgot and others. It took an annoyingly long time to get these champions fixed, but they've done it before. I think they will do it with Akali too.
MarioSinged (EUNE)
: Mb when I created the main comment I was not speaking properly and perhaps didn't give a clear statement. What I meant to say is that I have encountered 6 (almost consecutively) games where people willingly started feeding INTENTIONALLY. I am sure riot doesn't agree with this behaviour and maybe they 'll get banned but the problem remains, why do they have to destroy the MMR that I have struggled to perfect the past ~30 games (I have a sec acc aswell). Some even admitted at the end of the game that they inted because they hate smurfs, but this is obviously not cool as they waste both my and 7 others time. W.e I am alright now just weird onliners nowdays.
Okay, yes I think many people get frustrated when they hit their actual elo and they can't influence games the same way anymore. Then, when they die one or two times they start to feel like games are lost and tilt and int. Maybe. Have happened to me at least when I have plateued.
: So when are we stopping Neeko top?
Was gonna write something about it. It's so tilting to play against a neeko top even if you play something tanky. She do so much dmg atm and you can't engage on her or get close because of her snare and ult. She is really close to getting on my perma ban list instead of yasuo. If she was played a lot more I would probably stop banning Yasuo just for her. She is fine mid and bot/supp since you can play around her range, but if you blind pick or don't play ranged toplaners it will be a painful game.
MarioSinged (EUNE)
: Low elo is insane
Well, gold players make more mistakes. You need to identify them and punish every mistake they do. Maybe in diamond people don't make the same mistakes, so you are not used to punish those mistakes since they don't make them. Punish for pushing lane too much, overstaying, taking bad fights and so on.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: I dont always get sarcasm sadly:/
: Welp RIP MSI finals.
They just beat the best korean team, so no?
JustClone (EUNE)
: I do not miss the point. I am just saying that if the guy is aiming for something better than 38% win rate, he should learn to play it the right way, instead of learning it the wrong way. This is all.
Well, you just missed the point and doesn't understand what I was trying to say. Not sure if you read that post from Rumble mains (who supposedly know their champion better then anyone here). Btw, a fact is that the best Soloq player in the world, Dopa/Apdo, doesn't use quick cast an almost any ability so obviously it doesn't have to handicap you even at that level. If it helps your reliability and accuracy more (like Rumble ult and what OP asked) then it doesn't have to handicap even the ranked 1 in Korea. Playing with or without quick cast in this case isn't necessarily either right or wrong. I prefer quick cast most of the time, but it isn't necessary to get to challenger or even ranked 1 in Korea as he says here: > The champions he never plays are Leblanc and Yasuo, and this is because he never uses smartcasts (quickcast) except for three skills (Jayce E+Q, Khazix E+Q, Fizz Ultimate). He believes not using smartcast isn't for everybody, but he is past the point where his reaction time can cover the fast reaction smart keys give you. That being said Leblanc and Yasuo need smart keys 100% in their kit so he doesn't like playing them. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3yz1zi/dopaapdos_qa_tipsstories/ But whatever, I'm done with this pointless exchange of words. Wishing OP good luck and hope my advice can be helpful for him.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Can you be more specific? What exactly "worked well" for you? You have lost 20 from 32 games (38% win rate). On a perfectly balanced champion... And all this in gold elo... And why do you think it takes you 0.1 sec more with normal cast? I am sure in the best case scenario it is 0.2-0.4; Maybe double if your reflexes are not extremely good. If you wanna make another Rumble with that will have that low win rate, sure, advise him to manual cast... You and that guy, wont be the last rumbles. But that champion has potential, it sees enough pro-play and it is worth to make it your main. And for that you need to play it as good as you can.
You are missing the point. Starting to use normal cast on his ult instead of smartcasting it lets me get a lot of good ultimates off that I would otherwise have missed in my ranked games. Doesn't mean I got the champion as a whole to work out as I wanted. And as I said, google smartcasting or normal cast Rumble ult and you will see that it is a common advice. This is a post on the Rumble mains reddit about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rumblemains/comments/6bwmtl/smartcast_or_not/ The general opinion seems to be that it's up to preference, so using normal cast on his ult isn't the road to wood division since like many Rumble mains use that. I'm not gonna bang my head against a wall to convince you, but if OP read this he should at least try it because I'm pretty sure it is gonna help him from how he frames the question. If he wants to go pro I guess he can switch to quick cast on Rumbles ult later.
: Random sounds after death
Happened to me too a few times, it's weird
: > [{quoted}](name=Dorans Pants,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IZzAE995,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-25T14:13:15.839+0000) > > "I don't think lulu needs a gameplay update." > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} > W: point and click, the only ability with varied use (usually still obvious) > E: point and click, always your carry outside of early laningphase > R: point and click, always your carry > Q: is cool but the least impactful ability > > And most of it is just stats > > If I wanted to name one champ I could fall asleep while piloting it would definitely be lulu. None of her spells are somewhat heavily outdated or just unfitted for the game imo. Champs like Rammus are far more simple and still fine imo. Meanwhile champs liek morde feel so clunky and unfun to play...
The spells aren't outdated I'd say, but most of them are point and click abilities and that is outdated. Point click polymorph is pretty toxic. Just make it a skillshot and it would be a good spell. Same with her shields and stuff.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Son, I do respect you. But if someone wants to get advise, he should be given the best advise. If this guy wants to become high elo rumble player, he will have to learn to react to quick. So that those few extra ticks do the trick for his team. The last thing you will have to think about when your J4 or Ori ult, is to click 100 times on the screen. Your ult is needed and it is needed NOW. Technically, you should start casting it even before that J4 has finished landeding... Every manual cast is at least 0.2-0.3 seconds added to your reaction time.
Yes, but that's excatly what he is having trouble with, smart cast on Rumbles ult since he can't control it and then it's better to try with normal cast first since it helps a lot. I did play Rumble in Gold elo and normal casted his ult and it worked very well for me, so it's a solid advise if he wants to make Rumbles ult work for him. At least he should try it out before anything else. You just drag it out and use one extra click. I haven't felt like i needed that 0.1 sec extra dmg over the added reliability. I don't like normal cast on other spells, but it's very useful for me with Rumble. This is one high elo Rumble player: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmGzP7PmxuA
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