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: Nope If you break the rules you should be punished for it Riot doesn't want toxic people playing their game, so they punish toxicity Sure it might be better for the toxic people, because they wouldn't lose their accounts etc. But why would riot want to make toxic people happier when they are the ones breaking the rules and making others unhappy?
Tbh would be much funnier if riot just tagged the mas toxiccC and then just use it to matchmake them together.
: Just to clarify : I assume you mean to only hide **your** skin borders from showing to anyone including yourself, if you want to, and not hiding every other player's skin border from your screen, right ?
Yes, I would like to hide my own skin border hidden from me/other players. Tbh, wouldnt really matter if you could turn them off from everyone. But at least make it option to remove it from yourself.
: The entire punishment system is controlled by a computer system called the IFS and honestly we have very little information on how it works. Most of what we know is based on anecdotal evidence and speculation and there have been some rather disturbing stories of things people have been punished for. Riot are so concerned about people finding loopholes in their systems that they never tell us what is considered bannable, which is pretty stupid if you ask me. So yes, you could be punished for anything that is considered "negative" (i.e. anything that isn't "good job" or "well done" in chat). EDIT: It doesn't help that the IFS relies on player reports and this community is so messed up that it doesn't know the difference between trolling/inting and bad play. I just got called a troll because I "ultied the wrong person" as Sona. That's how %%%%ing stupid it is.
Tbh, not sure if you still would get banned if someone is running it d0wn and you tell them that good job, well done etc.
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