: Nerf Sett
did u actually think riot would nerf a broken champ?
Voltago (EUW)
: We need more bans Riot
ur fault u cant play against them good champs
: >she just thought i was flaming her bc i told her she was sleeping and afk ... and she was apparently right. >"PuShIng iS bEtTeR tHeN [sic] KiLls" mf - 2020 ... which can also be correct. Tell me again which is the winning condition for this game. Having the most kills, or destroying the enemy nexus?
if u can kill them u can free push. if u just push u can easely get killed
Roxãs (EUW)
: pushing is actually better than stupid kill chasing
but did i say we should chase them kills? no, if we fkn kill them first then we can win its not hard,
Kronborg4 (EUW)
: So why am i in silver again
man i know exactly how u feel, silver people are just too bad for the game and their ego is just too big to get help its just insane
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Wex0r (EUW)
: Its just mentality if you win games you are motivated and probably positive with your team. When you loose 1 game its usually not so bad but if you loose 2 in a row your attitude can go south fast and impact further games. The problem with this is its all subconscious and while the win streak isnt a problem the loose is. This is where pro teams have a psychologist onboard to help the pro's reap the benefits from the win streaks teach them how to let go of the loose streaks. So in short Embrace the win streak , When you loose take a break or play an ARAM anything that will help with likeset to allow you to go into the next game fresh. Also Pro Tip : Encourage your team , Simple things like thumbs up emotes and WP in chat after good plays can boost moral/performance. GL on the rift {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
dude ur mental state dont change the fact that ur team sucks
Cãitlyn (EUW)
: play support. Especially enchantress like lulu and nami. that way you can reduce feeding in your team which increase your chance to win. So you dont need 1v9 . be good support and make 5v5.
thats a good point actually but its boring to play support bc u cant really do anyting
: season 10 is full of trolls nice game
i dont think people should get banned for flaming, bc flaming dont kill the game or match, its the feeders if u hadnt noticed, they ruin the game.
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dont play draft idiot
: It wouldn't be so bad if people in normals would actually try to learn and win more. lol You don't lose because 1 opponent is diamond, you lose because of your actions. I agree that matchmaking in normals is bad, but that doesn't justify such a defeatist attitude. The worst thing is if players give up mentally just because they see somebodies rank.
i lose bc they out skill me %%%%%%
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