Gebba (EUW)
: I have a very, very low report history. I rarely get flamers whatsoever. Most people understand if i feed or someone else on the team, its tilt or having a bad day, and we just move on. But it doesn't end there anyways, if its not ''haha no problem everyone has bad days lets just open mid'' its FF20. Very rarely do i get flamers yeah, but everything else this guy pointed out, in my honest opinion, i strongly agree with. However, the meta is muuuch more varied in high elo (diamond 3 or so). I have a friend who plays Master Yi top who recently won promo to diamond 2 with him. They play they weirdest shit up there, but as someone previously stated, maybe soloQ is just the experimental ground for LCS players that they then polish.
Dude if you checked my or whatever you might use you can see i have barely 50% winrate in almost 1000 games XD I play the game for fun, normal games for me without friends arent funny because i dont have any porpuse in ranked ill try as hard as i can to win. I might tilt now and then yes but i enter in any game motivaded no matter what result i got before. But its makes me sad that people are not in the same page sometimes. By this i mean people who fight verbally most of the game. Liteally my bot lanes when they lose lane or one of them fk up and dies this will happen in the game with 65% probability: They will either act toxic with each other until they decide who played the worst(which ends up undecided) or one of them will just flame someone else in the team.. Just check this this triggers me! and when this happens i wont play rkd again that day unless a friend invites me and i feel like this is going to go well, because if i see that ill be tilted from before i wont join. On the gp game i got flamed the early minutes like 5x from my jungle and i was winning lane and i got to be our only hope to win the game in combination with another teammate. The Yi game was actually really close in terms of fights but nautilus just perma flamed everyone most of the game and might have stressed lucian because i saw lucian's history and he had a good win streak, maybe one loss or 2 in between. And in the kha game my top managed to only get 5 assists when our team had close to 40 kills (he had no kills) and i almost saw him in every fight at the end of the game(bad game maybe, it happens to everyone after all). And if i remember correctly my adc was toxic as well. I guess im just unlucky maybe im getting paybacked from how i was in last season XD tbh i am only enjoying the game(in ranked games) atm when one of this conditions are there: -Playing with friends aka abusing dynamicq (no matter if we win or lose ) -When im playing a champ that i can mostly enjoy 95% of the games Even tho this will keep going for the future seasons i might end up in the same stop as this one unless i step up my game and just start to **/mute all** and just tryhard all games and try to play less games after i lose 2 in a row or just 1 honestly and maybe main 6 champions 3 for jgl 3 for mid (main roles) and abuse them once ive got some experience with them :)
Gebba (EUW)
: I want to disagree with you. I WANT to. I... I can't.
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JakiStow (EUW)
: We must not be playing the same game, I witness none of what you say about the community. I wonder what is the difference between us. Oh, I know ! You are overly negative, and I'm not. Being negative creates more negativity, which makes everything you say happen in YOUR games, not in mine...
"which makes everything you say happen in YOUR games, not in mine..." how does this make sense? if this was true i would just say this to myself "oh im going to win and do a pentakill" everysingle game and then i would be know by someone with 100% winrate right? what you said makes no sense! because in fact everytime i go into a game i dont go with negativity because i always try to win and do my best if a bad game happens hey better luck next time maybe.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: There has always been meta and the LCS was mostly built arround it. Players used to experiment in solo queue and put that in competitive play after some polishing. But the champion pool was limited even then, when it came to pro play. However, back in seasons 3 and 4 you weren't almost guaranteed a loss if you didn't pick the tier 1 champs. Nowadays, the meta feels very forced. If you don't pick X champion with Y masteries and build Z items, then chances are you're going to lose and not because you got outplayed hard. You have masteries that do the damage for you and it doesn't take any skill to use fervor or tld or dft. Same goes for some of the items. Gauntlet, sunfire, dead mans, maw... remember tank ekko? Some champions benefit from these bonuses much more than others.
Yeah thats why i meant the meta is forced, a lot actually.. i remember gragas was a supposed ap mid laner now its a jungler with insane amount of dmg anyways and building full tank and maybe runic echoes Ekko went same route form full ap mage to tank with insane dmg..
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