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: Learning Nami, searching for tips and best builds
Hi, I used to main Nami in season 4, but I still play her now from time to time. On Nami, I make sure that, at full build, I have maxed CDR. Other than that, I just build to fit the enemy team composition. {{item:2045}} and {{item:1001}} are obvious items to build on a support. I build {{item:2049}} but I don't upgrade it to {{item:2045}} until I am either full build or really need that health/tankiness. I usually upgrade boots to {{item:3009}}, but you can decide to build {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}} if you are being bursted down too easily. I take {{item:3303}} and {{item:2009}} as starting items, since it is easy to land some E-empowered auto-attacks on the enemy and make money. I upgrade it to {{item:3092}} later on. From here, I build depending on the enemy champions. Against physical casters, I build {{item:3025}}, which works well with E. If they have many auto-attackers, it is {{item:3110}} . Against magic damage dealers, I take {{item:3174}} and sometimes even {{item:3065}} or {{item:3102}}, depending on whether I need CDR. If I am not being focused too hard by the enemy, {{item:3091}} also works well. If the enemy team has a Vlad, Swain, Voli or any other high sustain champion, I build {{item:3123}} if my team doesn't have ignites or someone with {{item:3033}}. It is easy to proc since Nami auto-attacks quite a lot. If I have one or two slots remaining and I have maxed CDR, I get {{item:3152}} for the mobility or {{item:3512}} for the split pushing power. I tend not to buy items such as {{item:3504}} because I find that other supports can use this item much better than Nami. Supports like Soraka or Sona can heal/shield the entire team at a time, whereas Nami can heal only one, most of the time, or two other allies. I also don't build {{item:3050}} because, personally, I found it unreliable and difficult to proc it at the right time, but you can try it out. I'm just bad with it. There are probably a few more items which is viable on Nami that I haven't mentioned here ({{item:3022}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3157}},etc), but this is what I build most of the time I play her.
: What do you call champions?
{{champion:24}} - Hax {{champion:7}} - Le Baguette {{champion:107}} - Gengar {{champion:92}} - Reben {{champion:412}} - Trash {{champion:67}} - Bruce Vayne {{champion:50}} - Bruce Swain {{champion:157}} - Wasabi
Jeedos (EUW)
: There's no need to build {{item:3508}} on {{champion:92}}. {{item:3071}} with {{item:3158}} + 10%CDR from Runes is capped. Meaning you can just go for other items. ER also has crit, which isn't good on Riven as it needs attack speed when Riven is all about stacking AD to murder people with abilities and the occasional empowered AA.
> [{quoted}](name=Jeedos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0qH7nxgL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-30T01:11:14.116+0000) > > There's no need to build {{item:3508}} on {{champion:92}}. > > {{item:3071}} with {{item:3158}} + 10%CDR from Runes is capped. Meaning you can just go for other items. > > ER also has crit, which isn't good on Riven as it needs attack speed when Riven is all about stacking AD to murder people with abilities and the occasional empowered AA. I have tried rushing {{item:3071}} before but I did not feel that I could get that much damage out of it alone (in the early game). This may be because of two reasons: {{item:3508}} gives 10 more AD than {{item:3071}} , and when I trade as Riven, I tend to AA quite a lot (Q>>AA>>Q>>AA>>Q>>AA), so I see those crit strikes happening often. So, I find that a bit of crit may not be a bad idea on Riven.
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: Why max irelia W over Q?
Personally, I max W first since it increases the true damage dealt per auto-attack whereas maxing Q and E increases the physical/magical damage dealt which, unlike true damage, can be reduced by armor/magic resist. I also take attack speed marks which synergizes well with W, in terms of damage output as well as sustain. I max Q next because it significantly decreases its cooldown, which is useful in order to stick to a target or teamfighting. I max E last since I only really use it for its stun/slow and not really for its damage. I find that W is the only ability that Irelia has which can be used for dealing damage early game. The rest of the abilities are more dependent on items to deal damage, therefore they are better after first back, mid and late game (such as {{item:3078}} {{item:3153}} to boost Q damage).
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DaBest88 (EUW)
: Poppy Build
It has been a long time since I played Poppy but I used to build Ravenous Hydra for sustain and wave clear, and Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor for tankiness. I tried to avoid building Armor or MR since her passive pretty much takes care of reducing incoming damage. After that, any items that helped you stick to your enemy are good, like Trinity Force, Blade of the Ruined King and upgraded boots.
Nòaa (EUNE)
: Jana or Sona? Please vote!
Janna is definitely considered to be a higher tier support than Sona. Janna is better at engaging and disengaging, especially because most of her cc (knock-up, knock-back) cannot be countered by tenacity. Sona is better at buffing all of your teammates around you and brings good poke damage to the laning phase. I think they are both good supports but the general trade-off is that Janna has better utility and Sona has better damage. Supports are usually taken for their high utility abilities and only sometimes are they used for higher damage output, so Janna may be the better choice.
: Who is the best AD assassin now ?
{{champion:238}} is one of the stronger AD assassins right now. He is a mobile, manaless champion with high damage and invulnerability with his ultimate.
: Who do you think is the most badass looking champion ?
My top 3 badass champions: 1. {{champion:82}} 2. {{champion:102}} 3. {{champion:80}}
: Support Champion Pool
Here's a few details on Nami to help you decide on unlocking her: Nami is similar to Janna in many ways. --They both have at least two good hard disengaging abilities. Their hard stuns are knock-ups, so tenacity won't help the enemy. --They both can give a movement speed boost to allies. --They both have some damage mitigation ability (Nami's heal, Janna's shield and heal). --They can both buff your ADC's auto-attacks temporarily. The only difference I can think of is that Nami is more suited to an offensive playstyle and is better played as a high-risk/high-reward champion, since her ultimate can also be used to engage. Janna is more of a defensive support as her ultimate is primarily a disengage ability.
Meltdownie (EUNE)
: AP Statikk Shiv.. So AD Zhonya's?
I guess if you're really looking for the Zhonya active for AD champions, you can wait for the next champion, Bard. If I remember correctly, his ultimate acts like a Zhonya active for all champions within an area. This is the closest way I can think of to have Zhonya's active on AD champions, however it is more difficult to use since it requires Bard to know how and when to use it.
: Executioners Culling
I used to get Executioner's Callling on Nami when the other team had a Warwick, Nasus or anyone who had built a lot of lifesteal. Now that it is removed, I guess getting Thornmail on a tank works against most of those champions since they must auto-attack to heal themselves. However, an item that applies grevious wounds would be useful against high spellvamp champions like Akali and Vladimir. Then again, Ignite can be used for nearly all cases.
Aken1 (EUW)
: Yasuo Passive
Flow recovery depends on the distance Yasuo walks. If you have a higher movement speed, you will recover flow faster. So if you start with boots, you will need to walk for less time to refill the flow bar.
QuitoLie (EUW)
: About Katarina
Malzahar counters Katarina. Open up a Null-Zone under her and ult right after Katarina starts to ult. You can also ignite while ulting if you're in range.


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