Rhymàr (EUW)
(ALL) chat is bugged and doesn't send the text you write to enemy team fifty percent of time! after selecting your rune in champion select it automatically changes to inspiration: the timeless rune ( a default rune) this bug is really annoying ( causing lose match ) this bug came out since patch 9.13 and i sent ticket 99999 times then i greet with useless bots . i also said that in boards like 30 times but there is no fix. i wonder what do you guys are doing there? creating another lux - ezreal skin?
: Tahm Kench nerfs
rito should change tahm kench exactly what they did in pyke. i am a pyke main but i am happy that none will abuse him in mid/top/jungle anymore! also some chamions like lulu ' bard etc requires this changes too!
: TFT Little heroes, skins for champions and more ideas @Riot
1- nocturne isn't void! 2-jarvan iv can't be a brawler! 3-nunu and willump better to be a brawler or a wild rather than a guardian! 4-caitlyn can't be a imperial or a ranger but she can be gunslinger! ( we never can't ignore a champion's nature! maybe we should check champions story)
: They have a PBE server.....but still actually lack the intelligence to use it...….in any way...….at all
people have pleasure in pbe instead . no one reported wukong one shot Q bug because that was funny! and now we have old wukong instead of new one!
: does riots brainlagging and refusal of accepting the truth that game is broken cuz of tft count as bug?
you forgot the most annoying bug in champion select when you select runes it changes to inspiration the timeless rune i lost some matches because of it(carried over patch 9.13) and also a bug from patch 9.13 when you play as mordekaiser against a mordekaiser that has rylai's crystal scepter and he uses ult then you use ult : your health starts to decay until you die it happened to me killed me when i was in 50%hp and no enemy was nearby!
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: "First Win of the Day" Mission
thank you again{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Only via FWotD if you come at least 3rd--or if you spectate until somebody else wins, I think.
thank you for information but unfortunately i do not know what is FWotD
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: He falls off heavily late game, he’s all about punishing melee units he’s got nothing to help him handle any late game activities so he defaults back to a support. And he’s got changes on the pbe that outright kill both top and support.
he falls off late game? maybe you re lucky and you did not see that tahm kench 40% cooldown move. he can stun ' eat ' stun ' eat ' stun ' eat ' stun ' eat and when you think you re a bruiser or adc or mage that can kill him he only uses Q ' shield ' Q ' shield ' Q' shield ' Q' shield ' Q ' shield and basic attacks then a triple kill when both you and tahm kench level 18. but fortunately a flash to behind ally minions can save you but if you flash away he can use his q and then the cycle begins! i am very happy that riot tries to nerf him!
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: Quiyana in Aram
i don't know twisted treeline has water ( river) ??? if it has so i am blind when i am playing it {{champion:202}}
Dewritoes (EUW)
: HOT TAKE: I don't think you should get Blue Essence for playing TFT.
tft has a lot of problems in gameplay ' bugs' balance so it is really unnecessary to care about BE and XP if i have 3 star dab user penguin then still i will use river sprite. it is so cute and free for everyone.(i still use it. it is really more cute than others) in fact they are just pixel-legends and planning for them to get as free or without using loot boxes looks unacceptable. don't forget that we should be comfortable with gameplay and balances not skins. > they could give you more eggs to hatch for free. But also, this is Riot, so that probably won't happen. league of legends is free to play so making microtransactions free to get looks a bad idea making everything requires fund and living requires money too. they re giving us too much more than what is exepted. to be honest i want to get skins for free to but when i think that riot tries hard to create a beautiful skin' causes me to even don't use skins that i got from free boxes.{{champion:202}}
Timarius (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SonOf SakuraTree,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=M25rQPHh,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-07T11:20:29.148+0000) > > yes i want to all get same amount of items. can i ask how did you get that akali icon? what event was?
i bought this icon with 2500 blue essence this icon is random in mini icon boxes. you can get it randomly in essence emporium event that happens 2 times every year!
Nais (EUW)
: LOL don't worry, the curse of awful item RNG gets to us all, but yeah as Timarius stated, the golden eggs just signal each extra gold you will generate each round. They're a good indicator of your enemies' economy too.
yes i want to all get same amount of items.
Timarius (EUW)
: this is not egg boost, those "eggs" are like gold chest, the more you have, the more passive gold you earn at the end of a match, example, if you have 3 (30 gold) you will earn 3 more gold, up to 5, that's nothing related to items, items are completely random
Amoustafa (EUW)
: A Story to tell.
it is the art for most beautiful creature ( JHIN ) {{champion:202}} i don't know why people downvotes? #Amoustafa made an art and if people don't understand his/her senses so #Amoustafa may choose a hard and horrible way to make them understand!!! so he/she will wear a mask and master a four bullet hand cannon + long ancient rifle then #Amoustafa will be ready for art show! then people must listen and upvote the #jhin_is_beauty truth NEWS: four man murdered in their home with the same kill method. agent visimi saloyi says: the killer seems to be an artist and killed their victims with a flower combined gun . also the killer was dancing while they was about to die . our special soldiers are wounded on a blossom_like traps. we are trying our best to track this criminal
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: But you still have arcane sweeper which gives you vision score, thus you still need to use it well for a high grade (I’d bet gnar was using his a lot) And vilemaw ain’t the only objective, you’ve got towers and objectives which contribute... if your just killing and leaving the pushing to allies you won’t get a high score
i get 3 tower and one inhibitor and i used that trinket more than gnar
: Getting an S shouldn’t be an easy feat... that’s why you get rewarded for it. And it isn’t restricted to rank, having a good game on a champion will net you a good score, but you need a good score across the board... kills won’t cut it. Wards and objective damage is usually where people fall down.
there is no ward in twisted tree line and we kill twisted treeline's big monster in top of lane and that one is enough for 20 minutes
Zanador (EUNE)
: "Oh hey guys, i still need about 60 CS for an S and if we kill nashor and end the game, i won't get it, so i'll just let you guys get aced there by the enemy so i can get a better rating." I don't know about your experience, but that would definitely increase toxicity in the matches i've played. Plus i'm generally against suggestions that would cause people to ignore their team and winning the game in order to get better personal rewards. Your suggestion just seems to fit that category perfectly.
yes you re really right and i agree with you because of that mechanic riot made now i decide to play pantheon support for S- because not many played pantheon as supp :/
: It’s based on your performance compared to everyone who played that champion in that role... so your being compared to every ryze in TT, while that gnar is being compared to every gnar in TT... so your being held to different standards
wow so in whole EUW... there is no gnar player that has better performance than 2/4 ?!? gnar is even op and has no mana perma Q edit= his damage done was very very very low too
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: to reduce the bots on ur side u have to play with premades its the only way lmao
why a game with millions of fans and players should have bots ?
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: Ignore his advise, hes awful and can't play the game very well, do all the other stuff but anything that clown recommends is going to make you worse.
he is not your enemy :) we are friends {{champion:202}}
JustClone (EUNE)
: I do not need you to tell me anything. Everything I share is from your data, from your account. Since I have no information about your friends account (and it is better that you do not give this information, because account sharing is punished by permanent ban of that account). All I could do is check how you perform in your current account, on the same champion. Lets check the game you played as kayn, from few hours ago: Again decent score 10/4/5, for 43 min. This is cool... But overall performance, again beyond bad. Same problems that I have seen before... 1) control wards purchased for 43 minutes - 0. No warding. No help in the map control... Trinket not upgraded. You rely entirely on your team to do it for you. As I said you need to work on it. 2) Combat problem. You have the lowest damage on champions. Lower even than your support. This is next to no impact on the fights. Work on it... Man this shows the same problems. In every single game with kayn you have the same problems. Very very poor overall performance. The only positive thing is that you are not giving gold to the enemy... But afk players don't give gold also, so this is not enough. Open your profile, go to stats, pick Kayn, and compare it to other players. IT WORKS FOR ME. NO ONE IS PERFECT. I do this at least once per week. Yesterday for example: Click compare to plat zyra supports. And I see: vision score per hour... ok Im fine with this... Damage per gold...kk.. Damage per death... ok... KILL CONVERSION RATIO AND OBJECTIVE CONTROL. %%%% MY LIFE. It went down by ~1/5 compared to other zyra supports. So next 2 games, instead of masturbating in lane after a kill, I tried to take some objectives... It worked... I followed 1-2 dragon calls. Some more extra pushing... It rised a bit... I'm sure when I finish the next 20 games with zyra, I will be ok in those two stats also. No one is perfect, son. But we cannot let ourselves make the same stupid mistakes over and over... I'm sure you can also learn from them and get better.
thank you for your advice as i said champion stats shows 3 months ago but i found a website that tells me my weakness on every champion just like what you said! i will compare my performance with other pro players to get better result! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Kills mean nothing if all you did was clean up as your damage was low, also 1 turret is pretty bad when they have 11 and then you have 2 assists after 40 minutes which shows your only going for kills, getting an S rating comes from a bit of all so * Farm * Turrets * Assists * Objectives * Kills * Deaths * Damage Done * Wards If your only ticking a couple of box's then you can expect an A or even a B
my damage done was perfect too i only use W + Q = one kill on 100 % health i deal dmg to all champion except nasus{{champion:75}}
: That only centers on your little legend, which is in the middle of the map instead of on your board. Since everyone is in the middle right now.
but it is necessary? any way i can remove that one :)
JustClone (EUNE)
: Your overall perfromance is bad. Terrible to be honest. Here are few examples: 15 min game. You are 2/1/6... this is good score. But: 1) you have 2k dmg on champions. This is bad. Considering you play against low bronze/iron, where people do not tend to do good job of protecting their hp, I can say it is really bad. You need to work in that direction A LOT. 2) Control wards purchased: 0 Ok, tell me why? You are ahead. The enemy team is getting rekt. Gold is flowing... YOU CANNOT SPARE 75g TO HELP YOUR TEAM IN MAP CONTROL? This is another very important thing... Poor combat and economics. Poor map control... And this is one of your best games. Now, after you learn to two mechanics above, I will tell you how check if you are doing better or worse, without asking again: Go to your profile, got to stats, select your champion in the role you are playing it and compare it with other players performance. There you can see where are your strengths and where you fail. I do this myself quite often. And I get a little bit better every time...
when i said i didn't buy control wards!? last time i buy a lot control wards because my friend want that! but i can't use control ward myself ( i don't use control ward in my account ) and i don't understand what is combat and economics! if your mean is team fight i had good score with kayn! anyway thank you for argument! also my stats are wrong it shows me 3 months ago i don't know how i can fix it! EDIT : i never can't use a control ward! simply i don't know where and when and why to use it. i use control ward in past but it took my life many times!!! for example i am oriana mid and i place a control ward in bush (i really don't know what is the purpose of doing so ) so a yasuo goes to destroy that ward and i am going to protect it! suddenly a gragas appears and throws a ultimate barrel that shoots me to yasuo's embrace then yasuo .... PEACE it is a true story that happened to me many many many times control wards are good for jax and lee sin! i don't see any other purpose on that! or maybe just because i am noob and don't waste your time with me :D i am the who can't hit zed shurikens and plays zed crit! :( {{champion:238}} {{item:3031}}
: > [{quoted}](name=SonOf SakuraTree,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8xXN1rtf,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-04T06:00:53.041+0000) > > 1- lower farm score > 2- playing kayn as an adc Vision score also plays a part in your score. If you barely warded and didn't buy any control wards, this also affects your rating. > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8xXN1rtf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-04T06:03:55.017+0000) > > Also, as a piece of advice, guardian angel is meant to be a lategame defensive item. Buying is early while you are ahead means delaying your powerspike and your strength. Maybe you could have closed the game earlier. I disagree. Especially if you get insanely far ahead you usually itemize defensively to protect your lead and keep the enemy team from shutting you down and coming back. GA is not a bad choice on a champion that dives the enemy team like Kayne (although that also depends on weither he went red or blue).
i had a good vision score i bought control wards
: GA is a very good item, I just said that you shouldn't get it that soon. Winning should be more important than having a perfect kda
i agree with that the purpose is winning
: I think the reason was just your farm score. On average, you're supposed to have 80 cs at minute 10. So having 115 in a 47min game is really bad. Playing kayn as an adc won't make you less likely to get an S. Also, as a piece of advice, guardian angel is meant to be a lategame defensive item. Buying is early while you are ahead means delaying your powerspike and your strength. Maybe you could have closed the game earlier.
i bought guardian angel for to secure my score guardian angel saved me 4 times against a snowballed nasus and also all enemy team was attack damage ( physical )
: playing kayn as an adc would almost certainly increase your score since most adc kayn would probably do bad The reason is obviously your ridiculously bad cs, 2.4 cs / min, that's like 3 times less than what you'd expect Your kda obviously matters, but only up to a certain point, if you went 10/0/2 instead of 35/0/2 you would have also gotten an S-
yes that is why! earlier i completely forgot farming but only in late game i kill some monsters while camping {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} !
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Patheon is missing today's champions standards. 2+ untargetable dashes, ibuilt heal, inbuilt shield, stealth, execute ability, high scalings. He can't do shit when enemies group. His ult is super slow, anyone with t2 boots will leave 2 screens away from it (the only way to use it is for zoning, or far away from enemies so they don't see it or for splitpush). Also, he has no insivisibility nor good mobility and his combo is slow compared to assassins. You won't ever see 2500 damage in 0.25 seconds from Pantheon. Even when fed he needs QWEQignite to kill squishy with full hitpoints. Considering other champions can do 2500 damage in 0.25 there is no point playing Pantheon really.
yes. but is pantheon a assassin? i thought he is a diver fighter! i always build lethality for him! so riven should be a assassin too? yes pantheon is missing today's champion standards but think about it! use Q every 2.5 seconds with 100-600 dmg! it is very funny {{champion:202}}
arowin242 (EUW)
: yeah about that.... currently League's meta and the speed of games favors champions with abusive early games. this goes for almost all positions, and causes the matches to be decided by whomever gets an early lead and closes the match quickly enough. but some of these champions like Irelia, Aatrox, Yasuo hell, even Darius are simply said better at any stages of the game than pantheon. all these champs have VERY high dmg output, respectable tankiness (500HP shield on Yasuo on LVL18 ouch) and team-fight way bettter pantheon has no lane-sustain and his kit makes him VERY linear, this makes outplaying him simple. if the enemy at ANY point out-damages, out-positions, out-roam you, YOU LOSE. as pantheon sucks at team fighting (needs to hit the backline but they have supports with CC or heals) so you already need someone to correctly initiate a fight (which wins the teamfight on itself, making pantheon useless regardless) for now stick to bullying the early-game weak champs and roam or splitpush the enemy into oblivion. as long as you do not pick pantheon into malphite you should be able to do this. RECAP: currently pantheon is good for bullying the early game and then shutting the game down as quickly as possible, lest he lose. good thing RIOT is already looking into his rework. best of luck
thank you again. so i am not noticed that every champion has a early or late game strength so it is why always out played yasuo ' darius ' irelia and aatrox can comeback and get a penta kill! i should wait for his rework! {{champion:202}}
arowin242 (EUW)
: Pantheon is notorious for the phenomenon ''win the lane, lose the game'' after getting first blood you should aim to kill your opponent/bully him so much he has to farm under tower and then ROAM. Use pantheon ult to suprise man-drop the enemy midlaner/botlaner, coordinate with your team to secure the kills, which gets them ahead. trough kills you can get objectives like towers, drakes and rift herald. KILLS DO NOT MATTER, they are a means to an end, if you get 5 kills. but never take towers you WONT win. try to repeatedly kill the enemy carry if they are alone. pantheon likes build Lethality which should simplify this. don't try to 1v2, pantheon's build path leaves him too squishy for that. pantheon, like all assassins is a reverse-time bomb, a dud. once a certain time passes or if the enemy buys enough resistances you become a stun bot. ideally don't go for team fight, small skirmishes are better for panth. That's all.
thank you thats all i need! but i always did some of them ( killing towers and helping with R ) so it is basically pantheon's bad not my bad :) i will do these things for better result! {{champion:202}}
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: Wrong Forum. It should be in Games, Contests & Jokes.
yes riot does it in co op vs ai not in pvp!
: Feels like mid season.
why they still want pyke as a support?! they changed this poor pyke like hell every patch! just to create assassin support?
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: riot trying to censor us
it is a mafia :( say bye to your acc! {{champion:202}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: why not? im not the first and definitely not the last to do it
you know that? just kidding :) {{champion:202}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: why do i see graphite on the roof?
is this normal to make a meme from a drama historical mini serial ?!? {{champion:202}}
: so...you are level 183 and STILL don't know how these events work?
no he is right. i wonder when i first saw text!
: Say what??
runes bugged and changes to inspiration default rune !
: I got all prestige skins and i have like 150 prestige points left ,what should i do with these point
*DO NOTHING* ( by doing nothing time will pass and a new prestige skin will release )
xQsx (EUW)
: As for the champion pool its a great way to counter some people and playing with brain not into RNG poop lane. For the items / yordle stack / phantom / glacials its a.... kinda easy way to fix Items you have 100% chance of droping one item of every wave then 50/25% of the next in the same wave Yordle dodging every 2 consostent attacks phantom one of the mirror champs (like zepyhr) but you have 50% chances / 33% glacials you stunning every 3 attacks Its still beta so personally I dont mind random afking champs (im reporting em after the game and waiting for instant feedback[didnt get any]) Sorry for my {{champion:79}} english its 22pm friday
but i hope they will fix all bugs and then they will balance everything in tft but they need to use some opinions!
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