: Honestly, I have no idea how can you get a total amount of 5519 game chatban. What did you do back in time? I have a flamer college roommate, but he only received 2x80 games (he received another pack of 80 last day).
i was even that bad calling ppl like d**ks and that nuthing over the top i just dont get it myself
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: When you get a 2 week ban you get a reform card with chatlogs.
thing is i have never actualy been banned only chat bans i have had
: Maybe you should contact with the support. It might not be a guaranteed success, but if you show them how much your attitude changed, maybe they remove your chat restriction after a couple of games.
Ya i just wrote a ticket i doubt it will do much i heard chat banns when they first introduced these back then stacked up so when u fineshed your bans the other load would come in
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: A ban could've cleared up so many things.
I would rather to get banned for 9 months than go through this again
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