alboz1444 (EUNE)
: AP or AD Nasus?
Coming from a {{champion:75}} main: * Build him as and Tanky champion with some Movement Speed items. Focus on rushing cheap items for full CDR ({{item:3024}} {{item:3067}} {{item:3057}} {{item:3101}}), and build defensive vs your lane opponent. * The build I generally use is this one: {{item:3800}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3078}} (get Trininty first if ahead/confident on the matchup, otherwise get Glory or Visage if vs AD or AP respectively). Boots are your choice but generally you can get either {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}}. Round up your build with some defensive items/situational buys (list down below): * {{item:3742}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3053}} * Masteries: My favourites are 0/18/12 with Stormraider's * Runes: Try AS Marks, HP per lvl Seals, MR Glyphs, Armor Quints * For Spells I suggest going {{summoner:12}} and {{summoner:6}} or {{summoner:4}} Hope it helps, and gl!
: nasus
Can I borrow some of that salt please?
: Finally Honor 5!
Congrats! Welcome to the crew now ^^
MrSebyS (EUNE)
: Nerf SWAIN
{{item:3123}}, {{item:3076}} or {{item:3165}}. Choose one. He's worthless after that.
abixbg (EUNE)
: Where is my New Level Icon , Rito?
: Arcade icon missing
Also happened to me. I finished the first quest for the icon, cant see it or use it.
ShoneKing (EUNE)
2 entire weeks :D
: every champion has his counters obviously, does not compensate for the fact that his q cd is not even a second
Okay, you gave me a reason to hear you out. Good. Yes, the Q CDR during the ult is busted, that I might have to agree. The only thing that could explain it is to make his early game not so bad - in other words make him able to stand a chance in a lvl 6 1v1. With these buffs Nasus can actually be more relevant earlier, as he can shove some more Qs, while becoming much stronger lategame, where it becomes much more busted. In short, the R buff is busted indeed. Nasus needed some love, but maybe that was a much bigger hug :P
: Nasus situation
*before getting banned from the thread* No, Nasus isn't broken, from my POV (obviously). He can still be kited, CC'ed and caught off-guard when splitting if you don't know what you're doing as Nasus. He still has his natural counters (ie Teemo and any other lane bully...) and weaknesses (CC, kite, and anything that stops him from landing Qs on squishies), he just got a stronger kit now. And he is strong, with no doubt. He's just not that strong to the point we should say "wtf is this broken ass champ overloaded af kit rito". Also, you say he's broken from your POV. Okay, then what became broken with the buff? Tell me and i might give you a reason for you to make this post ^^ Edit: Ban me. You won't. Or maybe you will. But at least read the comment. Also I didn't downvote. Just to clarify things up.
Yultron (EUNE)
: It took me 1 month. I have played like 5 games or more per day, i get honored every game, i got 4 honor 2 times.
Hmm, thanks ^^ I might as well just take more than 1 month though :V not for toxicity, but for the amount of honor per games. I do get honored once or twice every game, so it'll take a lot of time :P
: Constantly seeing "Lucker" but why?
Because you'll find a lot of salty ppl out there, who can't admit they %%%%ed up and instead blame it on some jibberish called "luck". What to do? Ignore them, just like ignoring the same ppl who say "pffff" when they get outplayed :D
: this games community keeps killing it
If he was on your team, you should be thankful you had a decent Yasuo, cause nowadays you don't get them quite often :V Also, just because somebody "ruined your game" you have the right to ruin someone else's games too? Pathetic.
Yultron (EUNE)
: Honor level 3
Phew, it's not a lie. You can actually get it! Congrats and now get that lvl 4 :V Also, how much time did it take for you to get it, or games? I know the progress is different from person to person, but I'm curious to know how long would it take, at a certain pace ^^
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That's actually not true, although FeederBuster is not operating as desired, yet. The intent of FeederBuster is to actually punish such behaviour with a 14 day ban, after just a single game, if it's a first offense. If a player does it again, it's a permaban. However, having a system be able to accurately identify gameplay misbehaviour is difficult, and it's a slow process. It's set to err on the side of caution, since it is better to let some guilty people go free rather than punish a bunch of innocent people. There's been several cases on the boards already where a player complains about getting banned for intentionally feeding after just doing it once, which is the goal of the system. Sadly, there are also several cases where people have been able to go far too long, but the system is constantly being improved. It's important to report such behaviour, since these reports provide Riot with data to improve the system in the long run, which is in all of our interests.
> FeederBuster is not operating as desired, yet. Unfortunately. For 2 reasons: first, cause people who get banned complain on the Boards - sometimes -, second, because some get away without a punishment. Which is understandable that this happens, if the system doesn't find enough evidence behind the report to effectively punish someone. > It's important to report such behaviour Indeed. It's not the system failing the entire time, it's our fault too. Both of the sides have its own flaws, either being from not having enough proof for actually banning (cause they system apparently acts like "better safe than sorry", okay, I don't mind), or the player who didn't explain the reason behind its report. I wish I could %%%%% about the punishment system, but I can't find anything actually. It does have its flaws of course, but you can't really point someone or something's mistakes if you are failing in the process of cooperating too :/ TL;DR - Report those toxic/annoying #####, but at least be self-explanatory, or else the system can't do anything for it. Edit: Does the system also check chat logs? (pre-game lobby, in-game and post-game? And what reports does that actually require to "force" the system to check the chat logs, if they do so? I just got curious about it :V)
: Disco Nunu in my game
If he does it for 10 or so games, ofc. If it was for only 1 game, ehh... idk, as long as you report it, but Riot won't ban it unless it goes on Reddit or something :^)
: Custom games with bot list
Cause Yasuo bots can Keyblade better than your average Yasuo "main" :') Idk either, all I know is that Mundo or Nasus Bot with Warlord's is lit (jk Riot needs to update their Co-Op GM)
: ranked
Want some cookies?
Syntrix33 (EUW)
: How to carry when lanes hard feed?
Neither do I Kappa. I just pick Teemo and get solo kills and splitpush for the entire game. Maybe play with a duo you can camp? I do that and it helps a lot (instead of 4 feeders maximum you only get 3 theorically). Uhh, just camp a lane you know it has a lead and snowball off it :D
Dr3dd2l00T (EUNE)
: hardstuck silver V (i was only BUT ONLY ONE HOUR S4!)
1 - Stick to 1/2 roles. 2 - Stick to a small champ pool - preferably your MAINS. 3 - Get some builds for each champion from your pool. 4 - Play some Normals to practice before ranked (doing your first game of the day in ranked sucks btw) Note: Oh, I saw you play Nasus quite a lot :P Here's my build ^^ {{item:1054}}+{{item:2003}} start {{item:3024}} {{item:3057}} {{item:3067}} {{item:3101}} {{item:3211}} your first items (rush full CDR + defensive items depending on matchup) {{item:3078}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3065}} (rush Glory VS AD, Visage VS AP, then get Trinity and the last core item) Why Glory? Combine it with Ghost and its Active to engage ^^ Now you can't be kited {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}} (depending on needs) {{item:3512}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3194}} (situational items to finish your build ^^) Btw good luck :') you'll need it
Isajohoff (EUW)
: Was this against the Summoners Code? Did I still do the right thing?
Uhhh... as long as you don't help the enemy in a ranked game, it's okay :P More seriously now, that was actually kind of you tbh. Letting someone scale up to finally become worthy to fight is kinda understandable, though is a risk you and your team is taking, as the game dragged for >45 minutes as you said, and lategame teamfights are much more decisive if you think of death timers. I remember doing something similar (in normal blind pick): Nasus mirror lane, where we both stood in the toplane AFK farming for 25 minutes, just facetanking waves, stacking and dancing (we were 2shotting adcs :D ). > may I point out that being able to honor enemies would do this perfectly. Well, why not honoring the enemies too, Riot? You can pull out something I guess (maybe add the option of honoring an enemy too ie - Honor a teammate or skip, then it shows the Honor an enemy or skip). TL;DR: Do it at your own risk, but not in Ranked. Small note: It's not Khan, it's not Kanye, it's not Kayne. It's KAYN. (just a quick reminder ^^)
: I played my first game as Yasuo on Ranked.
The thing about Yasuo isn't even him being broken. His kit is just too overloaded, that's it. Double crit chance, a shield by moving, a wind wall (the bane of any ranged character :') ), low CD dashes, built-in armor pen, hard CC (knock up). I don't find him broken, cause a Teemo Q just fks him around if he doesnt have his W up :D Edit: You CAN beat Yasuo, but he scales hard due to his massive PD IE powerspike. He goes from 0/3 in lane to 8/4 just because of this scaling. In late game you can still kill him as long as you play around his skill set and lock him down with CC. Or, just let the Yasuo outplay himself :P
selbot55 (EUW)
We have ARURF, so much fun gameplay :') Okay, enough joking. URF hasn't came THIS season yet, and it's quite confusing. As long as I know, it used to be an April 1st ish event/gm, or at least something that came once in a year, to give the community some hype if I should say so. Yet, even there i didn't see URF at all, not even ARURF. And i guess we won't have it the rest of this season unfortunately :/
: Can it Split? Teemo
Can it split? Trundle :D
: Please make tips useful
Best tip out there: If you close your porn tab, you shall reduce your lag by 90% :^)
Prosha58 (EUW)
: Graves main name change
Dont Steal my Cigar :^)
ST Paws (EUNE)
: Please, im begging u, im legit on my knees-Nerf Garen
{{item:3035}} into {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}}. Boom.
Sea Salt (EUW)
: Next Victorious skin?....
It's Viktorious {{champion:112}} :^)
: Item Sets at last but I noticed something interesting
Thank god they are kept. I had 8 item sets for Teemo I don't want to lose :^) Note: Now I got curious about that "bad jayce build" xD
: i am thinking about maining those champions , worth?
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SonenseS,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=BAEPfwF0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-30T09:08:45.020+0000) > > Want people try to get a penta on a support, just for lv 8? Okay then ^^ > > Seriously, the idea is nice, but only add the "Earn 5 S or S+ grades for unlocking" part. It's better ;) No, i don't really want that :) I'm not absurd, but something can be done to adjust the level 8 mastery for support, it can be getting 35 assists in a game for example, I think it's pretty hard to get for support, I'm not sure exactly, but something behind those lines, getting x ammount of assists in a single game that would be similar to how hard a pentakill is.
Requiring a Support to have X assists is legit. But i doubt you'll get 35 assists in a 20-min stomp. Make it so they have to reach a X-assists per minute in order to achieve an S or something. Tbh, that would force you to have more consistency during the game rather than only getting the 35ish assists then just start fking around.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: Sugestion, new mastery - lvl 8 - rank.
Want people try to get a penta on a support, just for lv 8? Okay then ^^ Seriously, the idea is nice, but only add the "Earn 5 S or S+ grades for unlocking" part. It's better ;)
: I admit some people couldn't care less in normals and just have off meta picks and as long as they don't flame, nothing wrong. However, there are those extremely try hard players that, unless you pick someone known for said role and do well, they will get pissed quickly. Especially if people consider said champion 'noob'. Examples include Riven, Yasuo and Fiora. I myself don't agree with that but that's just me. Still, going 2/10 is not good in anyway shape or form.
You are still lvl 20, nobody should expect you to play at Faker levels and such. You're still learning, and with learning comes failure. And with failure you learn. And with learning you become better, to the point you'll play well and jump from 2/10 to 10/2 ^^ I still facedesk everytime i hear someone say Riven/Yas/Fiora are noob champs. Riven needs knowledge on animation cancel, Yasuo needs good decision making and Fiora... heh. You need skill to outplay someone with one of these :V And as I said before, the Mute button helps you dealing with those tryhard/flamers/toxic bs. Oh, and it has a Mute Ping option :')
: Oh yeah? I can't see how THAT could go wrong oh wait... 2/10 as Yasuo against bots? That translates into 0/25+/0 in normal games. Not to mention that normal games, some people HATE you first trying a champ
People hate you first trying a champ IN RANKED, not in normals. If they hate you for first timing in normals, mute the %%%% out of them and play your game. You're here for playing fun, am I right? So play whatever you want and not what your team wants ^^ Edit: Of course you will do badly when you play something for the first time. But it doesn't mean it would be bad forever. You'll have better games the more you play a champion.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Level 1 - 6 seconds Level 2 - 7 seconds Level 3 - 8 seconds Level 4 - 9 seconds Level 5 - 10 seconds would make more sense to me but I guess I am not a silver 5 rioter
> would make more sense to me but I guess I am not a silver 5 rioter Aaaand... upvoted : ^)
: If Riot will ever make another cinematic, name up to 3 champions, who you want in it.
I'd like to see one on Shurima :^) Nasus vs Renekton seems lit
: > [{quoted}](name=ImJanemba,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=18f6pk3u,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-23T10:27:07.307+0000) > > Probably you played Dark Star Singulatiry with 2 other friends... > I guess that was the quest... > You would receive an icon for doing that... > And another icon for other quest, but dunno for sure what the other quest was Its from dark star singularity
o %%%%. i thought it was the MSI icon. Note: keep your MSI icon till the end of the event and get a gift (probably an icon). that's why i got confused ^^
n00msy (EUW)
: Help vs AI
If you want help, add me ^^ I dont mind helping ppl in bot games
Taquion (EUW)
: 1- Play with friends. 2- Stomp Mid, robots just push mid and their behavior is like a minion. 3- If you are newb and need some help add me. 4- Report them at the end of every match.
Oh, and just pick a carry champ/your mains :^) or just go top/bot and get fed. Once you have a couple items shutdown mid and its gg ^^
: Got a reward from riot out of nowhere
Same happened to me. I guess it happens if you use the MSI icon ^^
: Help me pls :)
you can just add me on euw ^^ ign: SonenseS
: Bots Making Game Unenjoyable
I've played with 4 bots on my team too :c Just pick a hard-carry champion or your main :^) Edit: If you want help with leveling your acc, I can help :v
: here are the links to their profile you can clearly see the kda is close to zero every game
Pick your mains and just go tryhard more :^)
Applekami (EUW)
: Too many leveling bots
> I just encountered two of them in one game [I found 4 bots in one game :c]( You can simply report them for "Intentional Feeding", "Leaving the Game" (since some of them go afk the entire game or the vast majority), "Cheating" and "Offensive or Inapropriate Name" (I mean, the names aren't offensive, but since you report them for this reason they will be banned - generally bots have weird names and such). Edit: How to verify when someone is a bot: - Weird Summoner Name (as i said before) - Instalocking Free Week champions (doesnt guarentee if its a bot, but we'll it later) - Summoner Spell Combination (Heal/Exhaust/Barrier/Cleanse/Ghost, without {{summoner:4}} or {{summoner:12}}, and when they get they don't use it at all) - Summoner Icon (some of the Icos you get at the beginning will show you whether it is a bot or not; still doenst guarantee) - Item Builds (starting with boots and then building random items :v) And a tip: if you realise that in a botgame champselect you have 3 or more bots as I did, pick a champ that carries xD You don't want to lose a coop game :^)
: So when the next yorick skin?
After {{champion:13}} 5th rework :^)
Zurkrem (EUW)
: If you can still see them in-game, then you won't loose them. Whether or not you'll be able to view and edit them is another question entirely.
Yep, that's what I'm afraid. But as I said before, I can still remake all my Item Sets, as long as I remember all the old ones ^^
Mabons (EUW)
: I couldn't remember, I already bought all the Tier 2 runes so I couldn't see the prices anymore. And yes, here's hoping it does come. It will have that knock on effect of people needing to grind that little bit more before they get into ranked. Nasus is indeed a good idea, it will greatly enhance their farming ability when they first play. I don't like suggesting Teemo to new players. Yes, he's easy once you get to grips with him, but generally he's not really a useful pick when it comes to teamfights or in ranked in general.
The thing about Teemo is: he doesn't bring too much CC or AoE dmg to teamfights when compared to most toplaners. However, Teemo can still teamfight well, but it's most effective on chokepoints. Use the advantage of the terrain, combined with your shrooms to pick someone off or simple to just kite the teamfight. It's all about outsmarting the enemy team ^^ Edit: In ranked games (especially SQ/DQ), teams are not well coordinated. Teemo excels at splitpushing due to his AS steroid from his passive. With a decent on-hit build, Teemo can force someone who teamfights better than him to stop his push, while a teamfight breaks out somewhere else. If nobody stops you, the teamfight will last long enough for you to pressure a lane in order to take Elder or Nashor :)
Sceizer (EUW)
: its not ;)
Sceizer (EUW)
: I don't really know if they get removed or not :/ I think you just have to wait and see
Godammit. Well, now that I think about it, It's not a big deal. I still remember ALL 8 Teemo builds xD
Mabons (EUW)
: Level's 1-30, how to spend your IP effectively.
> Tier 2 runes cost 1 IP each(except quintessences) Tier 2 Quints also cost 1 IP. I remember buying a couple of those at 1 IP :v > You should have around 13 champions and in order to play Ranked you will need 3 more. Once the 5-ban system goes to live servers (if it ever comes ofc :^) ), you'll need 20 champions. Overall, the guide is good! Note: I have to add something else. If you want a simple champion to learn the basics, you can choose {{champion:75}} or {{champion:17}}. Nasus has great lategame scaling, utility and natural tank stats. He also deals quite decent damage while building tanky. As for Teemo, he's a great lane bully (ranged toplaner) and his R gives your team global vision basically. He's great for kiting and you can peel for your ADC with your Q and R if done right. Keep in mind these champions are simple and cheap ^^
Sceizer (EUW)
: To everybody who wanted itemsets here are some screenshots of it from the pbe
Sick Item Sets. Btw, the Item Sets I made on the old client will show when it comes to live servers, or are they gone? I had 8 Item Sets for Teemo that I don't want to lose :^)
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