: [VS Event 2018] Fanfiction Contest Winners
Yo! Sorry i'm a bit late to the party but just wanted to say how happy I am to have won! Glad y'all enjoyed it :)
: So since mid and top champions are being played in botlane, you don't care that original botlane pro players are raging about these changes since those that should not be played on botlane are being played on botlane and are happy about it?
Okay well, what about the new kinda bot lane players that like the new variety? Are their opinions just bunk?
: If they don't revert botlane state soon, League of Legends will die.
Name me 3 pros that are actually quitting because of the changes And I mean actual pros, not some mooks with a mic
: i got permanently banned for telling my botlane they are bad
If you said one time "You're bad" then maybe it could slide But you were whining to and about your teammates aaaaaaaaaaaaaall game Deserved
: This honor system sucks ball!!!
Don't flame then Problem solved
sidub (EUW)
: SUGGESTION: New ban option with new results for bad plays
Yeah but bad players are already being punished by losing games and being low ranked. Giving them another punishment on top of that is just kicking someone when they're down
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Rismosch (EUW)
: A single player can lose you the game, but a single player cannot carry
Let's be real, it's just another way of saying "My team is bad thus I am not winning"
: [Fanfiction Contest] VS Event 2018: The God-King story is waiting to be written!
Yo. So mine's kinda long (About 1600 words, hope that's still eligible) and i'm not sure if we're supposed to just drop it in the comments like this, but here's what i got: _When the soldiers returned to their kingdom with bare faces and ruined armor, what they brought back with them dealt a heavier blow to the kingdom than any weapon. Demacia’s king was nowhere in sight, and in his stead at the front of the returning party, carried by four ironclad knights, was a single stone coffin. The town square near the city gates, which was usually abuzz with celebration and tribute whenever warriors returned, was at this time silent. There was no official relaying the horrific news, no screams or crying from the crowd. Several citizens collapsed to their knees in shock, faces devoid of emotion, but none spoke. The silence was deafening. Garen, struggling to keep his footing as he stumbled down the stone road, was barely able to keep himself together through it. He wanted to scream, he wanted to be the one fill the empty void of the city, but the guilt and the shame of being unable to protect his friend from a single Noxian suffocated him._ _Demacia mourned the loss of their king well over a week. The atmosphere of the city, usually proud and radiant, was much more sunken and defeated. Jarvan’s death was not the only burden the kingdom had to shoulder. The war with Noxus had reached its climax, and they had sustained several crushing losses already. The destruction to property and life was immeasurable, even the living petricite colossus, the very symbol of Demacia’s resolve, had been destroyed during the efforts to pushback Noxus. Yet even its destruction was nothing compared to the aftershock of Jarvan’s demise._ _Garen however did not have the luxury of grieving his best friend. Even when he hid himself away in solitude to mourne, he would still be ripped away by the royal administration and military officials to discuss matters of the crown._ _With no legitimate heir to speak of, there was no 5th Jarvan with which to inherit the title of king. With succession by bloodline now out of the picture, Demacia’s new lord would need to be selected through less….official methods._ _During his life, Jarvan was very clear that should be fall before producing a suitable heir, his childhood friend Garen would be his successor. Garen would always laugh off these assertions whenever Jarvan brought it up, as if they were the drunken ramblings of his fellow warrior. He never imagined that possibility would become reality. Despite the honour, this didn’t help soothe Garen’s present mental state. Far from in fact. Garen failed to protect his old friend, now he was expected to replace him? He felt even more like Garen was spitting on the former king’s grave._ _Despite this, Garen reluctantly accepted the responsibility. Regardless of his feelings of inadequacy and guilt, Demacia needed a guiding hand in these trying times. And if it had to be him, so be it._ _Time went on and Demacia began to rebuild and recover. With a new king, the kingdom had a renewed sense of purpose, and the confidence of its citizens and warriors was greater than ever. Garen slowly managed to adjust to the tasks and responsibilities of king. Despite strong resistance, Noxus still clawed at their door, and Garen’s eyes were constantly set at keeping them at bay. With the shifting landscape of the kingdom and Garen’s life however, his mind too changed. What were once feelings of grief and guilt towards the loss of Jarvan became thoughts of anger. For the first time since, Garen started seriously considering the events of his friend’s death. During the battle of Blackiron Creek, Jarvan was slain from the shadows by a Noxian assassin. A magical assassin no less, who blasted Jarvan with a stream of violet thunder. Garen pondered greatly the magic involved there. Demacia had always been extremely cautious and defensive towards magic, but its role in their king’s demise justified an even stricter attitude to it. After this consideration, Garen gathered several of his most trusted advisors and generals for a special council, and put forward his new intentions._ _“Use magic?!” Zerone spat, the advisor caught off guard by the king’s decree.”_ _“Indeed.” Garen calmly responded leaning pensively forward in his throne, “Magic and sorcery has always been a thorn in our kingdom’s side. Even more insulting, it led to the downfall of our king. It is time we eliminate it from the equation.”_ _“But your majesty,” Zerone responded, “We have already made great efforts in that regard, Demacia has resisted and removed magic that posed a threat to our homeland for hundreds of years--”_ _“Correction.” Garen interrupted, “We have TOLERATED magic. We have purged it when found, and defended against it when our enemies use it against us. Perhaps it is high time we used that power for ourselves, strike our enemies back with their own weapon.”_ _Garen rose from his throne. Luxanna, who had was anointed Garen’s right hand advisor, nervously watched from the side of the throne, yet made an effort not to break her posture._ _“By order of your king,” Garen loudly spoke, “Any and all sources of magic within our walls are to be gathered and brought before me. To that end, any latent sorcerers in the city shall also be summoned. We...no, I will take this magic for myself and use it to defend our glorious kingdom.”_ _The whole room fell silent. After a brief moment Cleybyn, one of Demacia’s finest generals, raised his voice_ _“And if said any sorcerers should resist, your grace?” he questioned._ _Garen paused for a moment before responding._ _“Then they die.” He brazenly decreed._ _And thus by his order, any source of magic within Demacia was brought before the throne and used to increase Garen’s own power. Over several months, hundreds of latent mages were torn from their homes and forced to bequeath their power to their king. Most gave up their power, fearful of the consequences should they object. Those that did object were mercilessly struck down by the king’s own hand. Before long, Garen became a being of potent energy and power, and his incontestable role in the kingdom became more and more apparent._ _One night, within the royal chambersd Lux hastily shoved her belongings into a bag and shrouded herself in a hooded cloth. Lux had always struggled to hide her power from the military’s watchful eyes. With the kingdom’s even heightened attention to magic however, she believed it impossible to keep it hidden for much longer._ _Managing to sneak out of the castle and royal quarters, Lux made her way in the dead of night to the city’s edges. She was close to the city gates and was but a hundred metres from freedom. Freedom however would not be granted to her so easily._ _“Halt!” a familiar voice bellowed through the street. The sound shook Lux to her core, and she reluctantly turned back to her pursuers._ _About 20 or so royal knights encircled a blazing figure in the middle of the road several metres from Lux. A few of them stood aside to let their king pass. Lux could hardly recognize the figure’s radiant glowing eyes and pompous regal armor as that of her brother’s. Lux did her best to act cool and conjure some believable facade._ _“Ah brothe-- I mean, your majesty. I was simply going out for some fresh air.”_ _Garen scoffed_ _“In cloaked rags, without an escort, right next to the city gates?” The king inquired, “Do you take me for a fool, sister?” _ _Lux stuttered, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”_ _“There is no need for concern, sister.” The king responded calmly, “If you come back to the castle we will make sure your perjury is perfectly comfortable.”_ _Lux took a moment to process what her brother said, before regaining her posture._ _“So you knew?” She asked brazenly._ _“Power courses through me,” Garen responded, “Naturally i’d feel if my own bloodline had any.”_ _The king stepped forward his his arm outstretched. _ _“Come home sister, do what is right.” Garen offered warmly._ _Lux took a stepped further away from her brother. _ _“Right?”, She spat, “This isn’t right! You’re taking power that isn’t yours for yourself!”_ _“For the greater good, sister.” The king replied, calm as ever._ _“Good?” Lux cried, “Power, no matter the cost? Killing, torturing those that stand up to you? That’s not what a king should do….that’s no better than Noxus!”_ _That line struck a nerve in Garen, and he began approaching Lux more aggressively, his hand reaching for his blade._ _“Sister.” he began, “Do not betray your country like this. Do not betray your king.”_ _Lux’s eyes darted across the street. Her brother and the knights that followed him drew their weapons and came at her slowly. Any intention of taking her peacefully was now non-existent. Just as Garen was about to draw his weapon at her, she desperately conjured magic within her._ _A flash of light erupted from Lux’s palm, illuminating the empty street. The king and his guards were caught off guard and blinded for a moment. Even their godlike king could not keep his gaze unshielded. When the light subsided, Lux had vanished. Garen tensed up in anger. One of his guards approached him._ _“My lord, should we chase her?” the guard asked.”_ _Garen grit his teeth for a moment. He felt enormous feelings of anger and betrayal briefly. But he was above those feelings now, so they vanished quickly._ _“Let her go.” Garen decreed, making his way back towards the castle, “A god has no need to care for the fate of but one of his subjects.”_
Splitmeat (EUW)
onlyall (EUNE)
: Rio's Banning system
> I don't get it,and then u are asking why is ur game dying Aaaaaand there it is
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GPet (EUW)
: Heh, who remembers this? *very late monday morning hug*
: league is dying and not fun anymore
Surprise surprise, you don't actually believe or have any evidence that league is dying, you're just saying it to lash out
zammea (EUW)
: Why is league such a trash game currently
>He was fired (my opinion) That's not how opinions works...
ddx (EUW)
>Riot you cater to the worst kind of people and proceed to empower 12 year olds Irony
SikumKxx (EUW)
: it doesnt matter if its a good thing or not its freedom of speech and a game doesnt have the right to take that away does it, also if theyre getting flamed you can easily mute them cant you? getting flamed isnt bad, how soft can someone be to become insulted by words over a game by someone you have never met in your life its stupid dont you think
>it doesnt matter if its a good thing or not its freedom of speech and a game doesnt have the right to take that away does it, Freedom of speech allows for civilians to protest against the government or voice their opinion without interruption. It does not give you permission to be a jerk without consequences.
SikumKxx (EUW)
> fortnite or csgo you can be as toxic as you want yet you wont get banned Yeah and that's not a good thing. >not toxic players as long as theyre not doing anything to affect other peoples games. Actually they are. Flaming can easily lower your team's morale as well as cause it to revert into an absolute sh*tfest
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: This game is so "freaking crap" right now.
>"freaking crap" This is a hecking christian game sir
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SirDoctur (EUW)
: Then let's ban both not only ones that shout that they gonna kill me but ones that attack me too
I'm down for that. Your title just implied that flamers should be immune or something
SirDoctur (EUW)
: Yes im kind of person that won't sit in silence when someone is ruining the game for others on purpose. Im not telling i didn't deserved my ban. Sure i did in terms of rules. Read again my post. Im only saying that people who troll and int are not getting same treatment as people who rage. And second think i wanted to tell in my post is that i prefer to use "/mute all" and play with flaming good players that are doing their best than a trolls
>And second think i wanted to tell in my post is that i prefer to use "/mute all" and play with flaming good players that are doing their best than a trolls Yeah and i'd prefer to be stabbed with a knife than attacked by a swarm of acid hornets. However, I don't really want either
: Or just ban 50% accounts at random. Given how eager people are with throwing accusations of trolling and intentional feeding it'll pretty much work out just as well.
Sounds like that'd require a lot of effort, it's not just something you can do at the click of a finger
SirDoctur (EUW)
: Riot maybe start using bans on trolls, inters and less on people who are raging about those people?
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: Looks absolutley terrible, they'll make it £20 and say its all new yet it's just a weird ashe skin basically, grow up kid go play dota or minecraft.
This is bait I assume
: Wow that is actually amazing can you make for victorious Kayn
Perhaps Problem is though how you handle form changes with that. Shadow Kayn is Victorious and Rhaast is Championship? Idk
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: Is it just me or that looks fking good ?
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ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: It really doesn't matter if you're just normal toxic or hyper toxic. It's not fun to play with people who chat like that, even if there are worse.
Doesn't matter if i'm getting stabbed with a pencil or a chainsaw machete It still hurts so plz stop
Sileanand (EUNE)
: Is this worth being banned FOR
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: GJ Riot on nerf of Warwick
Do you tan easily?
Błuebird (EUW)
: tbh i think a pulsefire skin could possibly work on every champion in the game. just give them a sci-fi suit and some lazer animations. even pulsefire fiddlesticks could work
I mean i'd pay good money for Pulsefire Fiddle
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Shyntaoro (EUW)
: Riot go %%%% yourself
> It was just retaliations like 'uninstall', 'l2p' and 'this game is not for you, you should practise more in normals before ranked (like advice)'. Yeah and those are incredibly toxic
: >Stuck in Gold for 5 Seasons Yeah, its your Teams.
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: Riot Logic 100% is good
Do you tan easily?
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Jomos1000 (EUW)
: Remove tanks from game
Do you tan easily?
: Trivial post "crying about yasuo "
Rioter Comments
: Iam with you 100% . But there will always be crybabys {{sticker:sg-shisa}} who hit "report" button after every game becouse someone told them they suck on the video game. And RITO favors those crybabys so... i dont think they will ever unban permabanned accounts.
You don't sound reformed in the slightest
: Rengar, Le Blanc, Fiora better be next
Old Fiora was trash though
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