: GodHasForsakenUs.jpg
If this exists than there was no god in the first place
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: Do you have any good MOBA's to reccommend?
nesfir (EUW)
: so why flame.... might as well just run instantly mid. since it's the same
Or you could no neither of those things at all
nesfir (EUW)
: which should be kept for trolls scripters hackers.
In other words, people who break the rules. Being a %%%% is breaking the rules
: lmao ur just like feminists. get triggered by everything. OMG SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET PRESSED THE LTTERS "E" AND "Z" CONSECUTIVELY BETTER REPORT HIM! like boi mute button exists for a reason
The report button ALSO exists for a reason
ee tt q (EUW)
: Just balance the whole game and remove the flash
If flash is removed, champions with built in mobility will just get way stronger. This ESPECIALLY includes Kalista
: we need a MEME section
We already have one https://i.imgur.com/QD5GSdX.png
24thDiK (EUW)
: Can't Riot just stop using " Victory " or " Defeat " at the end of the games?
Krubaver (EUW)
: how can I get less trash teams?
You get matched with people similar to your skill level. So if you don't wanna get matched with trash, be less trash yourself
: Project: Vayne + Evelynn Voice lines? (Possibly Evelynn skin?)
PROJECT Vayne and normal Vayne have very different backstories. If PROJECT Vayne's parents died, it would have been due to something other than Eve
It's almost like URF isn't supposed to be balanced or something
tystys (EUW)
: The NEW Health Bars Should Be An Option
>If this doesn't get taken seriously I'll start a riot!!! kek
: Perma banned player for toxic makes new account gets all 4 honors within 13 levels
: Voice chat? Srsly?
Convenience. No need for everyone to add each other on discord or install discord or avoid their innate romantic feelings for discord
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: What the !"#¤ Riot?
ChunkyHan (EUW)
: False chat banned
: League Displays Bug/Easter Egg?
Um Yeah I got nothing https://i.imgur.com/WZtYH7b.png
: too many cancer champions
Do you tan easily?
: Dual type champion
So basically Jayce
Rismosch (EUW)
: _Disclaimer I am not an art specialist_ As an active boards user, I have seen like all of your drawings, and I would like to give some feedback if you like? For one, all your drawings look flat. Like, they don't have volume, they don't look 3d. Also Your colouring is flat, you only use one color; your shading is always just one different colour. Maybe add some light, or the refractions of it. Use a gradient. Especially a gradient could help to make your drawings look less flat. Also be more creative with your background, it always has just one colour; this is broing. If you want to keep the background simple, add some abstract shapes that complement the design of your figure. On the creative side you have some good ideas, you try crazy things out. Anatomy looks also okay, but again it looks a bit flat. Give your characters volume.
Thanks for the advice, i'll try experimenting with volume at some point
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AstralDream (EUNE)
: ***
Why in god's name would being bad at the game be punishable
: Can I get banned if I trolled 1 time in 2 years ?
Probably not. First offenses rarely get you a perma Just make sure not to do it again, mmkay?
AstralDream (EUNE)
: ***
My point still stands If you're going to to get mad when your teammates are bad, then you should not be playing a team game
AstralDream (EUNE)
: This game is horrbile
If you can't handle bad teammates, then you shouldn't be playing a team game
PhantomBD (EUW)
: What happened to the Riot judgement about behavior?
: She was the Ionian priestess or whatever in the Varus comic.
: [rant] Thanks for backstab, really appreciated it
TIL having gays incorporated in any way in your story is forced
: There is no point playing anything that isn't AD based at the moment
>Jhin should not be able to take Arcane Comet Why not?
: Remove the option to ban "none"
>People obviously use this as a troll pick That's a rather brash assumption
: Tired of new champs and champ updates
The production of new champions doesn't affect the updating of old champions in any way whatsoever
: The Tribunal System
There's a few reasons why the tribunal was removed. 1. It was slow. Since a player had to wait to get their case reviewed, then wait again for a consensus from revieiwing players, it would take a long time for them to actually get banned/forgiven. 2. Cause their was so many different opinions in the tribunal floating around, sometimes people could just get away with shit. If every player reviewing a case believed that flaming is okay, that flamer would get off scott free
: Banned for 14days no reason
>"Banned for no reason" >Presents exact reason why they were banned Shush
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: Being toxic in chat does NOT mean not trying to win or play the game correctly!
El Ni Shu (EUW)
: Why I am quitting League of Legends
Have you ever considered that the reason you're in bronze is not because your teammates are bad but instead that YOU'RE not very good?
: Are you serious?
>Runaway Child: you are bad support Voila Right off the bat you're criticizing your teammate for no reason
Rytia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iUgJ1OsE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-25T09:22:54.884+0000) > > Telling people to kill themselves is *not* playing it cool. Just fyi. K.Y.S can mean anything between earth and sky , so it cant be read as kill youself automatically
Oh please, don't act like you didn't mean it that way, we all know you did
Shavock (EUW)
: Riot's picture is in the dictionary, under "Incompetence"
Shao Sin (EUW)
: riot are being greedy again stop buying rp
Altiverse (EUNE)
: The PROJECT event is supposed to be today...
It's today. Expect something in a couple hours
: ***
I think someone's infant crawled along their keyboard
Modifi (EUW)
: 10 Gemstone Skins, did anyone buy any yet?
There's a new Hextech exclusive Kog skin coming if you're interested
: Nerf Yasuo
Git Gud
: Okay, that was the last chance I gave this game.
: Can't she be Lancer Six? This is a cool concept for Vi though.
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