: FPS Problems and Freeze Frames in Game!
Similar issues here, hoping it's not just me
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waffles262 (EUNE)
: new skin set "plague doctor set"
There's already a plague doctor skin for Singed
Kasadya (EUW)
: 8 years and ur a gold player? i think that explains a lot.
See, this is exactly why you're getting banned.
: perma banned 16 times
All the things you could be doing with your time and THIS is how you spend it? :/
Kasadya (EUW)
: How are players supposed to not be toxic ?
Well i've played for 8 years now and not been overly toxic once so clearly it can't be that hard
: Random: "My city was hitted by a Tsunami. A lot of victims need help. Idea?" Sellorekt: "That's so cool. Nami is my favourite champion!" xD
No one: Sellorekt: "That's so cool! Sona is my favorite champion!"
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: Should Riot stop punishing flaming?
No. Flaming is a legitimate issue and something that should be heavily discouraged
Mikukaeru (EUW)
: Alright then, don't expect anyone to care about your ranked climb either. We'll test our champions there, maybe try some janna jungle and what not. Can't get in some serious practice in normal drafts, F it. We'll do it in your ranked games where some people might actually be tryharding af. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Players VS Riot
Are you suggesting that bad players be legitimate punished and banned? Because that's a terrible idea
JesRect (EUW)
: Tell me something Trolls are one thing, Toxic people are one thing. What would you call a person who is being toxic to a troll?
Somebody being toxic
iTObdOTi (EUW)
: F* your
>Do not even try to say that crap we have people looking over every single game to make sure all decisions are justified Literally nobody is saying that
J0hnnyNSK (EUNE)
: Unban
Show the chat logs and it'll show whether you flamed or not Oh and before you ask no, responding to someone flaming you with flame doesn't get you off the hook
JesRect (EUW)
: Have you ever watcched any one of their devs video where they keep say "We are a Player Favoured (Whatever that means) company...... Explain how is removing players from the game Ehmm Perma bans is player favoured?
Removing troublesome players is something that favors the vast majority of players. The same way that locking up criminals favors society at large
JesRect (EUW)
: Why do you have the authority?
>what gives Riot the authority to decide how an individual is suppose to play a video game more so what gives them the authority to punish or in worst cases take away someone's favourite video game from them. The fact that it's their video game and they can run it however they want. You aren't paying to play so they don't owe you a god damn thing. Oh also it was stated in the TOS that you agreed to that they can do whatever they want to your account sooo
: Oi how come I got perma'd
>GONZ0: %%% >GONZ0: kiss your sister Don't tell me you were actually trying to salvage a "K Y S" by making it something else Everyone knows what it means, my dude
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: To the attention of all LOL players
Lemme guess, banned for flaming?
Akiliieeii (EUNE)
: i mean I get that but there are probably other cases that have been like this that haven't even gotten a slap on the wrist of course it's not justified but still... I felt that it should have been a 5 game chat restriction cause it wasn't that heavy of an insult considering the fact I said ''%%%'' could mean i meant kiss your sister.
>could mean i meant kiss your sister. Literally nobody is going to interpret "k y s" as anything other than "Kill yourself"
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Requıem (EUW)
: Why isnt Riot making skins for the champions that need them?
Tahm Needed a skin. He's getting a new skin. Sounds like they're doing exactly what you ask
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
Kindred Wolf barely does anything despite the fact that the influence of the champion is meant to be pretty 50/50
Febos (EUW)
: Not gonna lie... I chuckled at that. https://wallpaperstock.net/wallpapers/thumbs1/39804wide.jpg Lemme guess, poods?
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: All champions should be free
That's a pretty unreasonable request considering the game's already free.
Eranoth (EUW)
: Bee Angery Emote
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FatJack2004 (EUNE)
: udyr is op and i whant to show you
That's not a one-shot tho
Rynor (EUW)
: The reform card shows you chat like "Go hide in bush" "Ban Leona", "I don't need gank".
You don't get banned for those though, just how Humpel's """"""Flame""""" wouldn't get you banned.
Rynor (EUW)
: > Okay first off, that was friendly banter. Second, you're REEEALLY trying to hard to find a strawman Nope, just proving some people don't get any punishment. If I had said that ingame, it would have shown up in the reform card and customer support will call me toxic. Does that look totally normal for you what the leadership do in RL to people in their company?
>If I had said that ingame, it would have shown up in the reform card and customer support will call me toxic. No you wouldn't because nobody, not even the automated system, would consider that flaming.
Rynor (EUW)
: > Well, yeah, obviously. It wasn't squirrels, at least as far I know. You seem toxic with this reply and judge people. I wonder how you don't get anything for these comments and players get bans for simple talks lol.
Okay first off, that was friendly banter. Second, you're REEEALLY trying to hard to find a strawman
: you guys sure are salty, you must be one of those toxic bad player
Just pointing it out like it is dude, I mean that' what you're advocating no?
KameZuk (EUW)
: I understand that Shaclone is aggravated with Riot Games/League of Legends and I do see how he is dealing with this very childish but some of the points he has brought up in his videos however I have to agree with him
Yeeeeeh but his whole like, general attitude kinda casts a bad light on anything he says. Like, a convicted murderer could make legitimate points about the justice system but at the same time he's an actual criminal so you're gonna be a bit suspish of what he has to say
Squaru (EUW)
: why can't rito make chat for people that aren't pus---ies and can wistand the word %%% its ficking game, if i say %%% i don't mind to to that , its just form of my frustration for people who inted my game when i have promo (imo) game has got to such a low community level they will not make better systems for people who are feeding , or for people who are flaming but they will gona make new skins and new thigs to buy to make money if this isn't kindergarten why i can't say F--u---c---k in the chat ? why i can't swear to have some fun(idk why tho) this game isn't for 3+ years old kids why chat rules are so strict
>this game isn't for 3+ years old kids Stop acting like one then
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: this is what a gamer need and don't
: It's decent quality and doesn't even implicitly mean homosexuality. Braum is a father figure, him kissing someone on the cheek can mean anything, Graves even looks really young. And I totally agree, devaluating the art because of the topic it depicts is somewhat immature. Especially if there's nothing wrong with the topic.
Well there's a pride heart so i'd say the gay-vibes are pretty clear
Hannimalu (EUW)
: Graves x braum fan art
I'm going to assume that the rampant downvoting is just cause of the subject matter. I think it's real cute and has a neat style. Honestly like, if two dudes kissing is enough to make you instantly downvote, you need to grow up my dudes
Dhoni (EUNE)
: Shaclone is right!
Or you could just, you know, not flame
: HOW RIOT WORKS for FAMOUS like TYLER1 and not famous!
Tyler didn't get any of his accounts unbanned though.
isindarcyne (EUNE)
: You should go finance yourself too, man. I don't see any insult there. If I spam GG it means I liked the game, what's the problem?
There is absolutely no way you meant anything other than "Go f*ck yourself" with that. Don't even try to pretend that
: Ekko supp is not bad if you have some experience with the champoin,only reason i chose it was because they had karthus taric so it isnt troll pick.
Okay but the point is that you intentionally chose something that you knew wouldn't help your team out of spite
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: Riot have become increasingly controlling and greedy
>So they increased the number of missions and made many missions only achievable in PvP modes. Oddysey
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