Hansiman (EUW)
: To answer the question in your title, all you have to do is read the other threads posted daily here in the Player Behavior sub-board. A large portion of them is players complaining about getting punished for their behavior, which is caused by player submitted reports. --- > Do you often recive the message that confirms you that your report has been accepted? Sometimes, but not too often. These messages don't appear after every penalties players that you've reported gets. They're intentionally set to rarely pop up, under certain conditions. --- > In my opinion the tribunal shold come back... For what reason? The Tribunal was slow and not very effective. From the time a case was created against a player, until their punishment was handed out, weeks could pass. During this time, the player could keep on ruining the game for others, and often didn't even remember the games their Tribunal case showed them. IFS, the current system, handles cases within 15 minutes after case creation, and there's no limit as to how many cases it can handle, unlike the old Tribunal. While the old Tribunal didn't have accuracy issues, IFS is even more accurate than that system. There's really no reason to bring that system back, since it wouldn't really make a difference in regards to how many cases are solved.
_Never_ seen one appear for a report of trolling or afk, hmm.
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SíckFøx (EUNE)
: While there are champions that haven't been touched in YEARS and require legit 0 skills like Trynda, Master Yi, Jax and etc they have no excuse to kill other champions like that.
Peasants, they haven't seen ez till they've seen netfli... Yuumi
ExoIce (EUW)
: Climbing a Broken ladder in Ranked - Solo/duo
Not a slight sensation of flipping a coin, more-like spinning a slot machine where you might land on similar-skilled-teammates or you might land on "troll running it up mid". The slot machine is of course rigged to favor you pulling it more as it shows you ads, hopefully you encounter enough trolls and afk to halt progression but not so many that you avoid the buffet. The game is a casino, I normally can't go 5 games without someone literally inting (not a bad game, running it up), 2 jungles, 2 top, afk, you name it. The fans of the casino always point to people that got a series of lucky pulls to convince you that there is skill to the slot machine, but then you see people run it up in a ranked game and incur a penalty for it, then you realize that is just nonsense.
Gâlahad (EUW)
: Well i know this feeling. I was shocked how bad this season started, so i made an excel sheet to record my games and what happened. I'm not joking I had more than every third game one afk or ragequitter. I even had someone who went for a walk with his dog during the ranked and called me a "%%%%%%%%%%%%" after I told him that you don't queue up for ranked if you know that you might have to leave. The funny thing: my enemy Teams had 1 afk only 1 match and they were able to remake. I even had 1 game with 1 afk/leaver and we still couldn't remake although the afk/leaver was disconnected. So we just had to lose 4 vs 5... I never ever had such a bad experience in LoL ranked like this season.
I'm pretty casual, mostly normals, but I like esport and competitive games. I've lost total respect for this ladder after what I've seen, if you can be forced to eat LP costs for 3v5s then what does the number even mean? Again I'm more of a viewer but I like the idea of an esport having a legitimate rank to make high-level play more interesting to watch. If there are two players, one is better than the other but one happens to have bad luck and end up in 2v5/3v5 consecutively then they are denied their rightful place by riot's system and not their own talent. I feel bad for people that try to rank. Why not have a bot that detects run-it-up patterns and auto-ban for it? The same goes for midgame/earlygame disconnects. Why not have pools for people with consistent valid reports to keep them from the general population? So many things that take away from the game. Even Rockstar figured out how to make player-pools. None of it makes sense.
Joe 2nd (EUNE)
: In last 15 games I didnt have a single troll. Maybe I am just lucky or you call every player that doesn't have good game troll.
had three in a row with trolls just a few days ago, no punishment feedback even with 0/11 shaco running it up mid/top/bot
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: how much longer till fiddlesticks?
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Serious RIOT ????
>Grind for orb >Get 100RP Soraka skin >RIIIIIIIITOOOOOOOOOO
: His voice over has been something Riot have discussed with the community and have already decided on. When they first talked about it they mentioned an idea of his voice being multible different voices of people he’s killed stacked and jumpbled into each other, they where moving away from that idea but we asked them to go for it. So that’s what riot have gone for. So fiddle won’t have one single voice actor, nor will his voice actors be clear... more Eldritch horror sort of vibe with it.
But imagine all that, with Christopher Walken. Don't you like cowbell?
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: When will TFT be renamed TFL
The meta is rigid, I'd say its like 75% RNG after you include tactics. 25% gets you into the final rounds but the rest is whoever is lucky enough to get the right items/champions. Until then your money management and early comp as well as planned losses do count for strategy. Instead of changing RNG they should buff some of the weaker classes/champs/builds imo.
Qunoxic (EUNE)
: For the love of God don't nerf Zoe again.
I agree, I've never had issues with Zoe. Just demote people that feed her to iron and forget about it.
: Junglers, why is it not a good idea to gank scaling champions?
Why help you survive when I can help a good laner thrive? Objectives come before saving meme champions. Edit: That said, I do gank even meme champions personally because I like aggro whenever possible.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Who peels you???cuz right now tanks are useless.And supports...you mostly get dps supports.So who helps you??Beside the fact taht he is very tanky and once he gets some stacks you get 2 shots from him.
Check updates for next patch, Nasus is kill. I rushed my mastery for this reason.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Are you excited about Sylas?
As a jungle that enjoys pure cheese and the damage meta absolutely. I only started playing in august and as this game becomes the garry's mod of mobas I will day-1 sylas jungle with full duskblade hidden meta
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is Twitch chat so toxic during championships?
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Qunoxic (EUNE)
: My jungler never wants to gank on top
Jungle here. We don't owe you anything. Beg nicely in chat with fluffy words that stroke our ego and we may bestow a quick gankie for you.
: when will riot actually learn from their mistakes
Neeko can be killed and dodged in her ult /thread
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Zefay (EUW)
: New ranked system is pretty bad
I want to make it to iron
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, I just wanna mention that this isn't being ignored. Our top priority is resolving the issue permanently as it's happening repeatedly. Once that's been complete we'll discuss what options we have for those of you who have been unable to utilise your passes fully. To set clear expectations this isn't something I can say will definitely happen or in what form (not a decision I can make) , but we'll definitely be bringing up this pain point and seeing what options are available to us.
So "don't ignore it" buy giving us more time and maybe some essence for ruining our saturdays, thanks!
: Toxic problem
Just report and collect key shards, i report any time i see flaming of any kind.
: but i dont get it then cause why would riot require us to update our games for only this armor plate thing ?
the rank system is separate from the game, i think it downloads the update then activates it later or something.
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: neeko's no longer avaible to purchase
Patch hasnt gone active yet i think
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: Positional Matchmaking is a Nightmare
I may play ranked for the lulz now. Here I come Plastic 2
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: I could have but it wouldn't have been such a nice discussion. It has been a lot about how to deal with them, how to still have a chance of winning and how to still have an ok'ish experience as you play. Edit: And about the junglers point of view of course. I know I make a lot of edits.
Edit2: I would consider counter jungling while the lanes are pushed and it's safe as showing presence too. ---------------- That depends on IF we were invaded already, then its a game of catch-up which means counter-jungling. Which is why I ignore the chat if I get invaded and no one helps, the game then becomes "my exp" not "your lane". Its out of necessity, because if we are behind then we are useless. For midlane, you want to make sure that those bushes are warded as our vision tends to go up-river. Simply having vision there will increase your gank priority as we flip through our F keys.
: Ok I had to write this way too often now. It's not about junglers not helping midlane or me specifically but about the "I don't help my laners in any possible way and try to solo carry while I expect them to listen to calls"-attitude of some junglers. I will edit again because many people seem to understand this wrong. Edit: > One last point, zero priority if anyone says "afk farming" as that means they have no respect for the jungle vs jungle aspect of our game, we can't fall behind and its much worse if you do depending on the character. I understand that this the term "afk farming" is used a lot as an insult for just not ganking. However, If I say it i mean to not have any presence in the game at all for a long period of time. Not even going in the river to put a ward or clear vision or something. And yes at that point I would consider it toxic gameplay. Edit2: I would consider counter jungling while the lanes are pushed and it's safe as showing presence too.
Just change your title to "riot pls permabanban inting soloing junglers", no one disagrees with that.
: How I deal with jungle behavior as a midlaner
I play Jungle 100% of the time, only sup if I can't jungle. We all have our own sort of calculations for why/what we do... Here is my rule-of-thumb. Did they leash?: Y: Priority N: Not priority Are they winning the lane? Y: Priority N: Not priority Did they KS on last gank? N: Priority Y: Not priority Any flaming in chat? Y: muted/pingmuted, zero priority and reported Did they help with Herald? Y: Priority N: Not priority Did I make a mistake on last gank? Y: Priority N: Not priority Did they steal any of my camps? Y: Zero priority Did they help me if I was invaded? Y: Priority N: Not priority Enemy missing ? spam: Muted These are just some of the calculations that I make. Generally, idc if laners don't help me, I simply bump them down the priority ladder if they don't. I keep things as 1:1 as possible. Just remember that in our minds we are taking mental notes of who did what and when, that is absolutely how we choose our next actions. Time is very critical for us, we don't have waves and the threat of having our camps stolen is constant. If you get a selfish jungle that doesn't payback favors then that is just bad player RNG, that can't be helped. The best way to have 0 ganks and no help is to complain/flame in caht though, that is a law of jungling. Just remember most of the time we are paranoid of thieves and always thinking risk/reward for a gank. As another user said, ADC is a major priority for us. Jungle is almost an aggro sup at times. One last point, zero priority if anyone says "afk farming" as that means they have no respect for the jungle vs jungle aspect of our game, we can't fall behind and its much worse if you do depending on the character.

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