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: New Garen is disgustingly overpowered
Commenting Yu-Gi-Oh! on posts to show riot that I'm a tcg player and get that access to LoR beta :^)
Kakashi500 (EUNE)
: help me disenchant/reroll shards
Commenting Yu-Gi-Oh! on posts to show riot that I'm a tcg player and get that access to LoR beta :^)
: What ever happens. Riot is my hero.
Commenting Yu-Gi-Oh! on posts to show riot that I'm a tcg player and get that access to LoR beta :^)
: Upcoming Payment System Changes
Commenting Yu-Gi-Oh! on posts to show riot that I'm a tcg player and get that access to LoR beta :^)
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hfghd (EUNE)
: there is something wrong with esports rewards
It's pretty common unfortunately and afaik there's no fix other than dumb luck. I've got 301 recorded games watched this year but I had to watch a lot more than I wanted to get the rewards. Bugs carried over to the team passes too so I think it's just how the system works out if you're watching or not. Pretty sure I got all 3 games watched after just viewing 1 today. I'd say just wait and put the vod's on at a later time as you can run them in the background while you play.
Cefurion (EUW)
: Banned for 14 Days for no Reason.
I'd say that's pretty deserved if I'm honest. You need to be muting people rather than talking to them in chat. Even if what you're saying is true and said with the best intentions (which I doubt), it comes off as flame and offensive. Take the ban as a time to relax, focus on your own gameplay and make use of /mute all. gl dude.
: You disconnect me, I lose LP
Riot has put in a lot of work over the past few years talking to ISP's all over Europe to help more players get a stable connection. For myself, my ping has dropped from from 32 to 25. It would be nice to have a connection tester in client, however I recall there being some technical reason why this wasn't an option.
v4lge (EUW)
Your LP gains are based on your MMR (Match Making Ratio) which is an invisible number that says how good you are at the game. Each division has an average MMR which you are either above or below. If your rating is higher than average, you get better LP gains and if you're lower then you'll receive less. At 17LP I'd probably guess you're pretty close to where you should be. Your MMR goes up when you win and down when you lose, but unlike LP it isn't affected by dodging, so you can always leave a champ select if you want to keep your LP gains higher.
: I can not login to support
Hey, I've just tried that for myself and it seems to be working for me. It did take a little while so just bear with it. If it's giving you a login screen, make sure that your region is set correctly as it often defaults to NA.
: ill just leave this here
What's the problem here?
SpasmenoS9 (EUNE)
: Riot stop nerfing Akali
Tbh akali feels fine to play in either mid or top. She has a good laning phase top and a varied one mid which is how it should be.
: how good is diamond 3?
There's an ocean of players below you, but a huge skill gap ahead of you.
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Gyuka (EUW)
: What is this guys ?'d you. You went afk for 7 mins. On a side note you got 48cs at 10 mins, you did no damage even with 5 items and you've got the wrong keystone.
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Sian (EUW)
: Looking for friends! ^-^
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: I really like these cute and well-formatted posts ^-^
Thank you :3 I wouldn't let them do a boring post xD {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: Since the newest patch whenever I click on edit rune page in champ select...
Tot0 (EUW)
: New & upcoming club recruiting members <3
What are your opinions on your song entitled "Africa"?
: Hi im new to the game
Http:// Should do you for the champions Http:// Should do you for runes and builds
: Not sure why you are blaming the game for having a stupid playerbase. It's not the game's fault that people don't take Ranked seriously for example. It's a typical Western problem. Meanwhile in China and Korea....
In Korea the mids afk if they don't get 2nd blue buff....
: Urgot is too damn Over Powered! Nerf or Delete him PLEASE
"It's not me that's wrong, it's the game"
: Permanently banned for toxic behavior
You agreed to the terms of service so it's up to you to abide by them.
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: Help with hand signed Fnatic mousepads
In all seriousness though try @ing them on twitter - they're usually pretty hot on the responses
: Help with hand signed Fnatic mousepads
I don't know where they're from but I'll take one xD
: Merkai Gaming - Community.
Today I played a game. It was. {{champion:12}}
: Merkai Gaming - A Fun little Community
Did you know that a banana is not a fruit, but actually a berry. Banana's don't grow on bushes or trees, but actually the worlds largest herb. {{champion:432}}
: Meraki Gaming - Custom ARAMs, Punk Music, Drunk People! + Serious Stuff too ;)
Bananas are a not a fruit but are actually a berry. Bananas don't grow on trees, but the plant they grow on is actually classed as a herb.{{champion:268}}
: Looking for (fun) players! (EUW/EUNE)
Anyone is welcome to come down =^.^=
Dublinia (EUW)
: Wyrm Gnosis recruiting NOW!! [EUNE & EUW]
Dublinia (EUW)
: Wyrm Gnosis recruiting NOW!! [EUNE & EUW]
Say my name........ DeeJee Kalid
Dublinia (EUW)
: Wyrm Gnosis recruiting NOW!! [EUNE & EUW]
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Liting (EUW)
: Mute PING button
In my experience, the people who get annoyed at pings are the people who think they know everything. The same people who say "YES I KNOW THE ENEMY JUNGLER IS COMING", and then die to the gank because they pushed up anyway.
12a12b12d (EUNE)
Them feelz when orphan :'(
DireXcon (EUNE)
: "Just counter pick"
* If you like playing a champion, you should be able to play them into bad matchups. * Learning counter picks for common champions gives you an advantage, so you should make an attempt to learn them. * Counter picking is one way of having a balanced champion, so yes, it should be used to defend a champion.
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: Death's dance + recall
It's a bleed, you are taking damage, damage cancels recall. It's the same as any other bleed (Darius, Talon) Same as Ignite Same as Poison Same as any DOT
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