Minstrel (EUNE)
: Thank you for reading my reply ^_^ I wish you were in EUNE. You seem fun to talk with, and you would probably fit in great with my friends. We're both genders there, and we flame each other regardlessly of gender (always in Skype though) xD I'd like to play with you, but since I can't, that post was the least I could do. Also, if you do have any problem, irl or in-game, I'm here if you want a person to talk to. As are, I would assume, my friends too :3
Thanks man! Indeed, I'd definitely add you if you were on EUW! I've got a whole bunch of friends here too, of both genders (regardless of what that other nutjob is talking about with games being a "man world" in the above comment...my god what a twerp) who are awesome and yes, we rage at each other in Skype too, haha :D
: ***
That was a joke, yes. I can take a joke. Someone telling you repeatedly to go kill yourself WHEN YOU HAVE ACTUAL MENTAL ISSUES, may I add, is not a joke. A "man world"? "Girls are a bit sensitive"? Something a "a bit off" for a girl to play video games? What do you mean by this? That I should not only expect, but also ALLOW other men in this so-called "man world" to want to sexually harass me? Dude, I have been playing video games my whole life. I'm not even going to go into this part of the discussion, because honestly, what you're talking about is beside the point and it's also offensive. You are obviously uninformed and do not understand the purpose of this topic, or the reason why I ticketed Riot in the first place. I'd go as far as to say that you are part of the problem.
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: I really do not want to delve into personal details on the forums, and I can only speak for myself, but I have been there. There were multiple things going on and the stuff that happened online (not league, it was about 6 or 7 years ago) pushed me over an edge I was easily pushed over in those days. Even though I have become loads better since then - and I know how to handle myself - I am still weary of a fallback and I try my best to avoid those experiences that I know can set me back (especially when I am already stressed out about something else). Really, the best way for me to handle these situations is try to prevent them from popping up in the first place. I start every champ select with a positive attitude, asking people their preferences, saying I will fill, making sure everyone is as happy as possible, Ingame, I try to be as positive as possible and to deflect conflict if it arises. When that fails, there is mute. And having a large friends list helps. There are some awesome people in there who make every game a blast no matter what. And lastly of course, remind yourself that in the end, it IS just a game. You will never meet the annoying people ever again, nor have they any significance whatsoever in your life. They are less than bacteria on the road of your life. I remind myself of the things that really matter, focus on the cat on my lap or look my boyfriend in the eyes. THOSE things matter - LoL does not.
Completely agree. I have a bunny {{champion:17}} I can hug if people are mean to me in League, and my husband to rant to as well. I'm very happy to hear that you're in a good place, whoever you are, and that you know how to handle yourself. I've gotten so much better too, there were worse times for me as well. And hey, since you're on EUW and so am I, I'd love to have you in my friend list, if you'd like that ^_^
xMidnight (EUW)
: Amen, the only thing i do nowadays is reply to things like ''do u want leash?'' ''should we do golems?'' ''baron?'' ''did he flash?'' etc
Exactly. Much like a real life {{champion:33}} , short and to the point.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Hello there! I am one of the people that really don't care about negative players. I like to be positive, and I do want to talk with people, especially if they're fun to converse with, but if somebody starts behaving badly, I either ignore them and spare them no more than a snide remark, or I actually try to get to them if I think that they can be reasoned with. If they attack somebody else, I defend the other person, trying to boost their morale instead of getting into an argument in the middle of the game. I rarely get "triggered", as you say, and when it happens it's mostly because of my own bad gameplay. I really can't take the opinions of flamers seriously. And when I do get triggered, I keep it to myself (or whine in Skype if I'm with friends :p ), but I never speak a word in chat about it. I know it's borderline ignorant of me to say this (like telling a person to calm down in the middle of an panic attack), but do make an attempt to shut all people like this off. Don't just ignore them, realize how hilarious they are. Seriously. I was in a game where the enemy Ezreal found out that our Lux is a girl irl, and he pretty much pledged his true love to her right then and there xD People are freaking weird, but this weirdness was a funny side too. Anyway. I hope you don't meet any such people again (however unlikely). Have fun in your games :3
I am just like you, I try to be positive. And yes, my god, I have encountered so many people who started calling me "sweetie" and "babe" when they found out I was a girl irl. It's really funny, but really sad in a way xD Thanks a lot for your reply, your understanding and your advice. You have fun in your games as well, and I hope Lady Luck {{champion:4}} will smile on you so that you don't meet any nutjobs and trolls! ~ Kitty
xMidnight (EUW)
: I used to be the player who defended the people getting flamed, but since that just got me banned i changed to someone who doesnt talk in game. Its way smoother if you are just quiet and carrying by yourself. It improved my avg cs by 40cs+ per game since i stopped writing.
I'm the same. If shit hits the fan, I've learned to leave them at it and just do my thing. The only things I type in chat are requests for people to upgrade their trinkets, suggestions for drake/baron and the like.
Swittz (EUW)
: ayy lmao , take a chill pill, it's a game known to be filled with toxic players, if something triggers you mute the bastard and MOVE ON
I understand toxic players, sure, whatever. But this was something that really TRIGGERED me, and no, you can't take "a chill pill" when you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and panic syndrome, which combined, in that situation, with the trigger, led me to have a panic attack. If you don't understand what a panic attack is like, I am very happy for you. I don't wish it on anyone. Oh, and the worst abuse happened just as our Nexus was being destroyed, so muting was pointless by then. It continued in the post-game chat, where you can't mute people. He noticed I had stayed, and it was just me and him. I was typing out my report while he continued to say in all caps that I should drown myself. I usually do mute abusive people, but if I've been triggered, then something PHYSICAL will happen to me, most likely a panic attack. So, please, don't take this lightly.
: disgusted
I'm a girl who's played LoL since S1, and my god, this happens to me way too often. My first rule is to never tell anyone that I am a girl, because otherwise there are 3 different outcomes: 1. Sexual harassment. What your girlfriend basically experienced. (The most common.) 2. Patronizing attitudes. For example, my main role, the one I'm best at, is ADC. Guys who find out I'm a girl that plays ADC usually ask me to support THEM instead because (and if I had 10 RP for every time I heard this, I could buy at least a skin or two each month)...and I quote "the man has to carry the girl, right?" If I do play ADC and he supports me, I will get a gushing stream of praise for pretty much every kill I get, tower I kill or enemy I intimidate by dancing in tower range. (This one is just as common, and often includes sly sexual harassment too.) 3. Believe it or not, unicorns exist. And by unicorns, I mean guys who play League of Legends and instead of trying to hit on a female player, they be like "k, cool, ur a girl" AND CONTINUE TO TREAT YOU JUST AS BEFORE. AS AN EQUAL. I've only met a grand total of two such people since S1. So yeah, it's that common.
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